Monday, September 24, 2012

A quiet week at home.

Ave is quite obsessed with her tap shoes. She would wear them everywhere if I let her. I told her if she wears them outside they won't tap anymore. It's a little white lie.
My big boy is a big goofball.
I think he was going to hit me...he sure looks happy about it too. He winds up now whenever something is not his way. Timeouts are just starting.
These two are such buddies. Every Friday is just a fun time for them to play together and be silly. The Stand is right behind them. I just finished it again. I always get back into Stephen King around volleyball season. I get a lot of reading done on the bus.
We bought lots of art stuff at KMart the other day. We were running low on paper and markers. Teague has been quite into coloring lately, especially Mickey Mouse pictures. He knows all the people on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. We had to get a whiteboard for Teagie too. He found Carter and Ave's the other day.
I always bring them 20 minutes early on Friday to pick up Carter and Landon. They love to play there.
Peek-a-boo Teaguers!
The big kindergarten boys. They were too busy looking at all their new friends to look at me. Carter introduced us to Elliot, Kasey, and Gavin last week. I'm glad he's meeting people!
Teague has been a little chef lately. He loves this kitchen. He cooks everyday. Here he is flipping an egg!
He also really likes bath time...even when there is no water in the tub. There are a ton of pictures of Teague because Ave and Carter were on their Yellowstone adventure this weekend...see below.
He's wiping! He really wants to go potty. He sits on it everytime his diaper is off, but nothing has happened yet!
Carter asked me to help him draw some marine life from his new National Geographic Oceans book that he got last week at the Emerson book fair. He colored everything in. He's getting much more careful about coloring in the lines. Here we have a manatee, a hammerhead shark, a dwarf shark, a dolphin, a jawfish, a jumping Adelie penguin, and a seahorse.
Ave wanted to wear all black today. Kyle was calling her Avery Cash. We also went with these ponytails because she could do somersaults in them. Today was tap/tumbling day. She loved it again. She was just showing Grandma second position out in the front room!

Yellowstone trip with Grandma and Poppa

Mom and Dad took Carter, Landon, and Ave on a little fall trip to Yellowstone this weekend. I had a JV tournament in Belgrade and Kyle had to work. Mr. Teague is still pretty little, so he stayed home and played with wonderful Jordan. Thanks Jocko!
Avery passed out in the giant bed.
They loved the Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center of course. Dad told me Carter was sharing animal facts left and right!
Getting a closer view.
The playground is always a highlight.
My Googles is so pretty!
They told me all about this owl because his name was Tegan, kind of like Teague of course.
Hanging out in the wolf den!
Feeding time!
My Mom loves this tree. They always get a picture by it.
Our kids are so cute that some Japanese tourists asked if they could get a picture with them!
The geysers were still stinky but Ave likes them. That's what she told me. They are cool colors.
Throwing rocks is probably always going to be their favorite part!
On their way up to the waterfall.
They are such little hams. I'm so glad they were good and had so much fun!
This waterfall is awesome!
The Bald Eagle was "Isis", I think.
The fall colors were awesome. Teague is going to go for sure next time. I missed them, but I'm so glad they could hang out with Grandma and Poppa for some fun!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Dance and more fun!

We were de-cluttering our house last's long overdue. Carter found this old police costume from Kathi, Josh, and Luke. He told me cops don't smile!
These goofballs love to lay together Saturday morning and watch Dinosaur Train and Wild Kratts on PBS-Kids. They are actually pretty good shows - I can't complain. It's so much better than Power Rangers or Pokemon.
As you can see, this picture is the wrong way and Teagie looks quite out of it. I put it up just cause the other two look so silly...and I barely have any pictures this week.
Happy 32nd Birthday Kyle! He had to work, but he still got some cake and presents. Plus, lots of loves from three cute kiddos!
Erica took the three big monkeys to her house for some playtime on Sunday. I rode Teague over in Poppa's bike carrier and surprised them. They all played together quite well with the Play-doh.
Ave had her first dance class today. It was tap and tumbling...and she loved it. Her friend Reece (Geah's little girl) is in her class, and they were "dance friends" today. I worried a little because she can be so shy at first, but she held Reece's hand and they walked in together.
She's tapping in Mom and Dad's kitchen right now! I'll get some pictures next week. This week was lots of volleyball and cleaning...nothing too exciting.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Big Things Happening

We were hoping to make it to the Splash Pad one more time...but it was turned off when we got there. That's okay. The kids still had a great time at Clark's Park. They always do!
She just looks so pretty in the picture. She loves to sit in the tree.
She's such a little clown. She loves to climb up in the tree everyday now. That tree has some pretty nice little spots to sit in.
Teague's new favorite thing in the world is to hang out in Terri's car. Jordan is way too nice and always takes him out there to "drive!".
Bike ride time! These two wear my legs out. The get pretty heavy after awhile. They love it though.
This little man is going to a big Elementary School now! He is an Emerson Yellowjacket, and he's loving it. I'm very proud of my Carterman.
First day of school for Carter and first day as a "blue diamond" (The 4 year old group even though she's only 3) in preschool for Boo.
Big 5 year olds standing outside Emerson after orientation! They are joining the alumni of Dad, Terri, Me, Erica, Kelsie, Terri Jo, Kyle, Abbey, and Jordan. It's a good school!
Teague and Ave love to be "fishies" in the bathtub. She loves her brother, look at that face!
Then she made silly faces, tried to teach Teague to say "poop", and talked about turning into a racoon dumpster. I don't know where she gets this stuff.
Crazy hair. She needs a trim in the front, but the back is still pretty short and curly.
This boy is in the stage that every kid gets in to...wearing other people's shoes. He is obsessed!
Tired boys after a week of kindergarten. They had lots of fun eating lunch together and playing at recess. They have different teachers, which is probably a good thing (since they are together all the time). It was rock and roll day on Friday - hence the drum shirts! Friday was also my last day at work. They fired my two co-workers that helped me everyday. I didn't want to stay there anymore...not worth it. I'm going to enjoy a couple months of coaching and transporting my kids around before I look for a new job.
My drawing boy. He's really starting to be interested in colors - he likes the orange chalk the best.
She's so cute...she's also such a booger. She keeps me on my toes all the time!
Playing at Copper Mountain after our all day JV tournament. It was a LONG day. Luckily it was a beautiful night. Ave picked out two different shoes, Halloween spider socks, and a purple necklace to wear for the evening.
I love this picture! What a handsome lad.
Lando is quite athletic. He can do monkey bars and slide down the pole like a champ.
This fool makes me laugh - he's a good guy.
All 4 - Teague looks thrilled!
This is a cute picture...I wish Carter would look at me!
Oh yeah...time to rock out!
Ave drew this Daddy jellyfish and three babies. She also drew a Mom jellyfish fighting an octopus (maybe that was my old boss!). Carter wanted to send Autobots after him...if only the Transformers were real!
Standing by her art.
She's awfully cute. Sorry about the little break. There's been lots of stress and craziness around her the last couple weeks. It's all good now, and I'm feeling really good about my decision. It's a new adventure I guess!