Monday, March 30, 2009

Quiet, lazy week

Here's my little girl all passed out on the couch. This lasted all of 10 minutes. She wasn't a very good napper this weekend, but she slept all last night! I love her ladybug feet.

Here's one of her big goofy grins. She crinkles up her nose and eyes when she's about to give a big smile. She's awfully cute.
Carterman loves to try whatever anyone else is having. He pretty much stole Abbey's chai yogurt smoothie thing. He looks pretty proud of himself.
Abbey and Avery had some nice talks this week. This picture is a little washed out, but those big blue eyes are so cute. I swear she could not open them any wider!
Carter really wants to hold, carry, and feed Avery. Look at this love! He kills me. I think she liked cuddling with him too. He was being gentle no matter what the picture looks like!
Erica called me on Thursday afternoon after she picked up the boys from daycare. She was laughing because we dressed Carter and Landon pretty much the exact same. We do that all the time!
This is really not the best picture, but Carter spent a good ten minutes cleaning that pan with Grandma. He really likes doing the dishes. I figure it's okay if he gets soaked - then it's pajama time.
Carter has a new favorite movie to watch at bedtime...The Iron Giant. Aunt Terri brought it over one day, and he loves it. It is a very cute movie. Right when it starts, he yells "Here it comes, Here it comes" over and over again.
On Saturday Kyle and I fixed up Carter's room. We set up his toddler bed with some new lovely Cars stuff. We also found our little tiny TV so he could watch movies in there. He thought it was the best thing ever. He kept saying, "I turn on TV in my room". He slept in there all night without falling out of bed!
Here's another Abbey and Avery chat. They get along great. Avery is making more and more noises every day.
Avery also got to have a nice little talk with Poppa while I got Carter some dinner. She was laughing and laughing at him. Maybe it's the beard - I don't know!
Kyle had to work all night last Tuesday because of that horrible plane wreck. I laid down with Carter for awhile and fed Avery. She fell asleep way before he did! I just thought they looked cute in their brown-striped pajamas.
Carter and Landon found a whole bag of St. Patrick's Day stuff that hadn't been brought down to the basement yet. I couldn't really get a great picture because they kept pulling the hats over their faces. This one is pretty cute though!
Carter has discovered the joy of Oreos dipped in milk. He thought they were absolutely delicious. Landon liked to dip them and then give them to Carter!
Avery loves a good bath. That nice warm water just relaxes her.
Carter helped me brush her hair before we put shampoo in. She has a little bit of cradle cap. As you can see, everyone likes to help with Avery's bath. I love how she's staring at Abbey. Jordan was waiting with the towel afterwards. She was the lotion and pajama girl.
I'm sending this picture into the Snuggie company! Mom got a Snuggie for her birthday (among other not jokey presents). Look how happy she is about her hands being free!
I just like this picture because of her nice eyes and her little chunky hand on Terri's shoulder. She's my good girl.
We were watching the Lion King - I forgot how good that movie is. Abbey was being Rafiki, and Avery was being Simba. I'm sure the rest of us were singing "Circle of Life".
Here's Kyle in the Snuggie. He decided to put in on the other way. He said he looked like Gilderoy Lockhart (all you Harry Potter fans will enjoy that)!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Lots of pictures

I've got a couple of videos this week too. This first short one is sort of pointless. I just love the very beginning when Carter says "I got bubbles yay". His voice makes me laugh - it's kind of a halfhearted yay!

This next one is Avers kicking and kicking like crazy. We found Landon's old "Pandaman" which always calmed him down when he was little. She liked it a lot!

It's almost looking like spring around here - almost. I think it's supposed to snow again this week. Anyway, the boys had a fun time on Sunday finding all their yard toys. Carter was very helpful with moving the slides.

Carter found his dump truck that Grandma and Grandpa Burgman got him for his birthday last April. Landon found one of the lawnmowers. Of course, they had to crash them together!
Avery was checking out Auntie Erica during tummy time. You can see her lovely brown hair and large cheeks!
Lando decided after breakfast would be a great time for a popsicle. He really enjoyed it!
Carter liked his orange one also. You can't really tell but he was dancing while he ate it.
Mom and Dad were kind enough to babysit on Saturday night so we could go to Metal's Banque and watch basketball with our friends. We had a very good time...maybe too good. Anyway, here's me and my pal Ritter.
Here's the rest of our crowd: Erica, Lena, Nicole, Kyle, and Kyle. It was a fun night, but I definitely don't need to go out again for a long time!
Carter has become very helpful with his sister. He was buttoning her jammies here. He's a very careful, nice little guy...unless he's throwing a fit!
Carter has discovered the joy of Stauffer's mac and cheese. We shared one for lunch on Saturday and he loved it. Auntie Kelsie would be so proud - I know she's a fan!
Avery was a smiley girl this weekend. She's a good baby. She likes to be held and moved around a lot, but that's okay with me.
The boys stole Kyle's fish on Friday night. I don't know why. Lando doesn't usually just try things though, and he ate the whole thing!
Miss Avery and her Dad were both tired on Saturday morning. They took a little nap together in the chair. You can tell her eyes are just about to close.
We went up to Tech and watched the girls and boys all-star basketball games on Wednesday - Abb and Jord danced at both halftimes too. Ritter had her little ones there. Madisyn was hilarious, and Mason was a very happy little guy. They are so cute!
Here's my little goofball Landon at the game. He is a such a funny little boy. I love when he yells "Mia" to me.
He was bouncing on my lap in his new Lightning McQueen shirt. The boys have been liking "Cars" and "The Iron Giant" lately.
Here's Carter's Lightning McQueen shirt. Erica bought them at Kmart, and they were so excited. They light up too, so they're extra cool.

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! We in Butte always love this holiday, plus it's Mom's birthday. Erica is looking quite festive here with her son.
Here's Carter's lovely St. Patrick's Day outfit. I told him it was Grandma's happy day, and we had to wear green. His shirt said "I'm so cute; I must be Irish."
When Poppa got home, he entertained the boys by bouncing the green ball on the racket. He looks like he's really concentrating! The boys were jumping and dancing all around him.
Carter thought Avery needed a decoration. He put this lovely sparkly shamrock on her head. She also had a green outfit on and some really cute "Kiss Me" shamrock socks from Aunt Diane.
Carter got a beautiful shamrock on his cheek at daycare the day before St. Patrick's Day. He thought he was pretty cool. He called it his clover and told me that there are also green clovers in his Lucky Charms. He's a smart guy!
It snowed six inches here on Monday. It was not cold either so we had a good time playing Monday night. Erica calls this "the Gene Simmons" picture. Lando does have quite a long tongue!
Kyle was driving by and saw me and the boys playing outside. Carter was really excited to see Daddy driving the police car. He was telling him how bad guys sit in the back. Can you see the giant flakes falling down?

It was some deep snow. It was so nice though. That's the kind of snow I like: big flakes, no wind.
They followed Dad all over with their shovels, from the front yard to the back yard. They can be pretty good little helpers when they want to be!
Speaking of helping, Carter decided he was going to carry Avery out to the car. He tried too - the car seat was a little heavy for him. I love how he put his arm under there like I do; he makes me laugh.
It's one of my favorite times of the year - March Madness. We had Carter all decked out in a basketball shirt and basketball pants to watch lots of basketball! So far, Kyle and I are happy. UConn (his team) and Duke are still in it.
Doesn't he look graceful when he sleeps? I like the arm up and the feet together. Blue guy is surprisingly clean also!
This is a cute picture of birthday girl Grandma and her granddaughter. They are good pals. Grandma is very good at getting her to fall asleep.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Cute stuff

Carter decided to play outside last night in the freezing wind for about 45 minutes when we got home from dinner. Dad and I played outside with him while Mom hung out with Avery. Afterwards Carter tried his first cup of hot cocoa. He kept saying "Num Num" and licking his lips.
Dad and Carter were playing "chicken" with the cars. Usually Dad would move out of the way at the last second, and Carter would laugh and laugh! Every once in awhile though there was a crash!
Can you tell he was having such a good time? Dad and I were freezing. Carter apparently can't feel cold as well as we can.
Avery was looking quite cute in her Mickey Mouse outfit from Aunt Nancy and Uncle Frank. We wanted her to wear it on Valentine's Day, but it was a little big. Carter kept pointing at Mickey Mouse all day long.
Mom got this cute pink bear suit for Avery when she was born. She finally kind of fits in it. The arms and legs are still a little long. She looked so lovely in it!
Carter had a great time with Jordan and this green ball on Saturday. He would throw it to her, and she would try to hit it with the racket. He's got a dangerous sidearm throw!
Carter said "Me hold Avery", so I let him. He's quite a nice little boy to his sister. I told him what a good big brother he was.
Avery was talking to Aunt Terri here. She's starting to make a lot of different noises now. It's very cute.
Carter was kind of jealous because Landon wanted to hang out with me on Friday. He wanted to just sit with me and cuddle. That's rare! He's my babyguy.
Here's my buddy Lando. He wanted to "see Mia" which is me. I was playing a nice little tune on his chest - he thought that was pretty funny.
Miss Avers took her first shower last week with her Daddy. She was so good - I had to take a picture. I love how she's all curled up on him.
I had her pretty towel all ready for her when she was done. She laid on the floor and Laney curled up next to her to keep her warm. Laney really loves Carter and Avery.
Don't they look like little troublemakers? They're actually good boys. They get a cup to rinse out their mouth (and play in the water) if they brush their teeth. Carter lets me brush his back ones.
I just happened to catch this cute little guy running around the house. I love the cheeks.
This is a big smile! She looks like she's posing with that hand up behind her ear - very modelesque. She must have known she looked beautiful in her sweater and jeans from Grandma and Grandpa Barsness.
She looks so peaceful when she's sleeping. Whenever she wakes up, she jams that fist into her mouth.
I got a couple action photos of the boys jumping on the bed. As you can see here, Carter is going backwards!
This one kills me. They like to land on their butts also.
Here's Avery sitting at the computer with Aunt Terri. She really wants to tell her something. She looks like she's listening too!
Here she is talking to me. I think it's so funny watching her little mouth move all over the place, trying to make a new noise.
Here's Carter and Landon helping Avery get her bouncer's waterfall going. They kept going over and kissing her head. It's funny how they say "Hi Avery" in their nice little voices!
Just a goofy face to finish off this week's blog. He was a good boy this weekend. I can't believe he'll be two in a month. Time flies!