Monday, September 29, 2014

Quiet, Rainy Week

We had a very quiet week here. Not too many pictures were taken. A bath picture is always cute though. These guys still usually have lots of fun together. I like Teague's washcloth/ascot here. It's quite a dashing look.
I made some homemade peppermint oil. It will be ready to try out in a month. We had a ton of peppermint in the garden, and I read that peppermint oil is a wonderful spider repellent. Why not try it right?
Lando, Sean, and Erica were in for the weekend. Erica and Sean had a wedding to attend. It was a quick trip, but these two got to spend a ton of time together. I think they enjoyed it as usual!
Callie came in for a visit also. I'm glad she did - the kids had lots of fun with her (especially my Boo Bear)! Hopefully we can visit her in a couple weeks in Missoula. I felt bad because I was in Dillon most of the day Saturday. We all won - yay!
Teague was being a booger for pictures for pictures. He does that sometimes! He was quite hilarious though on Saturday night. He had Callie and Alex quite entertained!
A balloon in the shirt can make him smile like a crazy person I guess!
Mom, Terri, and I did a lovely puzzle (they did a lot more work than me). We enjoy puzzles on a rainy day, and this one was a very colorful 2000 piece beauty!
Carterman would like everyone to know that he has great hair. He truly believes he has the best hair in the family :) He's a little odd, but I love him!
A stressful 49ers win must have made this guy pass out.
Lastly, my girl getting ready for her Sunday bath. I just found out today that she is Student of the Month! Yay for Avers!

Monday, September 22, 2014


Our strawberries are tough! Teague and I went out and brought in 8 more of them the other day from our sad looking garden. The frost last week destroyed everything except for the eggplant, strawberries, rosemary, and cabbage.
He ate 7 of them and let me have one. What a guy!
Another run home while I drove next to them. This time they all ran!
They always stop and see these two dogs - Screwball and Knothead. They are some kind of terrier and are so cute and friendly!
I guess that jog wore a guy out. He fell asleep partially under the coffee table!
On Saturday we played Skyview at home. Their head coach has had breast cancer twice. We always do a "Pack the Place in Pink" game whenever they come to Butte. It was very successful, and we got to take some balloons home too. Here is a blurry picture of Teague tackling them.
He's a goofball!
These two were helping Papa bring some water to his classroom. It's always fun to ride on the trainer's carts.
Ave did a little dinosaur excavating the next morning.
I love the way they look in these goggles!
Ave has been teaching Teague the proper way to do a somersault.
It has been so gorgeous this September (minus the one day of snow). Teague decided it was a lovely day to make some mud pies.
Ave got in on the action also.
Carter was busy pretending to tranquilize some dinosaurs.
Two silly smiles!
Ave cooled off by dipping her head in the sprinkler. I love the water drop hanging off her nose!
Teague stole some of Avery's Barbie makeup she had brought over. His clumpy eyebrows look terrific!
Ave's cooking masterpiece.
Doesn't it look appetizing?
Carter has been into the VTech dinos again. He got a new one the other day - McRoar the Gigantosaurus. I have a feeling they will be on his Christmas list!
Lastly, Kyle's 34th birthday was on Tuesday. I was in Great Falls, Carter had football, and Ave had dance unfortunately. He picked some chicken curry wraps for dinner last night, and we had cake after the kids had baths. Happy Belated Birthday to this great Dad!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Fall activities!

Carter wanted to run home from school the other day. I got a picture of him while I drove next to him. He's a goofball!
Teague took some pictures at practice the other day. The varsity was nice enough to pose for him. They are a good group of girls. Everyone of them is so nice to my kids :)
It snowed here on Wednesday! Luckily it was all gone by that afternoon, but it did kill my tomato plants :(
Teague seemed pretty happy to go out in his shark hat - he has such a cute smile!
Before the haircut!
After! He looks like such a big boy!
We had a good time at the football game on Friday night - unfortunately Butte High lost. Naranche is such a cool stadium though.
After a long volleyball tournament 8am-6:30pm, Kyle and I met some friends at the East Side. His face just made me laugh here.
On Sunday, it was gorgeous! 75 degrees! We decided to go for a hike. Teague always enjoys climbing a boulder.
Carter decided to wear cleats. It was probably a good idea since he loves to run down the loose sand by the railroad tracks.
My girl is a little mountain goat. She is very sure footed.
Getting some shade with Papa.
Ave, Papa, and I went higher than Kyle and the boys. Look at that awesome view. Teague and Carter said they just couldn't go any further!
Ave and Laney on the trail right below me as we were going down. Laney loves hiking with us. She goes back and forth between all of us just wagging her tail.
A quick family picture!
Ave had her first day of tumbling today. Jordan is her teacher, and they both said they had a great day!
Carter had his first flag football game today too. It was pretty hilarious! Neither team scored, but he said he had a lot of fun. That's all that matters!
Teague was a little tired - ha ha!
Lastly, I managed to get 2 big zucchinis out of the garden before the frost hit. I made some zucchini cakes tonight, and they were tasty. I love gardening!