Thursday, January 31, 2008


I'm trying to put up some videos this week. I have so many that I haven't uploaded to You Tube. Anyway, here are two pretty funny old ones. They'll be more to come.

This first one is from Thanksgiving when we were up in Sunburst. He was being crazy after his meal - he looks a bit messy too! You can hear Kyle playing with Laney in the background. Enjoy!

This one is also from about two months ago. He looks so young and silly. I was stealing his puffs in this video, and he thought it was hilarious.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Yeah - It works!

This is my silly man playing with his puppy. He always looks so happy when she brings toys back to him!
He is just a clapping fool lately. He claps anytime he goes from crawling to sitting. Of course, his tongue is out too. He's drooling like a rabid dog!
This picture just makes me laugh. Laney was kissing his face, and he thought it was a really fun game.
He's very helpful too. Carter was assisting Grandpa in correcting papers. He mainly just kicked the tests and tried to eat the marker!
Here's a sleepy man. There was another baby at daycare that day, and he spent the day taking away toys from her. He always gave her what he was playing with though!
Abb, Terri, and Mom watched Carter on Sunday while Kyle and I cleaned our house. It looks fantastic, and Carter was very good. He and Abbey took a nice nap.
This is not the best picture of his face, but those pajamas are too funny. They glow in the dark. He was running on the exercise ball and spitting!

Here's another fun game with the ball. We hold it above him, and he thinks he's holding it up. This makes him kick and smile like a little goofball!
These thermal pajamas from my friend Dana are too cute. They look lovely all stretched out over his little belly.
Carter loves to copy Laney. She wanted a little plastic fish that was in his shape sorting bucket, so she dug her head in...
so of course Carter thought that was pretty funny. He does this all the time now just because everyone laughs at him. He's a little ham!
Look at this gorgeous physique! He's just so cute (I think I might be biased). I love how his feet are crossed.
Grandpa decided to share a little pudding with Carter one night. It was his first taste, and he loved it. However, that won't be happening again for awhile. He was a little wired and didn't sleep well at all!
We let him get all messy since he was taking a bath afterwards. He rubbed that container all over his face and his head!
This picture kills me. His hands were sticky so he kept opening and closing them. Lucky for me this resulted in a nice thumbs up! He does look pretty pleased with himself.

It's been snowing a lot here lately. We took Carter out one non-windy afternoon in Lando's old snowsuit (which is so cute).
Here's my little bear chilling in some snow. He thought he was pretty cool out there. He liked to watch Laney run around too.
Daddy walked him around the yard a lot. It really wore Carter out - he took a nice snooze later that afternoon.
We made him make a baby snowangel. It was so cute! Our little while in the snow was quite fun - we'll have to do it again.

Grandma and Grandpa got him this cute polar bear hat in Alaska. He won't wear it unless he's completely distracted - like if Grandma is walking with him!
This is one of the few things that Carter will sit down for while he's walking. He's decided the magnets on the fridge are fun. He pulls them off, drools on them, and then puts them back.
This is just a happy guy at the Butte High game. He really likes to watch the games - especially the girls. The girls that played volleyball always give him lots of attention after the game!
Here's the end of our many, many pictures. Abbey gave him a little ride on her shoulders, which he always enjoys. He was looking pretty good too. I love those pants.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Bad News

My parents' computer, which has all my new pictures on it, needs a new motherboard. I'm not sure when Dell will send it, so it may be awhile before I get some pictures up. I don't think I'm allowed to upload my Kodak software at work! Hopefully it gets here soon because I have some great "Carter in a snowsuit" pictures.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Almost Crawling

My blog was not being very cooperative this weekend, but here are some pictures.
My little man was hanging out on the couch with me when he decided to put my arm in a scissor hold - he really had his legs locked around it for awhile!
Carter likes to try on Uncle Kyle's hats (and then rip them off his head). Poor Redskins - at least Carter's college team is good (LSU).
This was after the Butte High/Butte Central game (Good job Butte High!). Carter was really liking the gym floor at the Civic Center.
Carter was so good at the games. Luckily he had lots of people, like Jordan, to keep him walking around and entertained.
I just thought this picture was funny. Kyle was playing with Laney one night, and she was so tired that she couldn't get that tongue back in her mouth!
Sometimes spoons are the greatest toys! You can tell he was having a really good time just shaking them and banging them together. Usually at least one was in his mouth.
Carter was really liking the shiny metal clasp on my purse - it was covered in drool in no time! He looks pretty fascinated by it.
He loves these stackers that he got for Christmas. He likes to pull them apart, turn them over, and put stuff in them. He's a genius.

He is a clapping fool all of a sudden! He looks pretty happy about something in this picture - I think Grandma was clapping for him.
This was last Sunday night before Aunt Kelsie left. They were good pals. He's still checking out your picture above the computer!

Anytime Carter has a cookie in his saucer, Laney is right there in case he drops it. He's started sharing with her now.
I'll have to put up a video of him with this flashlight. Grandpa was shining it on him, and Carter just kept saying "Ooooh"!
I just noticed I didn't even get the mashed potatoes or plate of turkey in this picture, but we did have a delicious turkey dinner for Abbey's 12th birthday on Sunday.
I can't believe that she's 12! She'll be off to East Middle School next year - she better not join a gang (Ha Ha)!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Last week with Aunts and cousin

Carter has decided he loves the vaccuum cleaner. Abbey was walking him around, and he was chasing after it!
He then got to ride on Abbey's shoulders and pull her hair. Look at that big old smile! I like his feet hooked around her neck.
The holidays wore Kyle and Carter out (me too). I love how their right arms are sprawled out!
I miss my sisters (and Landon) already. We had fun on their long visit - Anchorage is way too far away.

Landon is a smart little guy. He knew that in Uncle Kyle's room, there were Hershey's kisses. He's so nice too. He loved to give Carter a pat on the head!
Uncle Kyle let Carter wear his nice, sweaty headband. Carter seemed to like all the attention he received while wearing it!
I love this picture. The boys really did like to hang out with eachother. I love how Carter's hand is on Landon's back.
Here's another random picture of the boys just checking eachother out. Landon liked to share food with Carter too. I'm pretty sure he ended up with that cracker that Lando has!
Carter was having a really good time with this exercise ball the other day. He liked how loud it was when he smacked it!
This is Landon's xylophone, but Carter had a good time with it too. I love the concentration here - the tongue out must help.
Here's my little goofball rolling around on the floor after a plastic ball. He's a rolling machine - now he needs to crawl.
He likes to bang stuff together now. Auntie Kelsie taught him that! There's the tongue again!
We had Erica's fake birthday dinner on Saturday night (since she won't be here in February). Carter really, really enjoyed his crumbs of chocolate cake!
Landon would not touch his birthday cake in November, but he seemed to like this one. He's so cute with his little fork and mohawk/widow's peak!
He's so funny. This just makes me sad. I can't imagine how much Landon will have changed when we see him again in May.
Carter loves a nice laundry basket ride - I think he likes being able to see out the sides. It's probably even better when Abbey is riding with him.
Carter's future prom date Madisyn turns one on the 7th! She had a lovely birthday party on Sunday. She went to town on that cake; it was impressive.
She looked so cute in her little dress. I wish I had a better picture of it. I can't believe she's a year old!
Poor Jord. The one picture I have of her, and I cut off her head! She was helping Carter ride his Tonka truck (which he loves). It's been quite a hit so far.
Landon walked right into Grandpa, sat on his lap, and passed out (which never happens). He's a good baby, but he's never been big on going to sleep!