Monday, September 28, 2009

Big, Giant, Huge, Massive Post

First of all, sorry about last week. I had a crazy week: two away volleyball games, my boss has pneumonia, and Kyle was in Bozeman for training. Needless to say, I did not get the blog done. It's nice to know so many people missed it though! So here's an extra big post for everyone.

Erica, Mom, Abbey, and Jordan went to Missoula to do some shopping on Sunday. The boys and I did some fun stuff together while Avery napped and Daddy watched football. We went to McDonalds, Hastings, and then I rode them on Poppa's bike over to Emerson. It was lots of fun, but I couldn't take any pictures because they both wanted to do different things the whole time! Here they are climbing together though.
Miss Avers has figured out how to climb onto her brother's bed (much to Carter's chagrin). She just loves it up there. She just bounces around and kicks her legs with joy!
Mom and Dad found this gladiator costume they bought a long time ago for the boys. Carter discovered that he absolutely loves the helmet. He tried to wear it to McDonald's! You can see his little scraped nose too. He bonked it off the deck the other night.
We took a very fun little trip to Emerson on Friday night. The boys got to ride their bikes down and back. As you can see, Carterman thought he was pretty cool!
Here's Lando cruising along on the way back. They both like to go pretty fast and then coast for awhile!
We played on the swings and slide, but they really love us to chase them and tickle them. I captured the Carterman obviously!
This is not the best picture, but it's pretty funny! I love how they are trying to crawl away!
It was Erica's turn to get Landon! I love his face in this picture. Do you guys like Erica's new dog shirt? Ha Ha - they're her scrubs from the Animal Hospital.
The boys were having a great time looking for dandelions to blow in the wind. Check out those cheeks and that hair (it grows so fast)!
This is a cute one of Carter. He has a sweet little face, especially in that evening sunshine!
My girl had a good time too. She was enjoying the swings with her Auntie Erica. I like this over the shoulder look she's got going on.
This picture makes me laugh: the little girl in the pink and white dress playing with a football!
Look at Laney's poor duck. We've had that such a long time, and it's her favorite toy (she sleeps with it). The head has a tear in it and one wing is gone. Avery was throwing it for her. Look at the drool chin - that other tooth up top is coming any day now. This face kills me! Laney was giving her little buddy some puppy kisses. I can't look at it without laughing (the belly is looking full too!).
I love when these two play together. All Carter's old toys are perfect for Avery right now, so of course Carter must play with them!
They were having a good time with the farm that plays "Old MacDonald". Avery's been sticking her tongue out like that a lot. She's just a very silly baby.
She is an absolute climbing fool! She can go up these little stairs no problem. Then she's off down the hall to Carter's room. She loves Carter's room.
She likes this little toy. I'm pretty sure Carter's old daycare lady gave it to him. It says all the colors in three different languages, lights up, and plays a song. She kind of dances with it!
Here's another example of old toys being new again to Carterman. I thought this would be good for Ave right now since she's pulling herself up onto everything. He likes to sing the ABC's with it though!
More jammies from Auntie Kelsie. She looks hilarious in these stretchy little pajamas pants!
They were both wearing their backpacks the other day. They wouldn't stand together for me, but I got this nice one of Carter playing with the toaster while Lando checks out his backpack.
Carter found his winter boots unfortunately. He loves those things. He wore them all day last Saturday, along with his pajamas. We've since hid them under his bed. Don't tell!
Landon was having a really good time with this blanket the other night. It was a cape for awhile. Then he wrapped himself up and rolled around. Why even buy toys? I love this look though!
We were playing hide and seek with Erica. That's my hand over there. Look at that grin! Landoman has some lovely teeth.
We bought Avery a toothbrush last week because she's always trying to steal Carter's. I'm pretty sure we've lost it already, but for one whole day she brushed those three teeth!
Abbey took this picture when I was gone for volleyball. I'm sure you can tell what she is working on!
She really likes to bring a toy up to this middle stair and just sit there. In this case we have some Aquafor lotion and our home phone. Like I said before, why do we buy toys?
Someone got in trouble and had to wash the wall. He's never drawn on the walls before, but he decided to try out some orange chalk in the hallway. Luckily it came off pretty easily.
Avers decided that she needed to feed herself. I let her since it was bath night anyway. She had a really good time scooping out fruit and cereal with her fingers and jamming it in her mouth. Look at that concentration!
It was Kyle's 29th birthday on the 16th. We had a dinner for him on Sunday, but Terri got a cake for him on his actual birthday. He got to enjoy some on his dinner break. It was delicious. Carter decided his piece of cake needed a few extra candles!
The lady at Safeway told Terri she only had pink icing left to write with. Kyle didn't care - it's cake!
She's actually crawling now - with her belly off the floor. Sometimes she takes a rest though and does a little thumb twiddling!
Auntie Erica took the boys through the McDonald's drive-in for some ice cream one night. They need a delightful treat like that every once in awhile. Carter did a pretty good job on his cone!
Here's a strange story. My Dad got a box of stuff he doesn't even remember ordering. He got two pairs of pants, one extremely small suit jacket, and two pairs of old man shoes. He thinks he ordered them months ago, and there was some deal about shoes coming with the pants. Needless to say, he's not going to be wearing them. We laughed all night about them though. Little Kyle tried them on. I said to him, "Pardon me, but are those Omega's your wearing?". We're dorks, but we amuse eachother!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Not too exciting, but cute

Erica is student teaching out at Margaret Leary. She told us they have a great playground. It's actually two seperate playgrounds and some huge soccer fields. We ended up going out there twice last week. It's really nice. Here's Lando man on the horsey.
The boys love this bridge. They are still a little small for it, but they think they are pretty cool when they're on it!
Kyle and I went down to Missoula to visit Frost on Sunday. It was really nice to see him, and he's making progress every day. So the fam took care of my kids. Here's Miss Avery at the park. They must have caught her in the two seconds she'll leave this hat on!
She's my little cutie pie. One of her top teeth is through with the other one coming soon. I'll try to get a picture.
Here's Carterman on the bridge. He talks about this thing in his sleep! He mumbled last night, "I need to go to the bridge."!
This is one crazy picture! I'm glad it was so nice yesterday so they could get the boys out to run and run.
Avery always has some silly grins for Auntie Erica. She is just chomping on that finger - it must feel good on her little gums.
This picture makes me laugh. Carter told me he was keeping the rain off of Daddy. You can tell he thinks he's pretty amusing. We give Pixar a bit of money: A Cars umbrella, Cars slippers, and Toy Story pajamas!
Morning nap time. Abbey is very good at getting my girl to fall asleep. After a delicious Sunday breakfast, Avery usually sleeps about 45 minutes or so.
I'm not sure if she's ever going to actually crawl or not. She army crawls over to these steps and makes her way up though!
Hey everybody look what I found! We put stuff in this little brown bag for her to grab. I think she likes the sound it makes. She actually hasn't tried to eat it yet!
This is one tired little man. It makes me laugh because he's been wearing those big slippers to bed lately. This was after our first time playing out at Margaret Leary - it wore him out!
His first time on the bridge. As you can tell, it was starting to get dark (and a bit chilly). That boy did not want to leave!
Just a sweet baby face. This little jacket worked out pretty well out there.
She went down some slides with Abbey. Apparently she found it to be quite fun. That's sure a big smile! Poor Jocko wasn't feeling too good that night.
Here's Carter riding some sort of blue fish. If it's a dolphin, it's kind of got a creepy smile!
Lando had a good time on this twisty slide. The boys never go to a park and not have fun!
There's Carterman on the twisty slide. That one was perfect for them because it slowed down nicely at the end.
One more shot of my silly grinning girl. She's luckily always happy when she's outside. When her teeth start bugging her, we take a little walk!
Jocko let Avery play on the boys bikes while they were inside eating dinner (or else they would have freaked). She looks pretty happy about it. Those are some cool bikes.
She has the sweetest little baby face, don't you think?
Carter and Landon have been riding their bikes around the block lately, which they think is so much fun. They are quick too! One of our neighbors, an older guy, just laughs when they come by. It is pretty funny looking. It was only me and Carter the other day. Carter loves crossing the alley - must be the sound of the gravel.
He "needed" to touch these flowers. I think I've got him trained to just feel how soft they are and not rip them apart. He's such a clown.
This one is for Kelsie. Here's a picture of Mom's handywork - the tile backsplash in the kitchen. It turned out really nice. I like the black and white against the red. They also got a black dishwasher and a red can opener. Pretty fancy!