Sunday, October 28, 2007

Busy Week

Here's my goofy little man before bed one night. He decided last week that 10:30 is a better bedtime than 9:30. I did not agree! He seemed to be back to normal by the weekend.
Here's a very sleepy guy passed out on his Daddy. Usually he wakes up a little when we move him, but not that night. He was exhausted.
This picture is too cute. He was just talking and talking one night. He's discovered some cool new sounds this week - sort of a modified clucking of the tongue. Very funny!
More walks! I can hardly believe how nice it's been; global warming will do that I guess. Carter was excited to be in his stroller on Wednesday.
I like his serious tummy time face. I think he knows that it has to be done, but he's not a fan sometimes.
Here's Carter playing with Grandma Patsy. He is just the happiest guy. I think the only time he cries is when we have to use the dreaded blue "nose-sucker".
Grandma Diana and Grandpa Dick were in for the weekend. They got to go to the Tech game (Victory!) and spoil their grandson a lot! Here's a hat that he tried on at Herberger's. I love how the tag says "Carter's Happy Holidays".
We went to Perkins on Sunday, and Carter thought he was pretty cool sitting in the high chair at the table. He kept smiling at his grandparents and our wonderful waitress, Nicole.
He was getting a bit bored and decided to just lay his head down on his arm. He looks so funny! We got him some sweet potatoes and juice which seemed to perk him right up.
Here's our happy baby on Sunday morning. He had his rice cereal, took a little nap, and then was ready to go. He was very charming all weekend long - he got many compliments, but he's still so modest!
On Sunday night, we went out to see our friends' new house (which is beautiful). Madisyn, their little almost ten month old, is so cute and funny. She was going to climb right up and take a look at my camera here.
Carter had a good time out there too. He was a little nervous at first, but once the toys came out everything was fine. He's a silly little guy.
Ritter was holding up a red gorilla to make them smile. It worked well. Madisyn was so funny. She would crawl over and cuddle with the gorilla - or play Patty-cake and laugh at herself. She's hilarious!
This picture is funny. They - of course - both wanted whatever toy the other baby had. They switched many times. I have a feeling they are going to be buddies.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Funny Video

Carter absolutely loves to stare at his hands. You'll see!

My Big Man

Here's my little "Player". I just thought these big boy jeans were so cute. I think he thought he was pretty cool too. He's a ham.
This picture was a fluke. I accidentally took it while Kyle and Carter where playing. It turned out pretty funny though!
He was in the best mood before bed one night. He just wanted to sit up and talk with everyone. He's a very social little fella.
Grandpa was holding him, and he really wanted to get in his activity saucer thing. You can tell he's still enthralled by it.
Mom and Dad are getting a new vinyl fence. Dad and Kyle have been very busy chipping out old concrete. Laney is quite confused by the no boundary thing!
The Ash Tree in the front yard is so pretty right now - it's got some red, yellow, orange, and green leaves still. I'm not sure how long it will last.
This was a big smile for Grandpa when he walked through the living room. He follows Grandpa with his eyes everywhere - they became good pals this summer!
This picture is too cute. He was very excited for some rice cereal and peaches (his favorite). He looks kind of grown up in his polo!
Carter and Laney were having the best time this weekend. Carter's onesie is hilarious too, the only problem is that Laney is a "She".
Laners kept licking his face, and he was laughing so hard! I love how his little feet are straight up in the air.
Here they are playing tug-of-war. I was a little nervous, but Lane was very gentle with him. She would just walk up and put the glove in his hands.
Carter was absolutely exhausted in this picture. He was just laying on Kyle and staring at his aquarium. He took a nap shortly after!
Carter really likes these apple flavored wagon wheels. He knows what can they are in, and he just goes crazy when I reach for it. Solid foods are a big hit so far!
Terri was babysitting her friend's little girl on Sunday. Cimarron (I probably mispelled that)is a cutie. She was very good to my little man.
This is just another random smile. He's such a good baby. He's a had a stuffed up nose all week, and you would never know it from these pictures!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Autumn weather

Sorry about not getting these up until Monday. I stayed home with Carter because he has a cold. He's happy all day, but at night he's so stuffed up that it's hard for him to sleep. It's getting better though. Anyway, Enjoy (there's a bunch this time)!
It's been so nice here all of last week - so we actually got to take the stroller out a few more times. He had about three or four nice walks that he seems to really enjoy.
My little man was sixth months on Oct. 11th - can you believe it? He went to the doctor (notice the bandaids)and was 26 inches long and 15 lb 10 oz. He's a skinny man for as much as he eats; he didn't get that metabolism from his Mom!
This is just a cute little profile picture. He was giving me some kisses, and Mom caught this nice, relaxed pose. He gives great kisses; he'll grab your face, pull it close, and slobber on you.
I just think this picture is funny. That fish that plays the music makes him so happy (as you can see from the smile). He took it on all his walks this week too!
He was grinning at Daddy in his "I love Daddy" shirt. How appropriate huh?
This isn't the best picture, but he was being so cute. He just stares at his hands now while he turns them back and forth and brings them together. I think it's so damn cute how fascinating they are!
He's starting to play a lot in the bathtub. He likes when I squirt water on his belly from the fish. He's always really enjoyed the water which is nice.
This was after one of our walks. It was a late one so he had on his pajamas and hat. He was laughing with Grandma; what a huge smile!
Here's crazy Grandpa Dale. He knew I was taking this picture, and he still made this face. So I think eveyone needs to laugh at it!
Here are two sitting up and playing with the fish pictures. I figured Carl and Jenny would like this one since Carter has a cute weiner dog shirt on (hope all is well in Tulsa)!
I put this one up so that the Alaskans could see his hair. It's starting to come in a nice light brown color. It's a very uniform growth however, unlike his cousin Lando (who we miss terribly)!
Jordan and I took Carter on a nice adventure to Clark's Park on Sunday since it was about 65 degrees. He thought this sand was pretty fun; that may have been his favorite part!
We ripped off this picture from Erica! It was so weird though - I asked Carter what his name was, he grabbed that stick, and this is what we got. He's a prodigy.
This picture shows how beautiful the day was. We've got some nice trees in the background, a couple rays of sunshine, and Jordo swinging high in the blue sky. We better enjoy it because Halloween is always miserable.
Carter was swinging next to Jordan in a baby swing. He seemed to think it was pretty fun. He didn't even do the fast blinking thing!
This was in the yard at Mom and Dad's house after our walk home from the park. All that fun wore the little fella out!
I was throwing him up in the air next to the witch's hat. After we buckled him in his stroller, Jordan and I played on the witch's hat while he laughed at us. It was a fun day.
He thought the cowboy swings were really cool. In fact, he sat with me on one side and we went swinging with Jordan. We didn't go very high, and he liked to hold on to the metal bar.
Carter and Jordan went on about four different slides. I think he liked this one the best because it was so bright. He's such a good boy, and Jordan is an excellent cousin.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Birthday Party and More

Here's my silly little guy in his cute bear pajamas. He likes to crane his head around and look at people, the TV, or Laney while he's playing now. I think he was happy because tummy time just got over!
He's chewing on everything in sight! It must be that age because I remember Lando doing that too. There are drool spots on every toy I swear.
I just can't help but watch him sleep. He looks so peaceful. He smiles all the time in his sleep; I wonder what kind of happy dreams he's having.
This picture is just funny. Mom and Dad were fighting for the remote the other day, and poor Mom got Wheat Thins poured on her head. Dad is a dirty fighter!
It's Puff Time! Carter has decided he enjoys Puffs. He usually only eats about three of them, but he loves (and is very good at) picking them up. He has sort of a tough time transferring them into his mouth though.
Victory! I think he was looking around to see why people were clapping for him. He had a little dry spot on his face too - a little lotion cleared it right up.
He's really starting to enjoy sitting up on his own (although Grandma was backing him up). He especially likes it if he can play with some wipes. Check out the messy shirt!
This is one of his favorite books (That's Not My Puppy), and this is his favorite page. He loves to feel those shaggy ears!
Carter and his buddy Jordan enjoyed this train ride. Carter was too busy looking around to smile for me. There are so many cool lights at the Pizza Parlor!
Carter tried out the Jumperoo this week. He likes the toys on it, but he's not quite sure what to do with his feet yet. I'm sure he'll be jumping like a madman quite soon.
Just a big happy smiling picture! He just had a very nice bath and was in a delightful mood. He was kicking and talking with everyone in the room.
He just loves his little activity center thing. He stares at it, and then looks at us as if to say "Hello - Can you tell I want to go in there?".
It was Connor and Austin's 4th and 2nd birthday party this Saturday. Austin really enjoyed when Nicole gave him some ice cream. He would say "Ice Cream. Yum.". They are cute little boys.
Here is their cool "Cars" birthday cake. Austin was trying to grab the candles and Connor did not want him to. They both enjoyed blowing out the candles.
Austin had to take off his sweatshirt because he got all sweaty chasing this balloon around the Pizza Parlor. I think that was his favorite part of the afternoon!
Connor really liked the big race car at Silver Bow. Unfortunately it was not working so he could just sit in it. I can't believe how much he looks like Nicole!
Carter got all dressed up for the party! This was Landon's Easter outfit, and I wanted Carter to wear it at least once since it's so cute. He was a tired guy; he passed out right when we were leaving.
Connor loved all his presents - but especially the "Cars" from Mom. You can see them in the Tonka truck. He was definitely more into opening stuff than Austin, who had his balloon to play with!
Austin gave Carter some very nice kisses throughout the party. He's such a nice boy - I see he had a bit of cake on his arm!
Connor was telling Jordan and Carter about his cake here. I think he didn't want that cake cut up since it looked so nice! It was a great party - good work Nicole.