Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Kalispell Weekend!

We made it to the first Outdoor movie at the Original. It was Big Hero 6, which we all really like. We had a great time!
It looks so cool at night, especially with the full moon poking out behind it.
We headed up to Kalispell on Friday. We love to go up and hang out with Aunt Diane and Uncle Art. Our first stop was Coldstone. What could be better?
Carter was the last one up on Saturday. Everyone enjoyed the way he was sleeping.
Terri, Jordan, and two of her very nice friends (Chelbie and Katie) came up this year also. Jordan and Ave ended up kind of having matching swimsuits!
We went to the Waterpark on Saturday. It was 99 degrees, so it was a perfect day to be in the water! Grandma got Teague a ring pop so he was super happy.
Avers enjoying the sun and a pretzel.
My 3 favorite little people!
Ave and Carter with Grandma and Aunt Diane in the lazy river. Carter must have gone around with me 75 times! Teague was very attached to Aunt Diane, and Ave was attached to "Grammy Squid" as she kept calling her.
Back at Aunt Diane's house. She had quite a set up in the backyard: a pool, two slip n slides, and an obstacle course! Chelbie, Katie, and Jordan were so nice to Ave all weekend. She thinks they are super cool, which they are!
Ave flew down the slip and slide!
Carter enjoyed it also!
3 weirdos in the pool.
My goofy happy boys!
There is always a big waterfight! Jordan must have got someone pretty good - she looks like she's laughing pretty hard!
Get him Jord!
Carter likes to attack all the unsuspecting adults!
Diane kept pointing her gun at me!
Teague had a good time attacking Auntie Terri!
Avery is a natural high hurdler!
Mmm...time for some delicious frozen yogurt!
Sunday morning we made it to the fun park with the long zipline.
Avery had to stand up on it of course. She's a daredevil.
Carterman on the bridge! He's looking very grown up all of sudden.
We threw sticks off one side and watched them float under.
It's such a pretty park. These 3 are pretty good looking too!
The water was pretty low this year. Triple digit temperatures will do that! It was perfect for standing in and throwing rocks.
My big boy.
We went back to Aunt Diane's house to meet John's son Rylan. He's a cutie pie! He was reaching for his Dad here. He's a busy little guy!
Beach time! We love the beach at Whitefish! It was another beautiful hot day.
The three big girls were heading out to jump off the dock. I made it out there later. It's always fun to jump in!
Diane had bought a nice sand castle set at Costco earlier. Teague loved using the different cups for his experiments!
Avers loved every minute of it!
Carterman tried the goggles out. Lakes are not the best for visuals though.
Grandma rented some fun innertubes for the kids. They are pretty spoiled!
Carter loved floating around.
Teague was so so happy the whole time we were there. He's totally an outdoor kid.
We made a pretty sweet moat.
Floating boy
Carterman out by the rope. It's so shallow for a long ways out there. It's a great place to swim.
My girl, she's pretty cute.
Teagie just relaxing.
My babies. I just love them. That was probably our last big adventure of a super busy, super fun summer. Thanks for making it awesome everyone! A big thank you to Aunt Diane. She spoils us!