Sunday, March 30, 2014

Spring time...sort of!

They love to cuddle up after a nice bath! Look at those faces :)
Last Wednesday was their last day of swimming lessons. They had a great time! We are going to take April off (Carter's birthday, spring break, Easter, Landon visit), but we'll try another session in May.
Not the best picture, but I love when he puts his hand in his pocket. I love those pants too - I can remember Landon and Carter looking good in them!
Teague is very creative. This is his cerebro (from X-Men) - he uses it to "locate mutants"!
He dances while he eats grapes. He also had juice running down his chin. For you Lord of the Ring nerds, it was a bit like Denethor!
We are working on potty training. It's slow going. Luckily Carter is very encouraging!
Nothing like a delicious Sunday blueberry waffle that Papa lets you eat on the table!
Must get out of the house! It was a little windy, but not bad. We decided to go feed the ducks some old bread.
The creek is high! We did have a lot of snow so that makes sense.
I told Carter to think of smelly armpits...and I got a real smile! He's such a typical boy.
One of Ave's favorite benches to rest on.
There were seagulls everywhere! It was weird. We usually don't see them much around here.
Carter had to bring a couple weapons. You never know who you might encounter on the trail.
Mom, Ave, and Carter went up ahead. Teague needed to rest in someone's yard. He wouldn't leave until I took a picture. At least it's a good one! Hope everyone is enjoying their spring!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Tiny blog...but on time!

We were up at Tech on Thursday for the Big Sky Classic (Abb and Jord danced beautifully at both halftimes). Our buddy Sammy was playing, and Carter spent the first half trying to take a good picture for her! This is probably the best one!
Two nice brothers playing Terri's Kindle together.
My girl in the sunshine. She got out her new summer dress but had to wear leggings and a sweatshirt over it - not quite that springlike yet!
We had two birthday parties this weekend. One for Bridger Stearns on Saturday and one for KR Nielsen today. Both boys turned 3, and my kids had lots of fun at both parties. I forgot my camera (gasp!) on Saturday so these are all from today.
Carter loves birthday parties because it's the only time he's allowed to drink Sprite!
Ave is a little monkey. She climbed this rock wall in about 2 seconds!
They got some candy and bubble wands as party favors. They had to use them right away!
They were tracking the bubbles. It was kind of a windy day so this didn't last too long.
Teague did a good job letting the wind do the work for him. He just held his wand up in the air, and the bubbles came flying!
Carter caught one. He wanted to do an experiment (what that would be I have no clue), but it popped.
Ave was proud of this one.
Last but not least a cheesy little Teague smile. He was a good boy at both parties. He wants to go to their houses now and play with the new toys!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Last Thursday was green day at daycare. Teague enjoys any shirt with a hood, so he was happy with this green one!
Ave does not have any green pants - gasp! She did have a green shirt and jacket full of green though. She looked good :)
My kids have been obsessed with Super heroes lately! It's one game they can all play together though so I'm not complaining!
This is Ave with her "girl team" of Emma Frost, Jean Grey, and Black Widow. They are pretty cool!
Carter ordered some X-Men guys with some of his "buck for a duck" money. He had a great day last week. He came home with an awesome report card and these had just arrived in the mail!
Teague likes the bad guys to live on the treadmill. That's "Villainville". He's adding Sabretooth and Magneto to the mix right here.
Just two kids happy to be playing outside. It was beautiful on Saturday...then freezing wind on Sunday. You just never know!
We read about 15 books together the other night. I like when they all cuddle around me!
Dad made some tasty green shamrock pancakes on Sunday. They were delicious! I snagged a shamrock cup too. We are always very festive around St. Patrick's Day.
We went up to the weight room and gym on Sunday. They were all on a team against me for some floor hockey. We had a good time!
Carter found green hair spray in Grandma's tub of St. Patrick's Day goodies. He reminded me for a week to make sure I brought it home so he could have green hair for school on Monday. It was cute to see all the kids on the playground decked out in green!
I had to get a picture of somebody in these glasses - they are awesome!
3 little leprechauns after Avery got done with dance. What a cute picture!
Then we were off to swimming lessons. Monday was a busy day!
They are really enjoying themselves. I think I might have to sign them up again for the next session!
I took some inspiration from Erica and made some green eggs for the kids for dinner. I also found some green sprinkles for the cinnamon toast. The adults had some delicious corned beef...Mmm!
I made it up to the KC for an hour and a half (and to drive these guys home). Mom, Terri, and Little Kyle had been celebrating for awhile, and I'm glad I made it up there. Had to say a Happy Birthday toast to my Mom, and a Happy St. Patrick's Day to Grandpa Winks's picture! Mom had a great day, and no, I don't know who that guy is behind Terri!
Lastly, my brother and his friend arm wrestling. Kyle's friends were hilarious and hung out with Mom and Terri all day. They are nice kids. It was fairly quiet since it was a freezing Monday. My husband only had to make a few arrests, and they all came after 11pm. All in all, a good St. Patrick's Day/Mom's Birthday!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Late post for a busy week

Sorry this is so late. We've had a crazy week here: 2 funerals, dance, 2 swimming lessons, and club volleyball. Better late than never though right? After the mounds and mounds of snow we received and now all this sunny weather...this is what most of the streets look like. Thank goodness for boots! I let them splash one day after we picked up Carter from Emerson.
He's obviously in the background climbing some snow. They are not allowed on the snowpile on the playground. After school, every kid seems to be climbing wherever they can!
Teague loves this little rice bag that Jordan made for us for Christmas. I like to put it around my neck when I'm reading. Teague likes to lay it across his belly and pass out!
Ave is such a good sister. She's always "reading" superhero stories to Teagie.
Now it's bath time. Teague picked purple that day. Those two are either best friends, or they are telling on eachother for something.
We went up to the weight room Saturday and Sunday last week. Avery apparently didn't brush her hair on Saturday! She makes me laugh. She has to put all her weight on one side of the stepper to move it!
Carter doesn't have that problem anymore. He's pretty solid! I think he's going to be built like Kyle :)
This guy is just cute!
I'm not exactly sure what you do with these bars. Dad thinks they are for stretching. The kids had a good time being ninjas with them of course.
This was on Sunday. Kyle came up with us. Sunday is his day off for working out so he just entertained the kids. Amazingly...I got a lot more done!
We started swimming lessons last week for these two. Carter, who I was worried about because he gets very rigid in the water, is loving it! He's already swam without a belt or kickboard in the deep end twice! I feel bad that they are a little late on the swimming, but it's expensive unfortunately. Ave is a little cautious. She's getting better every time though.
Carter loves that he gets to bring his own Spiderman kickboard.
My girl still likes to be able to touch. She's getting braver though, and it is nice that she has a friend there (Matti from daycare). I won't be so late next time on the blog!