Monday, March 28, 2011

Some park trips

There's my boy in all his glory. He's not a giant baby or anything, but he's seems much bigger than my other two were!

I absolutely love this picture. Kathi and the boys sent Ave the cutest Little Mermaid Jewelry. Those earrings kill me!
Poor tired girl. She likes to watch movies in Carter's bed with him if he'll let her.
Teague has the craziest little arms. They are always moving...even when he's sleeping. Sometimes he looks like a little T-Rex.
Carter and Avery had hat day at daycare last week. Carter coordinated his Turtle shirt with his Donatello hat. Ave got to wear her beautiful Princess hat from Grandma Bonnie (who we hope is feeling good).
She got her fingernails painted at "salon day" at daycare. She was quite proud of her nails. Grandma accidentally missed most of the hand, but look at that face!
We decided to go to the park on Friday. We found Landon's bear suit for Teague to wear.  It's a little big, but so cute on my fella.
It wasn't a bad morning to go to Clark's Park. Luckily these two played and ran for a good hour before it started to snow. They look so silly together.
This picture is so cute. Carter decided he would push her from the back, and I would push from the front. He almost fell over once, and Avery thought it was quite amusing!
This makes me laugh. Teague's first trip to the park was spent sleeping under a blanket!
He's starting to like baths a little more. He doesn't usually cry until he gets out and feels that air on his naked wet round body! He liked this one because Avery helped me - he just stared at her!
Carter loves to hold his brother. He usually asks me every night if he can hold him for a minute. They'll be pals for sure!
Avery got up there to add her special touch to the picture! It reminds me of when my brother made the Ace Ventura face in every picture in 6th grade.
Another trip to another park - Carter was riding the ferocious T-Rex.
Teague went to the park in the bear suit again...and slept the whole time! He got a love from Abb first.
He got his footprints on the wall at the Dr.'s office today. So cute!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy St. Patty's Day!

Here's my little St. Patrick's Day baby. He got all dressed up for Grandma Patsy's birthday. She got him this when he was born, and we just barely got him buttoned up. He's my round boy!

Avery wore this beautiful barrette for approximately two seconds. It was awfully pretty on her though.
I had to get a picture of all the kids in green. So cute!
Aunt Diane came in for Mom's birthday and brought all the kids lots of cool stuff. Carter and Landon got tees in their favorite colors. Thanks Aunt Diane!
Ave busted out Carter's old tee from Auntie Kelsie. She was thrilled to see it had a yellow bat - "lellow" as she says is her favorite color!
Carterman was telling Teague about the fish in the aquarium toy. We love that toy. It's entertained three children during diaper changes!
He actually didn't wear a sleeper that day! Look at those hilarious socks from Aunt Diane - I love them.
He likes to be touching the side of his little bed with his head. He scoots himself over until there's contact. Carter gave him an elephant to lay with him. He's the best big brother!
Aunt Diane brought some cool bottles and baby diapers for Ave. She diapered baby Tianna and here she is working on "Pink Baby". She said lift up your butt baby!
That's my little content guy. Mom just liked his little lips in this picture.
His little round face on Grandma Patsy. He has a little baby acne on his cheeks right now. He's still the cutest little man around.
Talking with Daddy is fun while bouncing on the exercise ball.
He's starting to really notice things and follow voices. He's becoming much more aware of his surroundings.
Carterman got Grandma to buy him two Transformers this weekend. What a spoiled guy!
My little Boo Bear Pop Tart face asleep in her bed. She looks so comfortable!
There's that Aquarium again. He really loves it!
This picture kills me. She was spinning around fast with Jordan. This is her dizzy face! She's wearing her new Little Mermaid necklace from Kathi and family. Thanks so much guys - I hope poor Luke is feeling better.
He looks like Tom Sawyer with that slung over his back. We had to use the grabber to get my phone out of the couch, then Carter had a ball with it!
This little fool likes to hide in the middle of all the exercise balls at the weight room. He's so silly.
Then there's this little clown. You can just tell she's yelling to Poppa in her loud voice!

Monday, March 14, 2011

A couple dinosaur videos!

Carter got a cool new dinosaur book at Hastings the other day. He's kind of quiet on this video, but he knows a lot about dinosaurs. I love his imagination - turning meat eaters into plant eaters with a laser beam. I'm not sure where he comes up with this stuff!

Here's a dinosaur song too. I thought Ave was going to sing it, but Carter jumped in. He learned this at daycare. Good job teacher (Auntie Erica)!

A month old!

Teague and I made a trip to Safeway last week. We surprised the daycare kids with donuts! Mmm...they all enjoyed chocolate with green sprinkles.
Teague's first bath. He was fine until the water touched his head!
Jodie at daycare is so good at fixing Ave's hair. They're was a ponytail in the back too. So cute!
This was Teague's first trip to the weight room. He pretty much slept the whole time. What a good boy!
Here's my crazy big boy dancing at the weight room. They were freeze-dancing. They danced until someone said freeze pretty much!
They are all so silly. Ave took her ponytails out earlier and looked like Grandpa Munster!
Carter always has to sit next to Teague in the morning. Love the jammies Callie!
Erica and I had the same brain waves again (actually I think Daddy picked out the clothes). Two rockin' guitar shirts!
All my boys hanging out on the couch together. They are all going to look quite alike I think.
Dr.Avery had to give Carter a shot to make him feel better. We all got one actually. She has great bedside manner.
Then she listened to his heart. Kyle and I figured there's the "Naked Chef" and "The Naked Archeologist" on TV. She can be a "Naked Doctor" around the house!
She's also a half naked dancer sometimes. She really enjoys no clothes. Oh well, it's good for potty training.
My little chunky monkey double-chin man was a month old yesterday - I can't believe it! Our friend Nikki (Foley) Edmunson gave us these cute stickers for each month up to a year. The stick right on their clothes. I love it.
He's my good little handsome fella. He really is a good baby - not too moody at all. I'm now going to go knock on wood!