Sunday, November 19, 2017

Halloween and in between!

Teague was inspired by the home signs at Hallmark. He had Avery help him make this "hot dog shaped" sign: Love Life, Love Transformers, Love Hot Dogs. They are quite creative!
Carterman kept telling us his ear hurt, but we couldn't see anything wrong until one day when it started to bleed! It was gross, sorry about the graphic picture. He had an ear canal infection that was pretty bad. He had to be on antibiotics and eardrops four times a day for 10 days.
Brooklyn turned 7 on Oct. 28th. We all had a good time at the Birthday party, especially the Dads beating Reese and Ave in foosball.
Happy Halloween from Luke Kuechly, Hermione Granger, and Harry Potter!
Teague really loved his costume. He just wished his hair was a little darker. I think he looks so cute!
This is my favorite picture of the day! The glasses and the scar just really make him look authentic.
Here's Hermione "the smartest witch in her grade!" Ha ha ha!
Action photo! She was kind annoyed when some people called her Harry Potter. She's clearly Hermione!
My phone of course died right when Carter was walking by during the parade. Luckily Grandma got a few. I charged my phone for a bit though, and we made our way to the mall.
Teague has his wand aimed at me in every picture!
I had to run to Butte High for our playoff game. Luckily we won in three, and I had time to take these turkeys out for some Trick or Treating. Kyle had taken them around Mom and Dad's neighborhood. Mom and I took them over by Emerson. It was actually nicer at 7:30 than it was during the day! Harry was ready to roll.
So was Hermione.
We had to get a picture of Kuechly without his helmet.
This is my friend Becky Burke's (Ave's teacher) dog, Willow. Willow was very excited to see these goofs!
Some people have some pretty cool decorations.
They were very polite to everyone. Teague was killing me. I could hear him say, "You have a nice night!"
Oh no! An inflatable Grim Reaper!
This house was awesome. They had spooky music playing - We heard "Thriller" and "Monster Mash!"
Dad has his usual batch of awesome pumpkins. This one was my favorite. I love me some Edgar Allen Poe! Hope everyone had a fun holiday!
Happy 19th Birthday Jord! That makes me feel incredibly old! She's the best. We had a very nice dinner together and some tasty cake.
We had to travel to Billings for our last volleyball game. I kept hoping it would get pushed to another day. No such luck. It took us 5 and half hours to get there, and 5 and a half coming back. It was not a fun ride. Luckily our bus driver went very slowly and carefully. Too bad we didn't play better!
Meanwhile in Butte, Kyle had an end of the year football party up at Naranche. The boys (and Ave) loved playing where the Bulldogs play! They had pizza and ice cream cake inside. They wore snowpants and had a blast. Ave even had an 80 yard touchdown! The boys dug up the snow to make sure she didn't go out of bounds! From l-r: Carter, Lucas, Ave, Colby, Colten, Teddy, Chance, Tre, Karstyn, Gavin, and Prestin. Two of the Moms got stuck picking up the kids. The snow was insane.
Teague, Ave, and I created a huge unicorn snow serpent in the front yard - complete with icicle spikes! It was pretty awesome.
My helpers sitting atop their masterpiece.
Time for a quick snow angel!
Teague making a "T!"

Fall: football and pumpkin patch!

I have no idea what kind of bird this is, blue jay maybe? He was very friendly though. He pretty much tried to hop right into the car. He's awfully pretty, possibly not the smartest though!
Carter (and Coach Kyle) had another great year of football. I think they only lost one regular season game and one in the Jamboree. They had a very nice group of kids that really encouraged each other and wanted everyone to get a score. Carter, Colby, and Ethan are the coaches' kids. They are good boys.
Close up of the boys. Carter and Colby are especially close. They pretty much spend the night at each other's houses every weekend. I don't mind. Colby is a good kid.
Terri had a hankering for pastys a few weekends ago. Teague has become pretty good at helping me with the dough.
Meanwhile, Carterman took a trip to Watford City with Papa. He always has the best time with his Aunts, Uncle, and cousins!
Callie came in to visit for the weekend. We did some shopping at the mall. Teague tried on a cool hat at Hallmark. I think he could make it work, but he disagreed.
They did get two really cute stuffed animals at Hallmark. Teague got "Eaglor" and Ave picked "Horns." We made them pose in front of the beautifully orange ash tree.
Party time! Mountain Dew Code Red and Wine!
We were worried that the pumpkin patch at the Grant Kohrs Ranch in Deer Lodge might be rainy and cold this year, but we went for it. I'm glad we did! We had a good time. Here are the monkeys running to find pumpkins.
Ave found a lovely one with a nice stem.
Two happy kids with a lot of hay and a little sunshine!
With their best buddy Callie!
Waiting patiently for a tractor ride. I'm not sure what kind of poses Teague had going on that day!
The little maze is still pretty fun, but my kids get annoyed by all the pushing and shoving and jumping over bales. It drives Kyle and I crazy too. I want to slap a few of the parents who just laugh at their obnoxious children.
A quiet moment.
Time to make some apple cider. It is so delicious. I'm not a big apple juice fan, but that fresh cider is so good!
Another tractor ride!
My little booger and me.
The steers there are pretty impressive.
Fam portrait minus our Watford City visitor.
A little cheers before downing our cider. Yum!
Teague was about done at this point. His little legs get tired pretty fast.
He had time to make an old-fashioned toy though. Ave got pretty good at twirling hers. They were basically the original fidget spinner!
I love this picture! The sky looks so cool. Callie and her buddies were looking at the horse. FYI, anyone with extra money, Callie really wants a horse! Thanks for coming to visit Callie. We always have a blast with you!
A typical morning with Teague - half asleep, barely eating, and making a mess. He's not a morning person.
Emerson School Pride Day! Girls in purple, boys in yellow. I really love seeing my kiddos everyday.