Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter and many activities!

My little Teague is looking so much older now. I can't believe he's 10 weeks already...still has that fabulous double chin!
My dad makes the best faces in pictures. He's so weird and such a fun Poppa!
They were helping Poppa put candy in eggs for his classes. He always has a scavenger hunt for extra credit for the few who show up on the day of the prom!
Thursday night we dyed eggs. It was, as usual, lots of fun. We had many fun decorations as you will see in a minute. Avery picked yellow for her first egg...imagine that!
Carter made about six blue eggs in a row. I almost forgot he made a pink one. He did a good job though.
I don't know what Ave was doing here. It almost looks like she's flamenco dancing. Teague got to hang out on the table and check it out too.
I made a egg each for my three little eggheads! I just love my silly babies.
Mom and Jordan got very creative with the beads and "hair"- we had some awesome looking eggs! I made another Eggy Gaga too, but she's not in this picture.
My smily boy is a nice little fella. We had a nice Friday together - I had the day off.
On Saturday, we had the best day. We decided to go over to Bozeman to check out the Museum of the Rockies. Right when we got there, we saw a laser show. Carter loved it!
Here's the three little fools in front of a giant triceratops. I love Avery's face in this. Notice how Carter is wearing his Fighting T-Rex shirt and dinosaur shoes. He was ready!
Teague slept almost the whole 2 hours we were there. He woke up for the last 10 minutes of our adventure. One cute lady in a wheelchair told me she had a doll that looked just like him 75 years ago - how cute is that?
Ave needed a little rest in the middle of all the fun. She just plopped herself down for about 30 seconds and was refreshed!
I thought all the dinosaur stuff was awesome, but the kids had the most fun at the Yellowstone exhibit. It was very kid friendly. Here's our best helper in the world (Jordan) with Avery trying to make the pressure geyser go off.
Carter and Landon loved catching fish with the magnetic fishing poles. They went back to this about four or five times!
Avery did a little camping in this tent. This exhibit was so cute. It had a little log cabin with tiny chairs and books to read. It also had binoculars for bald eagle watching. I'm just so glad we went!
Jordan made a fantastic bald eagle! They made some crafts before we left too. There was also a cool frog exhibit that we went to first. It was a very fun trip.
After the museum we went to Fuddruckers for some lunch. We know there are some games there to keep the kiddos entertained. Carter was so sweet all day. He told us we were the best Mom and Dad in the whole world!
He's growing so much. He never used to be able to do the balancing stuff at the dinosaur park. Now that's all he wants to do!
Avery had a fantastic time in the sandbox. The dinosaur park is really awesome. It was a perfect day for it too - lots of sun and not too crowded.
Erica, Jordan, and the boys played hide and seek for a long time there. This was one of Erica's awesome hiding spots!
Daddy gave Teague some pats while I played in the sand with Avery. It was so unexpectedly sunny we had to dig his baby hat from the hospital out of the diaper bag! What a perfect day trip!
All the kids got super spoiled on Easter. The Easter Bunny brought stuff to our house - then Poppa and Grandma's house had a whole bunch of stuff (including this awesome hat for Carter) - then Abb, Jord, and Terri brought baskets over too! Thanks everyone!
Teague had a nice little nap with Daddy in the morning before the festivities really got going. It gave me a chance to help Mom with the tons of food we had!
Time for the egg hunt! Jordan helped Ave find lots of eggs around the house. They both looked beautiful!
Carter did a good job finding the eggs on his own. I just walked around and took pictures of his detecting.
Abbey and Jordan both looked absolutely gorgeous - I remember when they were the littlest kids at the egg hunt! Makes me feel a bit old.
Nicole's boys came over right in time for the first egg hunt. There were a couple of them since it was so nice. Here's all five of the "hunters" outside: Ave, Landon, Austin, Connor, and Carter.
Dad surprised us all when the eggs were opened. We thought he just filled them with candy that morning, but there were some eggs with olives, carrots, or bacon! Landon luckily got a bacon one - his favorite!
Teague got a fabulous outfit from Grandma and Poppa to wear that day. He was a very good boy - here's a little half smile for everyone!
This is by far the nicest Easter we've had in at least 10 years. The kids played outside forever with their new bubble guns and water blasters. Avery looked beautiful in her dress too!
Avery asked Daddy to color with her. They collaborated on a picture of Beauty and the Beast - it was lovely. Hope everyone had a great Easter!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Miss you already Kels!

Here's my cute little man sleeping in his bouncer. Hopefully, Carter's T-Rex "Grimlock" doesn't wake him!
These are my big kids after their shots. They had their 2 and 4 year check-ups last week. They are brilliant of course, average height (50-75%), and skinny things (10%for Carter, 5% for Avery)!
Just a handsome fella picture...with a gorgeous double chin. He looks more like my Carter everyday.
Lando was showing off some awesome dance moves in the kitchen while Teague was getting burped. Auntie Kelsie took this for us.
You can't really see his sticker very well with the red onesie, but my little Teagle Beagle is 2 months already! He's got a fabulous physique!

She looks like such a goofball here, which is appropriate. She is possibly the silliest child I've ever been around! She was laying by Teague trying to make him smile, which usually works.
Kelsie and Mom were out shopping at Walmart...and Kelsie could not resist this jacket. It was $1. We (because we are nerds) were singing "When you're a Jet, you're a Jet" to him. Poor guy!
Carter decorated sugar cookies at daycare on cooking day and kept asking me if we could make some more. I bought some at the store, because I'm lazy, and Erica helped them while I was feeding Teague. She even made 8 different color frostings. Good work!
Carter loves to cook. Loves it! He would put a big pile of sprinkles on his cookies and say "perfect"! He's a nice guy too. He made some special ones for Kelsie, Grandma, Poppa, and Daddy.
Aunt Terri helped Ave decorate hers. She was very careful and precise - then she licked all the frosting off!
We have a picture of every kid sleeping on Abbey, here's Teague's turn. As you can tell, he was out!
We decided to get a family picture with Kels while she was here. It turned out pretty good for having four little kids in it! Carter is touching his nose for some reason, but I'm really glad we got this.
Avery had some volume in her hair that night. She loves to try and play games with the adults. She was sure she was winning at Yahtzee!
Mom, Erica, Kelsie, Abb, and Jord made pasties on Friday. They were delicious as usual. Carter ate two that night! That should help him bulk up!
All the kids were sad to see Kelsie go - all of us were. They all crowded in for a picture with her. We had a lot of fun and can't wait to see her again!
Teague is starting to smile quite a bit. Of course, I can't catch one on camera. Erica got a great one. I might have to steal it and repost it. He's a good boy though!

Monday, April 11, 2011

My big Carterman is 4!

I love to get a picture of all 3 of them together. As you can see, Teague is tipping over and Ave has no pants on. If I ever get all 3 looking at me, clean and will be a miracle!
This is one of Avery's new outfits from Kohl's that Grandma and Grandpa Barsness got her last weekend. She wore it for "yellow day" at daycare and looked sensational!
Yay! Kelsie is here for a visit. Avery started out being very shy around her. About two hours later, they were playing on the floor together like old pals!
We went to the jumparoo Saturday morning. Teague and I watched everyone play together. Daddy got to go on the slides because for once, it actually wasn't too crowded.
My poor Ave was so tired on Saturday night that she fell asleep on her potty while I was brushing my teeth. She slept about 13 hours that night. I couldn't believe it. It put her in a great mood for Carter's party!
I went out with all my siblings Saturday night, I was the DD. We had a fantastic time together and laughed a whole bunch. I wish we were all together more often.
Party time! Carter had his birthday party at Silver Bow yesterday. His actual birthday is today. We had quite a turnout. Here's Kathi and cute little Luke who came over from Bozeman (which we really appreciate).
Here's Nicole's boys: Connor and Austin. They are always so good and funny when we see them!
Jordan and my handsome boy, Teague. He was looking awesome in his sweater from Kelsie and jeans from Grandma Bonnie!
Dana was in town for the weekend, so she came to the party with her beautiful girls Jada and Madelyn. We love seeing them!
Abbey told me that Ave said to her on the carousel, "Abbey Jean Dance Machine, I'm getting super dizzy". She is so funny!
Grandma and Grandpa Barsness found some awesome dinosaur shoes for Carter. He loves them. He tried them on yesterday and then put them back in the box so they would ready this morning!
I love Josh's face in this picture. He and Austin were having a good time together!
Auntie Kelsie got Carter some awesome inflatable dinosaurs! I love how everyone crowded in to watch the present opening.
My big guy getting ready to blow out the candles on his cool Transformers cake. I can't believe he's 4!
Avery really enjoyed the cake. Her teeth were gray the rest of the day!
This is such a cute picture of Ritter's kids Mason and Madisyn. They had two parties going on simultaneously that day. They are cuties!
This sweatshirt is the best. I love it. As you can see, when he puts his arms together, the T Rex chomps away!
Erica made all the kids the funniest shirts. They all love Lord of the Rings. Here's Landon in his new Gandalf shirt!
I know it's hard to tell, but there is a Carterman under those dinosaurs. He still had two more to blow up at home too. They are covering his whole bed right now. Good pick Kels!
Avery was so so happy about her Legolas shirt. She just laid on the floor and laughed about it. Very ladylike huh? Good thing her skirt has shorts under!
Abb and Jord looking like they like eachother! They are always so helpful. I'm very lucky to have them around.
Like I said, a great turnout. Here's Aunt Nancy andAunt Helen hanging out. Thanks everyone so much. He had a great time, and we appreciate everyone coming!