Monday, October 27, 2008

Kinda boring stuff

Carter and Landon have really started to like pumpkins, scarecrows, witches, and ghosts. Carter likes to put blue guy in his pumpkin and carry him around. It's pretty funny. He wore a shirt with a ghost last week, and he kept going up to Laney and saying "". He loves to show Laney what he's wearing!
Landon took a nice long nap yesterday. Erica had some trouble getting him to wake up! Mom took a picture of him all cuddled up with his "Cody Bear".
Grandpa or "Poppa" gave Carter some fun spins in little Kyle's chair. He kept sliding further and further down, but he loved it.
I can't even remember what he was doing here. He was being so silly and bouncing and smiling though. I had to zoom in on this crazy face.
Landon tried to wipe something sticky off his face - it could have been anything: syrup, fruit snacks, popsicles, jelly. Unfortunately, he used a Kleenex instead of a wipe!
Carter has really been loving his puppy lately. He just walks around all the time going "Puppy, Puppy, Puppy" or "Aney!".
The boys had some fun spinning around with big Kyle. I didn't get a picture of Landon, but he really liked it. So did my little Carterman.
We played outside for a long time one freezing cold day last week. It's actually been pretty nice since then. Erica and I put the boys on our backs and kept running by eachother like we were going to crash. They were laughing so hard, as you can tell!
Landon got to sit up in the tree for awhile. I'm surprised he hasn't tried to climb it himself yet. He's quite the little monkey.
They explored the back "yard" a bit too. Carter was driving with this wheel like it was on a racecar.
They had a really good time blowing bubbles with Erica. Their hands were absolutely freezing, but of course, they didn't care. We've got to get them some gloves.
Carter actually did blow a couple of good bubbles. Sometimes he just gives himself a little bubble mustache - he holds the wand a little high!
I love this picture of Landon. He just looks so cool in his hat - he sucks in air before he blows bubbles. It's very funny to watch!
Here's Carter heading down the stairs with Poppa in one of Grandma's shoes. He just loves wearing other people's shoes.
He must have lost a shoe somewhere because he's got them both on here. He looks so innocent here...looks can be deceiving though.

Monday, October 20, 2008

A nice, normal week

Landon decided to wear his cool new hat that Erica got him at Herbergers. It's very cute. He was getting ready to go for a walk here.
Here are the boys "helping" Grandma with the dishes. Sometimes we block off the kitchen so Mom can get them done in peace (which really makes them sad). They are a bit messy - that's why the clothes are off.
Jordan was tickling Carter last night on Erica's bed. He was giggling so hard - it was really funny. You can see some of his lovely new teeth. He got his two top molars, two bottom molars, and two more bottom teeth. They are finally coming in!
Landon had two marker caps on his fingers last night and was pointing at everyone. Carter wanted to have stuff on his fingers too, so he dipped them in some mashed potatoes (and kept eating them off!). I can't really explain how funny it was. He's a goofball.
Erica and I took the boys to Emerson on Sunday morning. It was a very nice fall day. They played and played for over an hour. Landon is quite good at climbing this rope ladder thing. His shirt was really cool too. It lit up.
Just a nice action photo of Carter going down the tunnel slide. I had just taken his hat off so he had some crazy, fly-away hair!
Here's Lando driving. That's usually the first thing they fight over/play with when we go there. I like the face he's making - it was probably car noises.
Landon showed Carter that they could crawl under the two really big tires. Erica got this cute picture of Carter. We tried to get one of Landon, but he wouldn't look at us.
Breakfast is so fun on the weekends. Carter is always in such a good mood in the mornings. Here he is with two of his favorite things - key lime yogurt and a chocolate sprinkle donut. Plus he was wearing his cool new football pajamas. What more could you ask for?
He was rolling the giant exercise ball back and forth with Erica. He really gets into it. We had to get a picture of the crazy face he would make when he'd roll it back. Don't mind the popsicle stains on his belly!
Lando has been getting pretty beat up lately. Luckily he's a tough kid - you can see two of the scratches on his face. He was just hanging out with Cody Bear on the couch.
The boys have decided they absolutely love anything with syrup. They both try to steal it out of the cupboard and drink it. They were hanging out in their cool new pajamas having a waffle.
Last weekend Landon decided to try on Jordan's (I think they were her's?) hat, gloves, and scarf. Doesn't he look lovely?
Carter also tried them on after Lando. He did not like the scarf though. I'm not sure what he was doing here!
Here's Dr. Landon dispensing medicine (not really, it was all gone). It was very funny to watch him pretend to fill it up. Carter looks like a little druggie here!
Here our little tool man. He's got his belt on and a chainsaw. He seems to be missing all the tools from his belt - at least it's covering everything nicely.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Getting better all the time

We had to go to our wonderful downtown Dairy Queen one more time before it closed for the winter (luckily, the uptown one is open all year). The boys discovered a love of dilly bars. Carter really did like it a lot - I'm not sure what this face is all about!
More horsey rides! Carter is wearing his glow-in-the-dark bones shirt that we got him at Target. You will see Landon wearing his further down in the blog. They're pretty cute.
I'm not sure what was going on here. I don't think Kyle could get up with Carter sitting that far down! Landon's definitely ready though.
They have decided they really like the Old MacDonald song all of a sudden. They love to sing some form of "E-I-E-I-O" and look at this book Aunt Terri got them.
Landon is a big fan of hats. He's worn about four different winter hats so far - my blue one, Dad's blue animal one, his new gray one, and this Mount Rushmore one. He wouldn't smile for me, but it does show you his poor little face. He got quite the cut last week at daycare; he's very tough though.
This picture is for Kelsie. This is what the outside of Mom and Dad's house looks like now. It takes some getting used to, but it does look good. It was kind of a last minute, end of summer project.
We had our first pretty cold days of the year last week. It snowed Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Not the fun snow either - just cold and windy. Here's Carter walking through a little of the snow with his juice.
I think we've got it through to Carter that he doesn't go outside without a hat now. He was none to pleased about it the first couple times. I think he knows how cute he looks now - he's a ham.
This is a tired boy face. He fell asleep on the way over to Grandma and Grandpa's after we watched the Redskins (horrible) game at our house.
Landon had a really good time riding the horse and having a sucker. This is our routine every Sunday now: Eat breakfast with Grandma Vivian, go watch the Redskins at our house, and then go back to Mom and Dad's for a nice nap!
Doesn't he just look a little bit crazy here? He was having a really good time!
I think we were getting them to say "Cheese". That would explain the silly faces here!
Here's Landon flying the airplane around. He flies that thing all over the place - it's quite amusing.
We were all laughing at Lando flying the plane, so Carter decided to make the firetruck fly. They are very silly little boys. We laugh at them quite a bit - we're either laughing or telling them "No".Carter got a really cool John Deere toolbelt and hat from his Aunt Alyson and Uncle Chris. He wore it around a lot that day. He really liked to hammer the audio box and kitchen chairs. Thanks to Chris, Aly, Colten, and Bre for the nice package of gifts!
I figured we'd (almost) end this post with two sleepy guy pictures. I stayed kind of late at Mom and Dad's last week to watch our recorded episode of Heroes. Carter fell asleep on my lap with the blue guy. So cute.
Then I watched Project Runway the next night. Carter laid on my old volleyball pillow and passed out. He's not a fan of designing clothes apparently! I love the legs crossed.
Here's Landon is his bones shirt. He was looking good. I've got him doing the "Fonz" when he wears these glasses now. He thinks he's a pretty funny little man!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Worse Week

I'm finally back at work this week. If you saw Erica's blog, you would see that stomach flu has been going through the family: Carter, me, Dad, Erica, Kyle, Terri, Abb, and Jord. I even had to make a run to the ER - not good. Anyway, it's nice to be up and eating again!

Carter decided to help me play Scrabble the other night. We lost. I had a seven letter word and nowhere to put it. That sucks.
Landon helped Dad with his letters for about two seconds, then he decided to throw money across the table. Dad looks a bit frightened by his crazy grandson!
After Scrabble, the boys got some laundry basket rides. Kyle zoomed Carter all around the kitchen and frontroom. He looks so innocent here.
Grandpa zoomed Landon also. What a big, silly grin!
We went to Silver Bow on Saturday for Austin's (3rd) and Connor's (5th) birthday party. It was quite fun. Carter loves this race car - it jostles him around pretty good. He still managed to eat some pizza while driving though; Jordan made sure he didn't choke or fall over!
Landon had a great time throwing the basketballs to Abbey so she could shoot them. He's getting very good at playing catch with people.
We were, of course, the last ones there. Both boys fell asleep on the way home though. Landon is looking a bit worn out here. He worked hard at that game.
Here's Connor's patented smile. It kills me. He was showing me his Kung Fu Panda cake - very cool.
They were getting ready to blow out the candles on their cakes (Austin had Spiderman). They are such cute little boys.
Landon found the cake to be quite tasty. He was not feeling well when we first got there (in fact, Terri had to run and get him new pants!), but he ended up having a really good time.
I wish I would have got a better picture of this. I couldn't find where I put my camera. Austin, Landon, and Carter where giving eachother big hugs. It was so cute.
I asked Connor to sit by his big pile of presents and smile. He was so funny when he was opening them. He kept yelling "Mom, Mom - look"!It's nice to see them get excited about every toy!
Austin thought that his Spiderman bike was really cool. He wanted to open it and ride it around.
Carter always goes on the carousel when we are there. He likes the lights, horses, and mirrors.
This picture is so cute. He was getting tired too. He sat in a different racecar and watched Abbey and Jordan play the air hockey game.
We made a trip out to Walmart last week, and the boys got spoiled. Grandma got them some new Tonka cars. They absolutely love to drive around these little cars - on the walls, tables...everywhere.
I got Carter this really cool Little Tykes plane. It sings a song and lights up. Carter and Landon love when they see airplanes in the sky so I thought this would be a hit, and it is!
Erica got Landon a "Handy Manny" saw. It's pretty awesome. It says cool things like "We can do this real fast".
Landon loves to take baths now. Erica was trying to show that even with all the water gone - he still would not get out!
He looked awfully cute in his towel when he finally decided to give it up.
Carter was already dry, lotioned up, and in his pajamas by the time Landon got out. He went back into the bathroom to watch Lando play in the empty tub.
I had to take this picture from Erica's blog because it's cute. This was after another bath earlier in the week. Abbey took the picture and gave him this cool mohawk. His hair is getting long and curly again.
I was about five seconds too late with this picture. Both boys were sitting on this pillow, listening and dancing to their "Ipods". That's what we call their Baby Einstein music things. Landon dropped his right when I went to take the picture.
Carter took a nap the other day and woke up with some crazy hair. It's kind of a crazy face too - those big face pictures always turn out funny.
This has become our new favorite game. Stack the pillows up and jump off the couch onto them. It's a good time for all!