Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween preview - more to come...

Teague eats everything - I love that about him! Coffee ice cream that Kyle loves? Of course!
Orange day at daycare. Sorry these captions are short. I've got to go pick up the boys. They are out early for Halloween!
Another Avery heading to dance picture - she loves dance!
I have a picture of Laney napping with every kid. She loves her "kids".
Mickey Mouse pumpkin that I carved for Teagie - not too shabby huh?
Officer Barsness (Jr)! He won best costume in his class!
Ave looked marvelous as a "Purple Flower Fairy"!
He finally agreed to try on the hat (after I wore it to show him how cool it was)! Now he won't take it off!
Little buddies heading to daycare!
She was a little chilly, but she wanted to walk in the parade with her wings.
Not a good photo of me, but a nice group photo anyway.
Teague and his buddy Gaige (they were born two days apart). Teagie just kept saying "Gaige - Pirate!).
I borrowed a couple pictures from Auntie Erica's camera. I love Teague's little smile in this one.
 Ave in the parade.
Landon as Mario in his parade. I love that mustache! It covers half his face!
Carterman holding the sign that said "Mrs. Campbell's class". What a smile!
Erica kindly cut me out of this one - Miss Boo looks beautiful though. More to come!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Beautiful Fall Weather

We had a helmet in the gym one day during volleyball practice - it looked so huge on my little Carterman!
Ave found a beautiful Halloween ponytail that she wore to daycare last week - she's getting in the holiday spirit!
This new shirt from Grandma and Grandpa Barsness is so cute. I told Teague what it said, and all day he walked around saying "Let's Roll"!
My kids have been very artistic lately. They love to draw on the whiteboards pretty much everyday. Ave loves to make sticker art too.
We went up to the Original Mine Yard to get some pumpkins. The money was donated to the Butte Food Bank, and they had it decorated very spookily!
Mom found these glasses in the hospital gift shop. They are hilarious! Ave's pumpkins glow yellow of course.
Carter had blue skeletons, Landon had red bats, and they covered them up with Ave and Teague's pumpkins. Doubleing up on the awesomeness!
I just like this action photo of Ave chasing Teague! He was really running!
On Sunday, we were ready to go to the Grant Kohrs Ranch in Deer Lodge for our annual pumpkin patch adventure. I love this picture!
We started at the games first. Landon did quite well at the bean bag toss.
Action photo of Carter playing horseshoes.
Teagie's turn! Last year he just tried to rip his blanket off his head while it rained, now he's super independent and mobile!
Hay maze time...I'm pretty sure this is always their favorite part.
It was nice of Abbey to come with us. She ducked under the tunnel in the hay maze with Teague a lot smoother than I would have!
I love this face of Ave's. I think it's her "I see the way" face!
Carter's out!
She's such a good sister - she was very proud of him!
Time to take a ride on the tractor - it was orange (Teague's favorite).
Most of the pumpkins were gone by the time we made it there. They said they put out 1300! This is definitely the busiest I've ever seen it. Teague was a little sad in this picture because he loved the tractor ride so much.
A little peek-a-boo perked him up!
Ave found some baby white pumpkins - they were very cute.
Oh Teaguers - his new cheese face means never looking at me.
Rare family photo - everyone looks good but Sloucho Marx on the right.
Another family photo - Abb, Mom, Erica, and Lando looking good!
Another tractor ride - this time we got a red "McCormick" with giant wheels!
What a gorgeous fall day it turned out to be!
Time to roast some marshmellows...
then eat some popcorn that Abb popped over the fire.
Making some finger paint corn. This is some serious work.
Fresh apple juice from a press - it was delicious!
Time to head back... now someone has the big smiles!
I knew this was going to happen! It was a great time had by all!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Fun stuff and Liam's 1st Birthday

Ave insisted on getting these straws last time we went to the store. My favorite part of the picture is her purple shirt and jeans, which she purposely picked out for our last home volleyball game. She's a good little cheerleader!
Teagie wore this lovely outfit for black day at daycare. He kept telling all his teachers about his "Bones"!
He is getting to be quite the little cheeseface. He hardly ever gives me a normal smile anymore!
Carterman got three new blue shirts from Grandma and Grandpa Barsness (thank you!), and he loves them all! We had a beautiful day last week to hang out outside - got to do it while we can!
3 silly boys in some fall sunshine - they are very good to the little Teague.
Halloween costumes are here! Ave is wearing hers over some pajamas. She wanted to be a fairy - this was called "Purple Flower Fairy". It's beautiful!
Carter asked to be a cop - we were surprised. We thought he wanted to be a Transformer. He looks so cute in it. I couldn't stop smiling!
Two cops and a fairy princess - pretty awesome! Teague kept backing away from his "Itsy Bitsy Spider" costume. We'll be working on that.
I love when I catch them being nice together. They teamed up for some look-and-find books.
Liam is 1! We were back at Silver Bow for his party on Sunday. Teague and Ave had a great time on the Choo Choo together!
Another Teague "Cheeseface" with his favorite buddies, Abb and Jord.
Liam was quite enthralled with his Mario stuffed guy from his Uncle Dan. He was a very good boy and sat down for all the present opening!
Cake time!
Carter and Austin got some cool stuffed toys from the gift place at Silver Bow. They had 400 tickets each!
Lando used his load of tickets to get himself this awesome mustache! It went perfectly with his hair!
Later that evening, Ave decided she wanted a haircut! She was very good. She wouldn't talk to the lady cutting her hair of course, but she listened like a champ. Grandma (in the background) and I got her a little treat at KMart afterwards.