Monday, March 31, 2008

Pajama week!

Carter went to the Doctor on Tuesday, and he did have a sinus infection. His other one probably never went all the way away. That's easy to fix luckily! He spent Monday through Thursday with his Dad, and they had a great time. That's why you see so many pictures of Carter in pajamas this post!
Here is my big walkin guy with his Baby Einstein radio. He loves that thing. He really decided this week that he just needs us to help him stand up - then he's off. We went to Safeway, and he went up and down the aisles. He thought it was amazing that there were shelves on his level that he could grab stuff off!
I think he's going to be a snacker like his Daddy. He just walks through the kitchen, points at food, and eats it as he walks (or bounces obviously!). I love that shirt on him too!
This is Carter and his pal Laney. They are always together - I love to watch them play. Lane was watching Carter drive that car around and say "vroom".
Carter had a delicious breakfast on Sunday morning. First he had some pear blueberry oat cereal. Then he got this little fork and went crazy on some scrambled eggs. He's become very interested in forks lately.
We knew this vacuum would be a big hit when he felt better. He loves it. He walks and pushes it, crawls and pushes it, or (in this case) sits and pushes it. He just screams with happiness when he sees it.
Carter is a really happy kid when he's naked. He walks with his pointer finger out too. He got mad at us for wiping his noise the other day - so he walked away, pointed at us, and yelled "Bup, Bup, Bup". It was hilarious.

I'm not sure what made him so happy here; it's just a cute picture. He's got some chubby legs for such a little man.
The first thing he does after a bath is try to yank the towl off his head. He's not a fan of laying still for lotion either.
Jordan got this toy in her kid's meal last week. Carter thought he should be able to eat it. It didn't taste very good, but he laughed when the pink ball would shoot up in the air.
He's been having a good time eating this week. I think he's happy that his little throat isn't sore anymore. Usually he wants out of the high chair right away. He's too busy to sit still!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter pictures

Poor Carter had a rough first Easter. He woke up with a fever and had it pretty much all day. He also wouldn't eat and nothing seemed to make him happy for more than a couple minutes. Luckily, he seemed much better this morning. Hopefully whatever he had is gone. He loved all his stuff though. Thanks everyone for the gifts!

Here's Laney with her Easter treat from Patsy and Dale. It was a triple Dingo - extra meat flavor! She thought it was absolutely delicious.
This is a cute picture of Nicole and her boys. They are too cute. They had a really good time hunting for eggs.
Can you tell he had a fever? Those are some really rosy cheeks. He sure looked handsome though in his many shades of blue.
He did have a little bit of fun with all the plastic eggs. He liked to take the candy out and then put them in the basket. Mom, Terri, and Kyle hid about 40 eggs filled with candy, toys, and money.
Unfortunately it was a windy day (as you can tell by Carter's hair). It was so nice on Saturday too. Oh well, Easter is usually kind of a blustery day. I just had high hopes.
Here's a rare family photo. I think we were looking at a different camera however. Carter is giving a nice "Hang ten" sign. I think he was waving to himself. He likes to do that now.

Here's one of the egg hunters - Abbey Jean. She found quite a few eggs. She shared the candy though since she's so nice.
Here's Austin. He found one egg and a golf ball. He liked the golf ball a lot better!
Here's Jordan and Connor (I love his smile). Jordan looked so pretty in that dress. They looked for eggs together.
Here's Carter's fantastic gifts that were at Grandma and Grandpa's house. His Easter basket was the cutest thing ever. It's tail wagged, and it said "Happy Easter". Carter loved the vacuum cleaner. I'm sure when he feels better it will be a huge hit!

St. Patricks and more!

Carter loves when Grandma puts up sticky decorations on the windows. He always wants you to pick him up out there so he can peel them off. Uncle Kyle put a shamrock on his head, and Carter had no idea it was there until it fell off when he was eating!
Here is a very messy little boy before his bath. Grandpa (who always gives him treats) let him have the spoon and empty pudding bowl. There was still plenty to get on his hands and then rub on his face.
Here's two tired guys. Kyle and Carter took a fantastic two hour nap on Saturday. Graveyard shift was tough this week - Kyle had to work a 12 hour shift on St. Patrick's Day.
Carter is a big fan of wearing no pants. As soon as his diaper is off, he's off. He looks really cute here with his plaid shirt from his Alaska pals, shoes, socks, and my cell phone.
Mom had a wonderful 50th birthday this year. Her pals from Helena came over, and of course, Aunt Terri and I were there. Doesn't her tiara look lovely?
Mom met these nice people from Ireland when we were at the Dublin (formerly Shooters). There were from Tipperary and had the coolest accents. They said they were having a "brilliant" time.
Here's Carter's lovely St. Patrick's Day shirt. I thought he looked pretty cute in it. He's carrying around some shamrock garland too. So festive!

Carter is becoming quite the stacker. He did the side closest to him obviously. It's pretty funny to watch because he really concentrates.
I know that I'm not looking and that the tops of our heads are cut off, but I still like this picture. There is something about his expression that I think is so cute.
I love how he crosses his feet all the time. He does it when he reads books, sleeps, plays, and hangs out. I don't want any comments about the Duke sweatshirt in the background. I know they choked - I was very disappointed. I'll still love them though.
Mom kept trying to get a picture of him in the sink, and he would not look at her. This one was totally by accident. He's doing a little shrug, and his ears look really funny. It's just a funny look!

Friday, March 21, 2008

It's fixed - Hooray!

Yay - Kyle and Bresnan managed to fix the computer! I can finally blog again!

This is just a cute picture. Grandma Patsy got him this little "Knight" outfit. It has dragons and shields on it. Very cute!

Grandpa is kind of crazy, but that's what Carter loves about him. Carter loves to snuggle with this big red dog - obviously so does Grandpa.

Here's a poor worn out pair. Apparently Carter and Laney both had a big day whenever this was. They just crashed!
Here's my little man taking his bubble-gum flavored Amoxicillin. He's almost done with it, and it worked very fast. It's so nice not to have to fight with him about wiping his nose!

He loves the computer. He's always trying to climb up on the chair and destroy the keyboard. He's sure a cute little destroyer though.

He absolutely loves the vacuum. He was yelling and crawling after Grandpa when he was vacuuming. So Grandpa let him help.
You can tell Carter was quite pleased with being able to help. There's his goofy face with his tongue hanging out as usual!

Monday, March 17, 2008


Hello everyone. I'm beyond frustrated at the computer. Big Kyle is working on it, but it's annoying. Anyway, here are eight pictures. It let me put up four on Tuesday and four on Wednesday (before it froze up). They'll be more to come...I just don't know when. Hope everyone had a lovely St. Patrick's Day!

This was at the Four Seasons in Great Falls while we were watching basketball. It was so warm in there that Mom bought some "Dippin' Dots" for Carter. He thought they were absolutely delicious! He was very good there, especially since he had a sinus infection.
We tried to go in the pool at the hotel, but it was freezing. We did hang out in the hot tub though. I'm glad he got to show off his buff body!
There was no purple in the city of Great Falls. We went to Universal to have this shirt made for the championship. It was a youth small, so we cut more than half off the bottom and the sleeves. It ended up being pretty cute.
He'll walk by himself, but walking with two people is so much funner. He thought he was pretty cool. He was very nice to the girls after they took 2nd. They played great all year. He gave the two seniors (Joey and Brianne) some high fives.

He loves this ball. He crawls after it, sits up and rolls it, and then beats on it with his hands. It's funny. I think that "baa" is his first word. He definitely knows what it means!
Dad had some jello with whipped cream last week. When he was done, Carter got to make a mess. I like how he put his truck in the bowl and then dug around it with the spoon.
He's starting to love the camera. He wants to me to take pictures and then immediately show him what they look like. Then he laughs and yells. He's goofy.
This is just a picture of his crazy hair and a little crunchie. He goes nuts for those things. I think he could eat about 20 per meal if I let him. He's not been a big fan of baby food lately. His teeth are really bugging him though - I wish they would just come in!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Been awhile

Sorry everyone. I know it's been awhile since we've posted. Carter and I had a rough week. He had a sinus infection, and I had the flu. We're better but not completely cured. I promise I will get some pictures up on Tuesday when I'm back to work. The computer at home has been ridiculously slow lately.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Officer Daddy

Kyle started his new job on Friday. It's going well. Graveyard shift has a lot of DUIs so far. Luckily, Kyle has never had trouble sleeping during the day and taking naps!

Carter really likes his Dad's uniform. He was having a good time with the cord for the radio. Kyle looks very professional.
Kelsie, this is the best I could do for a cop pose. I'm glad he's using his finger gun and not his real gun - it kind of freaks me out. We bought a gun safe, so that's good.
Grandma Patsy, Aunt Terri, Abb, and Jord were in Spokane this weekend for the girls' dance competion (where they did fantastic - 93% diamond awards). They made Carter this toy at the "Build a Bear" place. Carter loves ducks; this one has a cute police uniform. They're clever!
Here's one of Carter's favorite things to do now - crawl over to me and try to climb up my legs. I like his little face; he was saying "Mom mom mom mom". I'm not quite sure if he gets that I'm "mom", but I love when he says it!
Here's a fantastic picture of his bottom teeth. We took a couple pictures together, but I accidentally cut off my face. I'm okay with that. These pajamas made him look so tall and skinny.
Imagine this - Grandpa giving Carter a treat! It was peach jello this time. The consistency kind of made him wary, but he enjoyed it. He's really trying to feed himself lately with a big boy spoon. It's pretty funny to watch.
I had to show this cute outfit that Kevin and Marisa got him for Christmas. He looked so cute and grownup in that little plaid shirt. It made his eyes look very blue!

I love these pajamas. They are so light and soft. Plus, he looks handsome in them. He was having a good time smiling at Uncle Kyle that night.
Erica, Kelsie, and Terri gave Carter this cute onesie for Christmas. It makes me laugh. It's quite appropriate right now too. He's teething like crazy!
Grandma got Carter this "Look and Find" Baby Einstein book. We thought it would be a little too old for him right now, but he loves it. He likes how big it is and how much stuff is on every page. We've read it every day since he got it!
Here my big walking guy. He's not really close to taking off yet, but he'll walk in between two people (like Terri and Jordan, in this case). He's always pointing too. I think that's so cute.
He stole Aunt Terri's blondie the other day and went to town on it. Great-Grandma Vivian makes a delicious blondie! I'm glad he still eats baby food, but he likes a nice snack.
This is one of his new things. He sits on his knees and bounces and waves to people. I'm not sure what this face was either; he's pretty much a little goofball.
Here he is balancing and clapping for himself. He claps when he falls on his butt too!