Monday, March 14, 2011

A month old!

Teague and I made a trip to Safeway last week. We surprised the daycare kids with donuts! Mmm...they all enjoyed chocolate with green sprinkles.
Teague's first bath. He was fine until the water touched his head!
Jodie at daycare is so good at fixing Ave's hair. They're was a ponytail in the back too. So cute!
This was Teague's first trip to the weight room. He pretty much slept the whole time. What a good boy!
Here's my crazy big boy dancing at the weight room. They were freeze-dancing. They danced until someone said freeze pretty much!
They are all so silly. Ave took her ponytails out earlier and looked like Grandpa Munster!
Carter always has to sit next to Teague in the morning. Love the jammies Callie!
Erica and I had the same brain waves again (actually I think Daddy picked out the clothes). Two rockin' guitar shirts!
All my boys hanging out on the couch together. They are all going to look quite alike I think.
Dr.Avery had to give Carter a shot to make him feel better. We all got one actually. She has great bedside manner.
Then she listened to his heart. Kyle and I figured there's the "Naked Chef" and "The Naked Archeologist" on TV. She can be a "Naked Doctor" around the house!
She's also a half naked dancer sometimes. She really enjoys no clothes. Oh well, it's good for potty training.
My little chunky monkey double-chin man was a month old yesterday - I can't believe it! Our friend Nikki (Foley) Edmunson gave us these cute stickers for each month up to a year. The stick right on their clothes. I love it.
He's my good little handsome fella. He really is a good baby - not too moody at all. I'm now going to go knock on wood!

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