Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I recently posted a picture captioned with a thanks to Grandpa, Abb, and Jord for babysitting this summer. I forgot to mention how great Aunt Erica was too. She had both boys by herself quite a few mornings and was fantastico about it! If you think of it, give her a call or email and ask her about her new dance class. I'm sure we'd all love to see a video. Thanks again Erica!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

New Videos

This video is a couple weeks old. Carter was really enjoying his rice cereal with Grandpa.

Here are some of Carter's new noises. He's a silly little boy.

Here's Carter and his Momma playing. He really likes anytime you put your face close to his.

End of Summer

We went to Missoula this weekend for volleyball and stayed overnight with our buddy Callie. Carter was playing with his toes and his Dad on Saturday morning. He loves those toes.
We went to the mall and made Carter try on some hats in the Children's Place. He's usually not a hat kind of guy, but he seemed pretty happy. Must have been all the attention!
This face just killed me! He looks like such a little goofball in that hat.
Roadtrips wear a little guy out. He had a very nice nap on the way back to Butte. So peaceful.
Some little man enjoys his vegetables - here he his having some tasty squash. I love the dot on his eyebrow. It's much easier to clean than rice cereal though!
He's discovered the joy of juice, pear juice to be exact. He also loves the cup; it's so easy to grab and jam it in your mouth!
It was a bit chilly the other day so we got to get in warm clothes. He looks pretty happy about his cool owl sweater from Lando.
I remember Erica put Landon's first jeans picture up, so we had to do the same. He's so stylish! Thanks for the Lucky Jeans, Carrie.
Yum! Carter found that munching on celery = a good time.
Time for a chat with Grandma. He has some big stories to tell. I love these pajamas - the dinosaurs are so cute.
We haven't had a bath picture in a while. He's starting to stretch out and kick a lot. He likes a nice washcloth in his mouth too. I made sure not to get a full frontal!
Oh sadness! It was the last week of Grandpa daycare. Carter is going to miss taking walks with Grandpa - he was a spoiled little guy this summer. Thanks Grandpa (and Abb and Jord, who are also wonderful).

Monday, August 20, 2007

Sunburst Trip

It's Harvest time! This is Carter and Kyle waiting for Nate to come pick them up for Carter's first combine ride.
He looks so tiny next to the big giant John Deere wheels!
Here they are up in the cab. Kyle said Carter was fascinated to start out with - then he fell asleep. I guess he wasn't nervous at all!
They're coming back with a full load which Phil is waiting to take. It was my first time watching them work out there; it was very interesting. They work hard!
This is our Ace Ventura picture. Some of you will remember the Finkle/Einhorn part! I'm a huge dork.
Carter loved hanging out with all his Sunburst relatives. He and Great Grandma Bonnie were playing with a nice rattle for a bit.
Dad was tired! He spent the morning helping Grandpa Dick move stuff at his office. Carter doesn't seem to mind the giant arm across him.
Laney got to play with her friend Josie for a little while. Watching two Shih-Tzus sprint around the yard while a Border Collie and German Shepherd observe is quite amusing!
Carter was having a great time playing "So Big" with Mary Jo. He was really getting the hang of it!
Here's some handsome Barsness boys. Carter is stretching on the bed with his cousin Colten (who's about to start kindergarten) and his Dad.
Our last Sunburst trip blog had a picture just like this. Carter and Laney enjoy taking little naps together. I love the alligator outfit (thanks Grandma Patsy)!
Time for a bath! Grandma Diana and Grandpa Dick's kitchen sink worked perfectly for a little man to get clean. He's just such a good boy.
He's starting to move all over the place. He managed to wedge himself under his toy while we were eating dinner! (Erica - he's wearing the "gym teacher" pants!)
More play time with his Great Grandma! It's always so nice to visit - I'm glad we got up there before volleyball really gets going.
This is Bonnie's beautiful house. Kyle's always telling his co-workers about it. This picture doesn't really do it justice. She has lovely flowers everywhere too!

Eating Video

Silly Stuff

Another rice cereal face - this one kind of looks like he has fangs! That was not fun to clean off; he hates having his face wiped. Such is life.
Carter and Grandma playing with the puppy dog. Carter seems to watch Laney more and more everyday. I'm sure Laney can't wait until he can chase her around.
Our dog is a good sport. She looked smashing in Carter's radioactive green sunglasses!
Landon never really got into this toy, he was too busy moving. So now it's Carter to play with - thanks Lando.
Carter loves this activity center. He's even starting to turn on his own - what a big guy!
This picture is just cute. Carter fell asleep on the floor next to his aquarium, and Laney kept a close watch over him. Some days just wear the poor guy out.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Big Boy!

I thought I should show that he actually cries sometimes! This was after a bath, and he was so tired. He fell asleep about five minutes after this.
We had a barbecue on Friday and my cousin Nicole and her boys came over. This is Austin checking out Carter's bouncer. He's such a happy kid!

Nicole (or Red as my uncle Ed would say) and Carter hung out for a while. He was very calm the whole night.

My Dad was playing with the boys with this cool crab swimming thing of Landon's. He's a rather amusing guy.
This is Nicole's oldest boy, Connor. He looks exactly like his Mom!
This is Austin. He had the best time chasing Laney around the yard. I bet he slept well that night!
Gladiator was on TNT, and Kyle became the "Daddiator". Carter and Landon thought it was pretty funny. The Bumbo chair has so many uses!
My big boy is four months old! He had to get three shots at the doctor's office, and I had to show one of his bandaids. He's a tough guy, he was only sad for the morning.
He's really started to grab things. He likes to roll on his side and try to eat toys and stuffed animals.
This is the cutest thing! I love watching him grab his toes. He's so fascinated by them. He was sitting on Grandma when they caught his eye.

The "Language Nursery" is his favorite book. Abbey told me he kept throwing his hands out and hitting her in the face (as you can see).
Play time with Daddy! He has some of the biggest smiles now.
I thought Kelsie would want to see this shirt I got Dad for his birthday. He had a good laugh when he saw it.
Eating pictures! Carter got to try his first rice cereal the other day. He seems to really enjoy it so far. This is me feeding him.
This was actually the first time he tried it. Grandpa had a good time feeding him. Jordan took some good pictures for me and Kyle to look at.
He got very messy - I suppose that's part of the fun though!
He looked so small in the high chair! He got a toy to play with when he was done. I love his little hands in this photo.