Monday, November 28, 2011

Found it!

Well, I bought a new camera on Wednesday. So...Mom and Dad found my lost camera buried in their couch on Friday. Of course! Oh well, if I lose one now I'm set! Here's one set of pictures. There will be more to come. Here's Teague and Laney. He's really starting to like her. He's even pretty nice!

Ave is the best sister. She was helping him make some awesome noises on her hand. That's his new's hilarious!
He loves Avery's princess push car. He likes Carter's Tonka one too, but the princess car makes more noise. I love his outfit too. Mom and Dad got it for him. It has a "Rock-a-saurus" on it!
Ave is showing off her blood blister here. It was a good one - damn those folding doors. Luckily she's a tough girl!
3 kids in the tub! They have a good time!
I have so many pictures of Teagie man just smiling so big. He's a happy baby.
Here's another. He was coming to get me!
My friends came over Tuesday last week. Dana is due Jan 8th, so we did the Christmas exchange early. Carter got double nerf guns. He could not be happier! Ave got a mermaid Barbie with color change hair for the bath. Spoiled kids...
Here's the big kids: Jada just turned 5, Madisyn will be 5 in January, and Carterman will be 5 in April. So cute!
Here's the 3/almost 3 year olds. Mason will be 3 in December, Madelyn turned 3 in July, and Ave will be 3 in January (she insisted on dressing up as Woody).
I love these pictures (especially Ave's big splotch of chocolate on her face)!
Here's one with Teague. I was worried about him falling off the step, but Laney sat in front of him and Mason (who's the sweetest boy ever) gave him some support. So fun!
Landon turned 5 on the 21st - I can't believe it! He had a fabulous party at Silver Bow on Sunday. Miss Boo looked gorgeous!
The birthday boy and his buddy Carter. He had a lot of daycare friends there too, lots of fun!
My little dirty face boy...he loves trying new big people foods!
Mom and Dad got all the kids some cool superhero stuff. Even though this is a Wolverine mask (don't tell her!), she's sure she's Hawkgirl!
Jordo and Abb took the kids on the carousel and all the other rides a bunch. Here's Jocko with two of my babies. Good times!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I'm not slacking off. I can't find my camera anywhere! Sorry everyone.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Just a few

We've got just a few pictures this time since it's only been since Halloween. They are still cute though. Teague wore Landon's new mohawk hat home one night (Grandma just can't help herself!). He was also a very tired fella as you can see!
Jordan turned 13 on the 2nd. She was busy with dance so we were going to wait to do dinner and cake this week. Carter would not stand for that though. He begged me to get a cake for her. So at 9:45, after the bath...we sang and had cake! Happy Birthday Jocko!
Teague had the bath all to himself Friday night. I let him play in the water while the tub was filling up. He loved it! Then he sat in his seat like a good boy. I thought he might complain after that freedom, but he didn't! This was a difficult picture to take (since I had to hold on to him too). It was worth it though, look at those eyes!
What a happy little guy I have. He has been the smiliest boy ever lately!
The first snow! The kids were pretty excited to walk in this little bit of snow that we had (look at Ave, who knows what she was doing). Unfortunately, it hasn't melted yet. It's cold!
LSU won! It was a big deal at the Barsness house! Kyle and Carter were quite happy with the outcome as you can see from their smiles and apparel. the background you can see two green Frankenstein decorations the boys made at daycare. Ave calls them Franken Einsteins which always makes me laugh!
I was just looking for an excuse to get a picture of Ave's outfit. She looked like a little fashionista on Saturday. Grandma and Grandpa Barsness got her that cute sweater dress for Christmas last year. It still fits! Her new boots from my friend Francene are awesome too. Carter is awfully handsome also.
Teague loves this box of books that used to be Abb and Jord's. He likes to take them all out and then put them all back. He's the busiest guy my humble opinion.
Last but not least, here's Ave being Ave. She was being Tangled (Rapunzel), and this was her hair. She refused to smile. Then she was mad because her "hair" wasn't long enough. Well goodbye...until next week!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I don't normally do two posts in a week, but for Halloween we'll make an exception. Here is two Ben 10 guys at their parade. Landon is Spider Monkey and Carter is young Ben 10. Ben 10 is a kid who can use his omnatrix (on Carter's wrist) to turn into different aliens to battle bad aliens. It's on Cartoon Network, and they love it!
Ave watched Carter and Landon's parade with us. The next day she moved over to the "big daycare" as she calls it. She's so happy about it too. She was getting kind of bored with her "little friends" as she called them!
She took off her coat for her parade. She was a beautiful bumblebee! Luckily it was sort of decent in the morning. By the afternoon, it was freezing wind again.
Teagle Beagle! He looked so cute. Everyone was asking me where he got such a cute costume.
Can you tell she was having a good time?
A couple more happy Teague pictures. That head piece was just killing me!
He loved looking around at everyone in their costumes. He knew something different was going on!
Abb and Jord had a dance to go to, but they made sure to see the kids before they left. They wanted a couple pictures with my little man. They got pictures with the other kids with their phones. Teague wasn't really looking for them though! By the way, Happy Birthday (today) Jordan!
A tired Teaguers with Abb.
Mom and I took them to the mall this year. It was insane, but they were very good. They said "Trick or Treat" and "Thank You" to everyone...and it was warm! Yay!
We attempted to get one of all 4. Not the best, of course, but Ave looks gorgeous!
They had play stuff set up at the very end of the mall. We missed the games, but here's an awesome bloody bridge to pose on! They were very good. Grandma took them around the block later, but it really was just too cold. Teague had a bad belly ache too (no, I didn't give him candy!). Overall though, great Halloween!

More videos!

Here's my little drooly guy wailing into a microphone. He was the singer in the family band!

This was minutes before he threw up everywhere. Luckily it seems to be a one time thing; he must have had something that didn't agree with him. Anyway, he was having a great time with Avery and Landon's pillow pet.