Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Quiet week

Hello everyone. Carter had some weird stuff in his throat (haemophilus) that was causing him to not eat and get fevers all day long. So we spent three long days together last week! Luckily, he's feeling much better today.
Carter loves Landon's stackers. He really loves to knock them down as you can see!
His new favorite word is "bubble". He loves when Grandma is doing the dishes because he can smash them into her hands.
We went to Silver Bow on a rainy day this weekend so the boys could run around for awhile. They seemed to find the carousel quite fascinating.
Aunt Diane and her daughter, Kathi, got Carter and Landon the cutest little Cozy Coupes! Carter's is a police car (which his Dad loved), and Landon's is a fire rescue car. Landon thinks that they should both be able to fit in one together.
They've played in these every single day since they got them. Lando likes to push Carter around in them which is really funny. His daddy was giving him a ride here. He moves his feet along with it - he just too little to really propel himself forward. You can tell he still wasn't his usual goofy little self. They always want to be outside though so what can we do?

This picture covers all their parts nicely. They are not the chubbiest guys around that's for sure! They were hilarious this night - they ran around naked, danced, jumped on pillows, and played legos together.
He really enjoys the tree. He thought he was so cool sitting up there with Abb...
and Jord. I couldn't leave one of them out!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Carter's best friend is back!

Erica and Landon arrived on Wednesday - woo hoo! I had Thursday and Friday off work, and I think we spent about 8 hours a day outside! Those boys love to be outdoors; I'm exhausted!

Carter has discovered the joys of ice cream. These baby cones from Dairy Queen are definitely his new favorite thing.
We went down to C Street Park a bunch these last four days. Carter looks a bit wore out here - he loved the slide though. Jordan just came from a birthday party where they did hair and makeup. She looks lovely.
Abbey seems to really be enjoying the slide! Lando eventually went down by himself, and we caught him at the bottom. They had a good time.
Mom found this basketball hoop (for a pool) in the backyard. It works nicely for the boys - Landon really likes to carry it around. It's so funny to see the boys in shorts. It's been a long time since it's been 80 some degrees!
Carter was running around naked the other day (one of his favorite things to do) and then decided to play the drum. He looked really funny.
Our friend Geah had a little baby girl, Reese, about two weeks ago. She's just a tiny little thing - not quite 7 lbs yet. I can't even remember when Carter was that small. She's a beautiful baby.
The boys have been really good about playing together. They, of course, steal things from eachother every now and then, but that's what babies do. They mostly just stare at eachother a lot.
They are very artsy! They like to color inside with crayons and outside with sidewalk chalk. The sidewalk looks lovely right now.

Lando took about a day to remember all of us, but now everyone is totally comfortable. Here's Carter giving his Aunt Erica a big love!
Carter's been really into hats lately. He especially likes to steal Grandpa's while he's sitting on the deck steps!
Abb and Jordan had their dance recitals on Tuesday and Wednesday. They have one more left. They were fantastic as usual and always so fun to watch. Terri Jo did a nice job on their hair.
My little man is getting some big front teeth. He looks like such a goof in this picture. He's also in dire need of a haircut, but I don't know if I can cut off those curls.
He likes to go all the way around my parents' house and peek at me while I work in the rock garden. I just thought this was a funny picture.
They love to be outside! It looks funny to see them mowing the lawn in their pajamas.
The two of them are enjoying having double the toys and books. Lando really likes the aquarium again, and Carter loves the piggybank.
Grandpa and little Kyle set up Landon's crib on Tuesday - Carter decided he better get in and do a little quality control. He really liked jumping in there!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Some videos

This video is dark and long, but so funny at the end. Carter was watching Jordan balance Laney's toy on his shovel.

Carter likes to make people laugh. He always does this thing where he leans back on the couch. Then he checks out Mom's new Neil Diamond CD and has a pretty good tumble! He's tough though.

Last but not least, here is a kind of boring video of Carter working outside. He likes to pick up dirt and put it on the stairs of the deck. He thinks this is exactly where it should go.

Lots of helping

We went and picked up my Grandma for a nice Mother's Day brunch at Mom and Dad's. Lane got to sit in the back with me and hang her head out the window. I just thought it was a funny picture.

This was Carter's car face. He's always in the best mood in the mornings. He's also getting quite the cheesy little smile.
Carter really enjoys whipped cream! I guess it's better than cookies or ice cream. Dad always lets him have the lid.
He's starting to like putting stuff on his head. It's really the challenge of getting it to stay on there just right and have people laugh at you!
He's so funny. I can't even explain how funny this was. He would go up to Kyle and smack his leg. Then he would run away and laugh with his hand over his mouth. He thought it was the best game ever. We probably shouldn't let him hit, but he wasn't being mean - it was just a love tap.
Here he is being helpful again. He loves to vacuum, rake, shovel, help Grandpa with household jobs - we'll take this as long as we can get it! He's helping Dad put a latch on the cleaning supply cupboard.
Carter discovered that he can get this big spoon out of the second drawer in the kitchen. He was using it for a gavel while he sat with Aunt Terri. He's goofy.
He also used it to eat some pasta later. Grandpa gave him the last breadstick and bit of pasta. He would pick up the noodle, put it on the spoon, and chow down. The way he eats, he should weigh a lot more than twenty pounds!
We can't get this little guy to come inside anymore! He just absolutely loves being outside. I kind of like this picture. The tree looks like something out of a Tim Burton movie.
We're getting things all spiffed up for when Lando and Erica arrive. Carter and Grandpa tightened up the bottom stair on the porch. It's going to get a lot of use this summer.
I just like this face. He looks very serious - he was probably trying to open the lotion and eat it.
Here's Carter helping with the garden. He likes dirt a lot. He doesn't touch the tulips (which is good), but he likes to throw the loose dirt in the air.
Carter just might be a drummer. He's always making beautiful (and very loud) music with lids from pots and pans.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Meeting up with friends

We had a very fun weekend! My friend Dana came in from Kalispell and on Saturday, we went to my friend Ritter's "Tres De Mayo" Party. It was a good time had by all. Then on Sunday - my friends brought their kids over to play. It was so nice to see everyone.

Jada, Dana's little girl, is very good at giving kisses. However, it appears Madisyn was not ready to receive one! She just kept leaning further and further back. Carter looks puzzled.
Ritter had a spot in a picture frame for all three of them together. We finally got one when we went inside and distracted them with toys! Isn't it a nice variety of haircolors?
Grandpa got Carter some lawn toys out at K-Mart. Jada and Carter were pretty nice about sharing the lawn mower. Madisyn was busy playing peek-a-boo.
I like their faces here. Carter looks like he's studying carefully what Jada is doing.
Aren't they such pretty little girls?
Madisyn and Jada were having a good time throwing this little wiffle ball to eachother.
Grandpa got Carter his own lawnmower Sunday morning. He was so excited that he had to go outside in his pajamas. I did manage to throw some shoes on him anyway. They looked cute.
Grandpa was setting up Grandma's sweet pea bed. Carter sat in the dirt and helped a lot with his green shovel. He was so dirty! He also helped Daddy rake. Kyle and I decided his rapper name would be "Mos Hepful". We are huge nerds - I know.
This was out at Ritter and Mike's house. They have a huge yard. Carter found Madisyn's lawn mower and went all over the place!
Dana, who is seven months pregnant, had a giant iced tea. Madisyn decided to share with her. She's too cute. Those are Terri's feet on the left. She and Ritter are 5th floor buddies at the hospital.
Here are my buddies (Dana, Ritter, me) that I've had for over about 14 years! It was so nice to hang out together. On Friday, I took Carter and Laney down to C Street Park again. It's become one of our favorite places. I love this outfit that Lando passed down - plus this pose makes him kind of look like the Hulk or something!
Carter's favorite thing to eat for dinner is a scrambled egg with some toast and fruit. We usually give whatever is left in the pan to Laney - Carter took charge of this task.
Carter thought Grandma was too funny the other night. I can't even remember what he was laughing about, but he sure was laughing hard.
Just another tug-of-war game with Laney. This happens pretty much daily!
Grandpa made some delicious spaghetti on Thursday. Carter was quite good about helping him eat some noodles. Can you tell he had some chocolate on his face?
Little chocolate face had to take a bath after that. Jordan hopped in there with him, which was very nice of her. You can see his big front teeth in this picture.
This was from last Sunday, but it's so cute I decided to put it up. He loves this Elmo book - I taught him to say "Ah Ah Ah" when we get to the page with the Count!
He's such a nice boy, and he gets so excited when Abb, Jord, and Terri come over. He runs in a circle and dances. He also gives some nice loves.
His new thing is to throw his arms behind him when he runs. He looks like he's trying to take off!
We walked down to Dairy Queen the other night. Carter thought he was pretty cool walking with all the grownups! Abbey is not insane either - she was making him laugh.