Monday, July 11, 2016

Lots of videos!

Carter driving us around! Two fireworks videos. I just like listening to Teague and Ave talk about them. The finale looks pretty great even on video though. Butte knows how to celebrate!
Link running at C Street Park! Two goofballs having fun.
Ave is rocking that sombrero!

Under the bucket at the Splash Pad

An old water fight. Carter gets Ave pretty good at the end!

July festivities and Sunburst visit

Time for the 3rd of July. Mom bought Ave this super cute romper because she can't help herself! It was quite lovely on her.
A very blurry picture of Carter, Landon, Joe, and Kyle playing some football up at my Dad's friend Corby's house. It was such a great spot to watch the fireworks.
Nikki (Foley) Edmundson was up there with her 4 kids. Her new baby Redmond is adorable. We took an 8 years later photo to compare how much our big boys have grown! The original above, the recent one below. Landon, Cutler, and Carter are just a bit bigger!
Planning session between Landon, Cormac, Cutler, Avery, Ruby, and Carter. They were all so cute together.
Papa and a snuggly Hawkins. The fireworks were a bit loud for him.
Teague attacking his buddy Joe with Ave's help. They love Joe.
Dark, blurry, crazy group picture during the fireworks. I cut out Kyle and Avery. Sorry, I couldn't see!
Hawkins came over after the show to see Uncle "Yaw-Yaw!" That's what he says every time he sees Kyle. They are buddies.
Grandparents and some grandkids
Hawkins was enthralled by this firepit up on the porch.
Isn't he the cutest thing?
Me and my big boy enjoying some firelight.
Time for the parade! Thanks to Grandma they looked very festive!
Sean's family watched the parade with us too. All the kids get along great together. We have Kiara, Elijah, Landon, Teague, Carter, Avery, and Lincoln waving some flags.
Front view. Kiara was the only one who noticed me I guess!
Sometimes they would get excited and had to stand up.
Hawkins was a big fan of clapping and giving high fives.
This Alice in Wonderland float was pretty cool
High five time for Elmo
Hawkins was ready!
I like this triumphant dance move Carter is doing after the successful high five
Leonardo time
Link was a little nervous, but he got in there with his Mom too.
I love the bagpipers. They sounded great.
This Star Wars float was a favorite for the family (that's alliteration!)
Teague heard a Pitbull song and just had to dance.
After the parade we tried to get a picture of all the kids in their patriotic clothes. It didn't happen! They still look cute though!
Link and Hawkins weren't into it at the moment.
I just like Hawkins pose here!
My three monkeys
We had an epic water fight - Barsni vs. Webers! We were all completely soaked and had a blast!
Lincoln had the best poses that day! These pictures are killing me. Carte and Kels look quite drenched too!
Another classic Lincoln pose. I can't wait until Nikki takes their pictures in August!
We are water warriors!
Kels tried to match her son's pose. Not bad!
What a cute couple! Kels and Senor Joe
Game time. It got cold so we played a quick game of Balderdash and laughed and laughed!
Mom tried her best to lean out of the picture - it didn't work! Ha ha ha!
Abbey and Erica with the eventual champion Sean. We had a good time!
We braved the cold to light off some fireworks. I only got sparkler pictures, but we had a few impressive ones.
She's not lighting Joe on fire, I promise.
Teague loved the sparklers. We had a great holiday. Thanks to my sisters and their families for visiting again. I need to get to Watford City soon.
When Kyle was done with work on the 5th, we headed to Sunburst. The next morning I took Ave and Carter (Teague was still sleeping) to the library for story hour with Mary Jo. The kindergarten teacher there taught them about long distance running, and they had a nice jog.
They also worked on their breathing by trying to keep feathers in the air. It was pretty amusing!
They had a lot of fun! They have a super cute library there, and Mary Jo does a great job keeping the kids entertained.
We got to spend a couple days with Uncle Kevin. He was really fun. He took the kids on some adventures around Sunburst and let Teague talk his ear off about Harry Potter, Star Wars, Scooby Doo, Guardians of the Galaxy, etc...
We have never been to this park before. It had a really fun spinning thing.
We trekked up to the football field. Teague didn't want to tackle this, he just wanted to talk to it. Also, yes, he wore his Darth Vader pajamas the whole day.
Ave up in the announcer's booth
I believe they "shot a rocket" off of the bleachers.
North Toole County - the Barsness alma mater
It was kind of a gray day, but the night was absolutely gorgeous.
These two took an extra walk with me. They had some cute benches on the main street.
They were in picture taking moods. We got this one next to the Fire Station. Peace of course.
Someone lost a tooth while we were there!
The next day we went out to the farm. Mary Jo thought we should have a picnic. We loaded up in the Ranger and headed out to the canola fields.
Ave loved every minute of it.
Mary Jo let Carter drive. He drove with Phil later on the highway (which he thought was the coolest thing ever.) He also rode with Chris, with Kyle, and with Colt a few days later. He loves it!
We found a nice flat picnic spot.
Laney found the gopher holes quite interesting.
Picnic time! It was gorgeous up there. The kids loved it.
Mary Jo has a calf to bottle feed this year - "Lizzy." Lizzy was like a puppy. She wagged her tail and tried to kiss everyone. Carter loved feeding her. He looks super happy here!
Ave did too. Teague was tired after the picnic and went inside to have Grandma Bonnie give him anything else he could possibly want!
Cute little barn kitten. They were a little shy, but Ave got to pet them quickly.
Ave and their buddy Lady. She is such a good dog. Bonnie said it looked like she was posing.
Two happy Shih-Tzu's reunited! Josie might be the only dog Laney really likes. Kyle and I love to see our old pal!
We later went to Cut Bank to have a barbecue with Chris and Aly and family. We had a fun little park adventure after we stuffed ourselves.
Ave and Kaden crawled all over this jungle gym.
Teague really liked this big slide.
So did Kade
Aly and Bre were great fun. They are always happy to hang out with the kids.
Teague sleeping in the middle of Ave and I was interesting as you can see.
We all love the massage chairs at Dick and Diana's house. I think we all used them every day!
Last but not least, Great Grandma Bonnie and 5 of her 6 great grandkids (Bre was still in Canada.) She made us a delicious feast on our last night there. Everyone spoiled us. It was nice to have five relaxing days up there to visit. Thanks Sunburst/Cut Bank family! Happy Birthday to Grandma Diana on Sunday also. We hope you had a lovely day!