Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Missoula fun with Callie

I had volleyball camp last week (which was a lot of fun!) Luckily we had no plans for the weekend. Our pal Callie got us some Jurassic Quest tickets, and we headed off to Missoula Friday afternoon when Kyle was done with work. Teague needed a rest. They all came to camp with me that morning. Then we went to a birthday party at the Jumparoo!
We ate at Johnny Carino's that night and then went to Target. Callie had to try these bandannas on them! I'm not sure where these gang signs come from. They appear to want peace though.
We went to the Uptown Diner the next day to fuel up for a day amongst dinosaurs. I had been there once before a long time ago, and it reminds me of the "Peach Pit" from Beverly Hills 90210. It was delicious though. Teague really really enjoyed his milkshake.
It was kind of overcast, but not cold. We made the trek from Callie's hotel across the bridge to the campus. Her work is in a great spot. Gotta pose on a cool bike sculpture!
The river was high! I love the Blackfoot river. It reminds me of our house in Lincoln. We would take walks with Dad to the river and throw rocks in it. It's very pretty.
It's time! Teague was being a raptor I think. Ave is guiding. Carter is cool. Teague had to wear his new Jurassic World shirt from Target. It was a bit large!
These giant dinosaur heads amuse me! Teague is in a T-Rex mouth.
Ave hamming it up!
They were pretty big!
Carter went for the Carnotaurus. I have learned a lot about dinosaurs, but I'm still way behind my kids!
Carter found the Spinosaurus right away! His favorite!
The Allosaurus, a deadly carnivore.
The Utahraptor is the biggest raptor by far. It had some cool feather too.
Ave and Teague checking out the Velociraptors.
Ave's favorite, the Triceratops. These all moved and made sounds too. It's really cool. It was also a perfect day for it. Last year was so packed and really hot. This year we got to do all the cool stuff we missed last time.
Teague's favorite, the T Rex, was right by the Triceratops.
Ave did a cute little craft. The boys wandered with Kyle to see what else was around.
This guy walked around with a baby dinosaur that moved. He came right up behind Carter and surprised him. It was very cute, and he let everyone pet it.
View from the top.
Callie said there were no signs that adults couldn't be on the dinosaurs!
Kyle took Teague to the Jumpy houses while Ave and Carter did the bungee cord thing. They got a good workout on this thing!
Carter tried to use the side to help.
It didn't really work!
Ave in mid-jump on this huge bouncy house thing. A kid could get lost in there!
Carterman posing.
Teague doing a fake smile.
Ave and Callie went in for some waters. Carter took a turn riding the Baryonyx.
Teague finally did too. Ave and Carter went on a Pachycephalosaurus before (I need to get the pictures from Kyle), and he wanted no part of it. He loved it though. He said it was very squishy!
We got to see the Walking Dinosaurs too! This thing was cool! Carter, Teague, and I raced down to see it.
Our buddy Callie, we can't thank her enough. We had a blast last weekend!
We hit the Dram Shop afterwards. They have an area for kids to play, and our grapefruit beer was delicious!
Kyle was really looking forward to Krispy Crème and Coldstone. He got his wishes! The kids agreed it was tasty. Thanks again Cal! You are the best!

Thursday, June 9, 2016

HUGE BLOG - Officially summer time!

Carterman got another BUG (Bringing Up Grades) Award. I'm not sure how since he had all A's. His reading scores maybe? They went way up. I was very proud of my good boy!
Erica and Kelsie got done with school a week earlier than we did and headed to Butte. Yay! Ave was super happy to see her little buddies.
Grandma and blondie Hawkins reading a book together. He is such a sweet little guy. Just a really good baby.
Terri Jo and Drea were in from Alaska for a few days too. Drea really likes Ave. Those girls have to stick together! She's a cutie.
Time to take a walk to El Taco! Link and Teague were best buddies or enemies. There was no in between. Luckily it was more of the buddies I think.
I love some of the expressions here!
Lincoln, Liam, and Teague had lots of good talks together.
The 9 year olds reunited!
Avery and Drea
Birthday/cousin friends! They missed eachother as you can tell.
Baby Hawkins in a big boy seat.
Lincoln really loves our CARS collection. He and Ave had some fun with the color change cars in the tub. She is (most of the time) a great "big cousin."
Saturday was our cousin Jamie's college graduation party. She graduated from Tech with a degree in medical coding. Hawkins needed a little nap on the floor before he joined in the festivities.
These guys got along very well. There is an even better picture with Kels in the background. I'll post it later maybe!
Liam was "knocked out" from playing Ninja Turtles here. Teague was making sure his eyes were okay. They played together for hours that day!
The Connors sisters at the party: Terri, Helen, Nancy, Margaret, Mom, and Diane.
Cousins and kids! From L-R: Me, Avery, Carter, Jamie, Abbey, Landon, Erica, Hawkins, Terri, Drea, Teague, Brian, Jordan, Liam, Dan, Kelsie, Lincoln, and Nicole. We had a really fun time together!
Kyle rocking Lincoln's Captain America sunglasses!
Erica getting some loves from Lando.
Ave styling some shades of Erica's (I think?)
Lincoln had some fun getting pushed around on the tables.
Carter enjoying some pastys!
Landon was "juking" out his cousins. It's one of his favorite things to do. Ave gave him a pretty good challenge. She's quick!
I love this picture! Landon's hair is moving!
A nice walk on the trail with two whiny boys! I think they both complained almost the whole time! It was very hot.
Drea's birthday was at the end of May. She had a party while she was here. She had lots of well-wishers.
She looked beautiful and had a lovely Frozen cake.
All the kids thought this new Jurassic World game was pretty awesome.
I was taking a picture of Hawkins eating cake I think. I actually really like this picture of me and my Teagie Pie though!
Avers riding a bunny
Hawkins and Lando got some matching horses.
Link looks like he was having a good time here!
The girls! I love how Drea is such a girly girl still.
Teague being a cool dude.
Carterman spurring on his horse I guess.
Erica made this out of Play-Dough. It's gorgeous!
Teague really loved playing with Hawkins. He just likes babies. Here he is beeping his nose.
He got one in return!
Taking another walk on the trail. These two wanted to push Hawkins together.
Time for some playing at Clark's Park
Hawkins really liked this bumpy slide.
Look at that happy smile!
Kyle helping Avery get some air on the witch's hat!
Kels found her old Letterman's jacket! She could totally still wear that. I think she should.
Random Nerf play time in the front yard.
What a cute picture! This should have been with the Clark's Park ones.
Carter and his Nerf gun buddy Teague on the attack
Dad, Mom, Kyle, and I went to the athletic banquet one night. Erica and Kels took the kids to C Street Park. I LOVE this picture!
Kels getting some nice loves from Drea before she headed back to Alaska. It was really nice to see her and Terr. She's a funny little girl!
Hugs for Teague too!
Teague's a lovey. He tried to give Hawkins lots of hugs.
Chilling at one of Carter's baseball games.
The last day of school. They both had a great year. Good grades, good teachers, good friends!
We took the other kids to the Jumparoo before school got out. Lincoln liked the big slide!
Hawkins seemed to have a good time too!
They have lots of fun stuff out there.
Teague after his haircut! Actually all the kids got haircuts that week!
Lando looking like a professional mountain climber.
Landon came with me to get Carter on the last day. Carter's teacher had heard a lot about him! Landon's kindergarten teacher couldn't believe how tall he was! Carter got his face painted to look like a blue jaguar.
Avery and her buddy Korin. They are going to be in different classes next year, but they'll still hang out!
We found the crab pool!
It was a beautiful hot day to play outside in the water.
Teague wanted me to take a picture of him just like this, so I did!
Water balloon fight!
Link was ready!
Now he's after Landon!
Teague joined in for round 2.
Get him Teague!
We added in the sprinkler for more fun!
Who doesn't like a giant cup of water splashed on them?
Hawkins came out after his nap.
All 6 kiddos. Carter is pretty gangster here.
I love when they are all together!
Link showing Hawkins how to jump in puddles.
A personal massage/hairdo for Auntie Kelsie.
Summer days wear little Linky out.
He looks pretty pleased with himself about something!
We headed out to the Drive In to watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2. These guys were excited!
Hawkins was really good for the whole movie. He enjoyed the popcorn a lot!
The buddies before the show.
Kels proudly showing off her Junior Mints. I love all the expressions here!
The whole crew (minus Erica who took the picture.) It was a pretty funny show.
Fairmont time!
Hawkins was not a fan of this chair. He wanted out!
Jord, Kels, Ave, and Teague (who loved the Noodle chair)
The big boys going after Kyle
They got him. This picture is super cute!
Kels and her cute little man
Erica, Hawkins, and Jord - so cute!
These two had to check out the indoor pool for a minute.
Noodle chair again!
Kyle, Ave, and I enjoying the water!
Snack time. We had a great day.
Link cuddling with Laney. He is animal lover. He talked about Nacho cat a lot while he was here.
Abb had some sombrero's in her car from Cinco de Mayo. They make great rain hats!
This is blurry, but funny. Ave was singing to Lincoln, and he couldn't help but smile around his fingers!
Hawkins really liked climbing on Kyle if he was laying down!
This face swap on Snap Chat is the funnies thing I've ever seen. I can't not laugh at it when I see it. For some reason, Dad's face is so small, and Carter's was huge. It's killing me!