Monday, September 26, 2011

Back on time!

We love the Crayola color changers for the bath. It doesn't stain at all, and look what lovely colors we get! These three are usually quite good in the bath. They have a good time!
After Ave and Landon got out, we decided to try the good old bath seat for Teague (since he likes to sit up now). He loved it! Carter wanted to stay in with him and even let Teague eat a color change car!
What nice brothers! We were all so happy Teague was having such a good time.
He always has to be chewing on something or I could have gotten a big Teague smile. I keep waiting for a tooth (because he slobbers more than any kid ever), but nothing so far!
He is a splashing fool! He makes the funniest face when I rinse his hair too. It's kind of like, "What is that? Should I cry? No, let's splash".
Lando is in that awesome hair stage again where it sticks straight up. It's so funny to wash his hair and then Carter's. Their hair could not be more different!
We made pastys last Sunday for Carl and Jenny's visit. We had some leftover crust, so I got all domestic. It happens maybe once a year. Here is my first cherry pie. I tried the lattice since that's how Grandma Vivian always made hers. Not great, but not bad!
We also made some very tasty little apple tarts. Ave was in charge of brushing butter on them, and Kyle sprinkled on some cinnamon sugar. Delicious!
This boy is getting too big too fast. He can now go up the stairs in our living room and from there, anywhere he wants. He usually heads to Carter's room, but sometimes the bouncer distracts him!
Game night! Game night is always fun, but this one was a doozy. We played until 12:45am! Dad and Carl have very similar senses of humor. It's funny to listen to them!
It was nice to see you as always Carl and Jenny - we're glad you get to visit twice a year now. Hope your trip to Spokane went great!
Wow...what else can I say? Kyle and Kyle had a good time!
Saturday had no volleyball games, so it was a swimming day! These guys all love to swim luckily and afterwards...they got McDonalds. Our new McDonalds opened up on Friday (the old one burned down about 3 months ago). They were quite happy with their nuggets, fries, and chocolate milk.
We set up the hippo chair this weekend too. Teague thought he was really cool swinging his legs at the big table! He also choked down a few bites of a baby dinner (vegetable chicken), and picked up a couple Puffs.
Time to jump! He loves to jump whenever. He likes to jump on your lap, on the floor, and especially in the jump-a-roo. Sometimes Ave jumps in front of him and he laughs and laughs. He's a good boy! I'm just glad to see him happy. He went to the doctor Wednesday and had an ear infection. That explains the not sleeping. He was so so sad.
Last but not least, here's Kyle laughing at Ave singing "Happy Birthday to Daddy" over and over again. We had Kyle's belated birthday dinner last night (chicken, vegetables, brown rice, and Mom's delicious peanut sauce) and a red velvet cake. As you can see, Erica managed to get 31 candles on there too!

Monday, September 19, 2011


I'm back! I have a new camera and so far I really like it! These first five are from the old dead camera. My big Teagle Beagle really likes to stand up (with the help of his buddies, Abb and Jord).
Ave brought her beautiful doll "Tangled" to daycare for Show and Tell. She said everyone liked it a lot.
Just a handsome sleeping man picture. They look so peaceful. Sometimes Teague laughs out loud when he's sleeping, makes me wonder what he's dreaming about.
He's probably dreaming about his silly sister. Everything Avery does makes him laugh. She just adores him and can't leave him alone!
This is the first picture with my new camera - a crazy Carterman. He was being some kind of dinosaur here I'm pretty sure. He switches off between that and Transformers. He's so funny. The other night the kids were playing the "Sleeping Sleeping" game, and when they woke up they had to be zebras. Landon and Ave were galloping around making Zebra noises, and Carter just laid on the floor. I said, "Carter, you're supposed to be a zebra", and then he said, "I am. A crocodile got me"!
I was trying the camera out in the dark. Ave was all tucked in and ready for bed. I love when she falls asleep with her hands behind her head like that!
My little Teaguers was 7 months old on September 13th. I can't believe how big he's getting. He sits up now, he crawls everywhere, he's trying some puffs, and he can pull himself up the stairs in our living room. What a big guy!
Lando was showing off the Ben 10 watch while Erica was making Teague laugh for me. The boys love that show. I think Carter might want to be something from it for Halloween. We'll see!
These are so funny. Friday was such a nice day (and my husband's birthday!) that we took some pictures outside. Trying to get 4 kids to smile nice is pretty much impossible, but so fun!
I like this outtake!
I love this one! If you take enough pictures (and bribe them with popsicles), you can get a good one!
Teague was making the silliest facest when I was playing with him Saturday night. Of course as soon as Kyle got the camera that ended! Still a cute guy though.
He can sit up forever now. I'm glad because for awhile he didn't like it at all! I just love him! There will be more pictures. We'll be back on schedule now hopefully.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


My camera is officially dead. It's time to go shopping for a new one. No pictures for awhile. Sorry.