Sunday, October 26, 2014

Almost Halloween :)

Ave is my little weirdo. She decided to hang out and do some yoga in a little cardboard box. She just makes me laugh sometimes!
I had to make Mr. Teagie get out of bed early on Thursday. He went to Emerson with Carter and Avery and got his picture taken. He looked super handsome!
This is what they wore for picture day. Carter was just sent that shirt by Landon this week. Erica sent lots of good stuff - we appreciate it! Carter has worn a blue striped shirt 3 years in a row for picture day :)
Time for some pumpkin carving! Ave was the only one who was really interested in the whole process. I cleaned it out. She didn't mind the feel of the pumpkin guts either.
Dad drew one of his famous giant killers on the pumpkin this year. Kyle does the carving.
The finished product! No one outside of our family would have any idea what this is, but I love it!
Teague has been obsessed with dinosaurs and dinosaur train lately. He's like Carter 2.0!
Ave and I laid outside for awhile on Saturday night. We played our last home game early (my JVs beat Senior!), and had a dinner with all the parents and players in the cafeteria. When we left the school, it was gorgeous out. We put a blanket out and watched the sky turn a million different colors.
The ash tree in the front yard is lovely this year!
Lastly, Carl and Jenny have been in town since Wednesday night. We've had lots of fun visiting with them (even when they wore these KC Royals shirts!). Laney has been very cuddly with them. She must be able to sense their love of dogs.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A fun sleepover adventure!

My Boo Bear had a big bump on her wrist. She was pretty excited to get out of school for an hour and go to Grandma's office. We talk about bones a lot, so she though the skeleton was very interesting!
It's a ganglion cyst. It comes from overuse (I'm thinking coloring 15 pages a day), and it should be gone by Thanksgiving. Weird, huh?
Carter has been having a lot of fun drawing up football plays lately!
One of her thousands of pictures!
One night they were being bums and asked me to put on their pajamas for them. How do they look?
Liam turned 3! He was super cute at his party and did a good job opening every present.
We all thought his big truck cake was pretty awesome.
Diane and Art brought Josh and Luke in for the party. All the cousins had a good time there!
We left after the party to go to Bozeman for a sleepover. Right in the middle of our trip, this happened.
I've never had a tire blow out before. Kyle handled it nicely though.
While we waited for the Les Schwab guy to arrive, me and the monkeys took a very careful walk around Milligan Canyon Road.
Kyle and I drove back to Butte to rent a car (his other tires were pretty thin). We met Mom and Dad in Cardwell, and they brought the kids to Bozeman. When we arrived, they were having a wonderful time playing together.
Teague was a big fan of the witch's hat. He was yelling that he was a wizard though.
Their dog Ruby is so cute and nice. She just loves to be pet. Carter enjoyed her kisses.
Sleeping time!
The next morning Carter had a blast on the "green machine".
Teague enjoyed the Big Wheel.
Their cat Champ is an outdoor cat. She let Ave give her a few pets though.
Kyle and Josh played some football in the gorgeous weather.
Luke and Ave (the two 5 year olds) were enjoying themselves too!
Off to the dinosaur park!
She enjoys relaxing :)
These three got along so well. Carter had a blast with them.
A real Carter smile!
She is a pro at these!
Kyle bringing them back from the climbing rock.
Now we are in the hay maze. It is huge! It was shaped like a tractor this year. You go in and find four different colored crayons to fill out your card before you are done. Kyle went in a different direction with the boys. Me, Ave, Teague, Mom, Dad, Art, and Diane stuck together. Here they are finding the orange crayon!
We ran into the boys toward the end. The started the opposite way from us and were in there a good 20 minutes longer!
Ave is always good for taking pictures!
Teagie Pie got in there too. It was almost 70 degrees so the sun was very bright!
They loved these big tubs of corn!
Avery especially!
Who knows what is going on here?
They made it! See their happy hands!
3 big boys again.
They discovered the corn was pretty fun also.
Filling their socks with corn was a brilliant idea!
Waiting for the hay ride.
My babies! I just love them :)
All 5 together. What a fun day!
Me and boy on the hay ride. Papa and Art were next to us.
The sisters!
Daddy and his girl.
One last shot of the three boys and a beautiful blue sky. Thanks for letting us crash your house Kathi! Thanks for the great idea Aunt Diane! It was a lot of fun!