Tuesday, June 26, 2007

lots of rompers!

We went to Geah Ries's bridal shower on Sunday. Carter was very good and apparently very tired!

After the shower, Carter hung out with a newly shorn Laney on the floor. I like how his romper says "Woof Woof" right next to her.
I like this position - kind of a starfish thing. I think Jordan got him to fall asleep like this one day.
Same outfit, different day, still a sleepy guy. It sure doesn't seem like he sleeps this much!
Mom, Erica, Landon, and Carter went to Josh's first birthday this weekend. I was coaching unfortunately. This is my "little sport" stretching on his great-aunt Diane.

I just like this full body shot. He's got some nice leg rolls and his cute onesie says that he "plays sports with Daddy". Soon enough, I'm sure!
We had a big week last week with volleyball camp and Breanne staying with us. Mom babysat in the morning with Abb and Jord (who are lifesavers) while Big Kyle and Grandpa had the afternoons. Carter likes to cuddle up with his babysitters!
Jordan was making him smile one morning and got this funny picture. He's always a happy little man in the mornings.

We took a trip to Silver Bow on Friday. Jordan and Breanne took Carter on the carousel. He liked all the bright colors and lights there.

Here is the big-eyed boy hanging out with his great-aunt Terri.
I heard Carter had a big, bad diaper on Friday morning. So bad that Mom, Terri, Abb, and Jord had to give him a bath in the kitchen sink. He seems pretty fine with it!

After his bath and a bottle, it was nap time with Abbey again!
I just think this outfit is hilarious. It has a big crab on the butt too. Check out his huge muscles!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Sunburst weekend and random

We went on our first overnight trip to Sunburst this weekend. As you can see he didn't mind the change of scenery at all! He was talking to us on Sunday morning...

And smiling like a little goofball!

Carter got to meet his Aunt Aly, who was able to put him right to sleep. She has the touch!

He also met his Uncle Chris. He was very happy chilling while Chris bounced his leg underneath him.

Here he and Laney are after a big day out at the farm. We had some delicious ribs and pork chops at Phil and Mary Jo's.

This was on the way out to Great Grandma Bonnie's. I just like his new big cheeks!

I don't really like this picture of me, but he looks so cute reading his books! Laney, of course, is right there listening as usual.

This was after a bath one night. He was just too warm and comfortable for tummy time!

He did give us a little bit of lifting action. He's a pretty strong guy.

This is his really cool basketball romper. Hopefully he continues to like this great number as he gets older!
This is his really cute cords outfit from Landon. It's been kind of chilly lately, so I'm glad he got to wear it.
Here is another snuggly after bath time picture. He never cries in the bath - he seems to like it quite a bit.

Friday, June 8, 2007

cute outfits and chubbiness

He looks a little shell shocked in this picture. It's still really cute though. I like his little serious mouth.

He likes his ocean wonders play gym. His eyes get really wide when he sees himself in the mirror. He likes the fish that makes crinkly sounds too.

Here's a nice chubby before-the-bath moment. He is getting a cute little round belly and chunky thighs to go along with his double chin! He was 11.8 lbs. at his last doctor's appointment.

He really likes his bouncer too. He's quite content when it is vibrating.

This outfit is from Landon. Erica said he had to wear it just once. It was very cute, but sort of a pain to get on. Oh well, it was worth it!

Here is a funny smile picture! He was being pretty goofy that day.

I just like this big huge face picture! He was sitting on my knees one morning just being a happy little guy. I can't believe he's two month old already!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Oops - forgot these three

This picture is just funny. I think he looks like such a peaceful, wise little guy. He was just chilling on the floor, listening to Abbey talk to him.

Here is Daddy giving him a kiss. Usually when he sees someone leaning to kiss him, he opens his mouth really wide.

He has decided he really enjoys the taste of his fingers. He sucks on them all the time. He has two little buds in his gums so he might be teething already!

New cousins and more...

Here is a nice collection of Barsness's: Kyle, Carter, and Colten. Grampa Dick and Grandma Diana brought Colten and Breanne to visit this weekend.

Here's just Colten and Carter. Carter was not being very cooperative for the camera. He was wearing a nice baseball outfit to watch Abbey play softball though.

Here's Carter in his pajamas with his cousin Breanne. It was very nice for them to get to meet eachother.

Here I am with Carter. I don't think he looks much like me right now at all; he's all Dad so far.

This picture is so cute! He was being kind of crabby until Aunt Erica held him up in the air. He looks like he is having a really good time!