Sunday, July 28, 2013


This blog has pictures from 3 different cameras on it - hence the title! These outside sprinkler ones were the last taken before my camera bit the dust. You can see that nice blur in the middle on some of them. Poor camera. It was with me for 6 years or so though, I got some good use out of it!
My girl in one of her many swimsuits. This one was apparently giving her a wedgie. I just noticed that...oh well, I don't feel like deleting it!
My Teagie Pie got his first haircut this week. Here's the last photo of his curls.
Carter was getting some water from the sprinkler to make anti-venom. Ave was making a grass/dirt pie.
We finally made it up to Sunburst. We had a great time visiting everyone. It was nice not to have to rush back in two days. This kids enjoyed the playground at the school. They have a lot of fun stuff there - tire swing, zip line, octagon prison (that's what Carter called it anyway)!
Tire swings are always a good time!
Teague enjoyed the teeter-totter immensely!
Now time for all 3 on the tire swing.
Grandma and Grandpa Barsness know these kids love a good sprinkler, so they bought a really cute puppy one. It was a great day for it - very sunny! Teague thought he'd help fill it up.
Carter had a blast!
We had a delicious dinner that night with the whole family (we missed Callie and Kevin of course). We had to get a picture of all the Barsness grandkids for Diana's Facebook profile. Last time we took one, there was no Teague! From l-r: Carter, Colten, Avery, Breanne, Kaden, and Teague. Kade and Teague's faces are hilarious!
Having so much fun wears some kids out. I love Ave's hands crossed above her head!
The next day we hung out at the farm, and Carter was in heaven! He followed Nate everywhere! Good thing Nate is so nice. They got a couple tractor rides, got to see the canola, had some delicious Grandma Bonnie food, and chatted with Phil and Mary Jo.
Carter, who lost a top tooth the day before, is sure he drove this all over by himself...because Phil taught him last year. He told Kyle and I that over and over again! Thanks everyone. We had a wonderful visit.
We went on a hike today up by Roosevelt Drive. It was a great day for it, there was a nice little breeze. There is my little explorer Teague. He did pretty good for a 2 year old man. He fell asleep on my shoulder on the way down! 
Ave and Carter were sure every little weird mark on a tree was made by a dinosaur. Carter is pretty sure he found an Iguanadon thumb spike too!
Time for a quick little rest on a stump. We had a nice 2 mile hike.
Look what we found! This tunnel was pretty awesome. They were all excited to go through it. Kelsie and Erica, we weren't near the trestle! I told Dad I didn't want to go there with these 3!
Made it to the other side! Looked around and then went back through. It's pretty cool. The ends both have nice smooth concrete, but the middle is all natural rock.
We found some old rusty train souvenirs. We used to always take the spikes home when we were kids. They stayed outside, we'll try to clean them off tomorrow.
Lastly, Papa's birthday was yesterday. He and I feasted on garlic pork, salad from my garden, and Kale chips. The kale was from my garden too, and we were surprised how good the chips turned out! Mom, little Kyle, and Big Kyle were all gone so we had a big family dinner tonight. Steak, macaroni salad, and pie. Yum! Happy Birthday Papa!

Thursday, July 18, 2013


Sorry - computer is fixed. Ave is quite the artist. She and Carter made a clubhouse with their bunkbeds. It was filled with original Avery artwork as you can see. From L-R, we have a rainbow, a snail with eggs, a house, a hula dancer, 3 ants, a brachiosaurus, and I can't remember what else. They are awesome though.
Teague wanted to sit on her doll bunkbeds from Abb and Jord. It didn't work out as well as he thought it would!
He was being the "king" down at C Street park. He would yell, "Come visit the king!" I told him I was a peasant begging for land for my family, and he said "Here's a bag of land!" He kills me.
We took a nice walk on the trail that night and saw a deer!
Mom took this picture. We have Teague with his walking stick on my shoulders and Ave next to us. Then Dad, Carter, and Uncle Kyle met us on his bike. It was a beautiful night.
We went to the theatre early Thursday morning. They are replaying old kids movies. This week it was Rio - one of Teague's favorites (Carter has a Rio shirt on too). For $16 we watched the movie and got water, popcorn, and fruit snacks! What a deal! We are going next Thursday too for Madagascar 3.
Dad's chair broke, and he told me to take a picture. I think he was actually more comfortable like that. He laid there for about 20 minutes I bet!
Waterfight time!
Yay! It's Folk Festival time! My camera had a weird spot in them middle in some of the pictures. It's dying. Most of the time when I turn it on, it says zoom error and closes. Sad :(   Anyway, back to the fun. Here they are with their favorite thing about the Folk Fest - snowcones galore!
This is mixed up...we went to Father Sheehan Park after the movie on Thursday. I like their faces here!
The view at the Original. I love the Folk Fest. Everyone is friendly, the music is good, the food is awesome, and it's so good for Butte.
Listening to some gospel music from the Birmingham Singers. Kels you would have loved it (I know how you like choirs)! Gospel isn't normally my thing, but their voices were awesome. Mom said it reminded her of the Temptations. 
The next day we made it up for some of the kids activities. These little fishing ponds were cute, and the kids enjoyed the candy prizes.
One more out of order one. Mom ordered some garlic fries when we were up there. They were delicious! Teague really thought so too. He loves to try new things. 
Carter and Avery made some beautiful bandanas. Teague used one for a towel this morning while he was pretending he was at the beach! 
Ave has the best smile. She really does!
Abb, Jord, Terri, and Ken are back from Vegas! They did great (two 6th places and a 7th) - pretty amazing for a dance group out of Butte, Montana. They met us up at the wading pool where we were having a picnic.
Carter kept stealing Ken's flip-flop and standing under the mushroom with it. He thought he was hilarious!
Teague was being a crocodile again.
And having lots of fun splashing his buddy Jordan!
It does wear a guy out though!
He's so cute...and messy! Look at that face! Also, Happy Birthday to Uncle Kyle! He turned 26 yesterday, and I couldn't get my camera to work for a picture. It was fun though. I got him an awesome Game of Thrones shirt that says "I survived the Red Wedding." Good stuff!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

4th of July fun!

We started off the holiday fun on Monday at Huck Finn/Pollyanna days at the Original Mine Yard. They didn't dress up, but they had a lot of fun in the bouncy house, playing croquet, throwing water balloons, and watching the sack races. Their favorite part was cooling off in the hose with the Peck kids.
Then we ate lunch at DQ and swung by the wading pool since we were uptown. Ave is doing a spectacular dance with her "long hair" here!
Lando is back! Erica and Landon came in on the 2nd - it was so nice to see them. Carter and Landon wore matching shirts of course (Erica and I always do that!)
Landon loves fireworks this year (which is a huge change). Erica helped them set off some fun daytime ones in the front yard.
Even Teague tried a confetti one!
We went up to the Bolten house again for the 3rd. Mom's friend Judy has a nice house and yard right at the top of Main Street. This year they set up a pool too! The kids loved it!
Teague only went down the slide once, but he loved being in the pool.
Then he got out and danced around. Everytime! Apparently that's how he dries off now.
Ave action photo!
Teague and Auntie picking a nice spot for the big fireworks.
Papa and Ave enjoying the beautiful evening.
Teague found a play vacuum hose. It was probably his favorite toy of the night! I love that sky!
These 3 were so happy to be together - it was cute!
Ave sat with me during the fireworks. She loved them and described every one. It was an awesome fireworks show. Butte is so fun on the 4th.
Teague thought they were pretty cool too. On the way down the hill, Carter looked down Montana Street and said "This looks like Tokyo"! I think he got that from the movie CARS 2. It made me laugh! It was pretty true, all you could see was tail lights all the way down!
Time for a parade! Erica bought her some awesome sunglasses the day before.
They were excited to give the Bulldog some high fives!
Teague was a little subdued at first. He just sat there and waved his little flag.
Two cool with his eyes closed!
I just love these four kiddos all decked out in their red, white, and blue. Jordo and Kyle are behind them.
Abb was in the parade with some of the other tumblers. She did a sweet back tuck right in front of us (that's why her hair is a little wild). The kids were excited to see her.
One more: red, white, and blue in order.
When we got back to Papa's house, the kids got out the new slip and slide Grandma found for them. It was a big hit!
Ave really enjoyed sliding on her knees. I didn't get a good picture of Landon, but Uncle Kyle taught him how to slide correctly down it. It was impressive.
Time to light off our own little bunch of fireworks. Do you think these guys were excited?
Ave stood like this and said, "This fountain is going to last all night I think."
Teague mostly just rode around on his "Eowyn horse". He's a Lord of the Rings fan. Or he makes it a bow and arrow and is Hawkeye. He kept everyone very entertained. My kids were thrilled to have both sets of Grandparents there. It was nice to have Dick and Diana get to see all the Butte festivitities. Thanks for coming!
These two laid down to get a good view of the artillery shells or whatever the big ones at the end were called.
Peek a Boo Teagie!
He stole Kyle's seat, and told Daddy he could sit on his lap!
Landon was very into the chest bump that night. I like how Dad's hands are in his pockets here.
There we go!
We decided to head to the Splash Pad with Landon while he was here. We always have fun there. My Carterman is a handsome fella.
Speaking of skinny little Landon, there he is. He was brave and went under the bucket quite a few times (once with his Mom!)
This guy is still pretty wimpy at the Splash Pad...probably because all the water is right at eye level for him. I love this face though! That's such a happy, real smile!
Miss Ave under the umbrella
All the boys drying out in the sun. Kyle really enjoyed cooling off with the kids.
Then  it was off to the park. Look how high Landon and Ave were going on the cowboy swings, and look at that sky. I love the summer here! Kyle and Carter were just getting started at the far swing there - ha ha!
Teague loved them too. Mom got some better pictures than me I think. I might have to add some more later.
Tire swing time! Hopefully we get a chance to go visit them in North Dakota this summer. It really sucks saying goodbye to them.
One little out of order picture here. Avery being so nice and reading to Teague (even thought he's not paying attention here).
Oops. I love the witch's hat. Ave swings her legs like a wild person on there. She hangs on for a really long time though. Hope everyone had as much fun as we did over the holiday!