Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Snow in May...of course

My girl is a goofball. She found this huge purple rubber band and really wanted to wear it. Mom got some better pictures with her camera. It made all her little curls in the back look fantastic!
We had a huge snowfall Saturday night. It was close to a foot. It was perfect snowball snow too...so Sunday morning we had a big snowball fight before it all melted. Jordan and Kyle against me and Abbey. I don't think there was a winner. We were all soaking wet. Poor Abb had snow stuck in her braces! Avery tried her best to stay out of the line of fire (she looked so cute in her outfit from Nicole and the boys).
Carter threw snowballs at everyone. He loved it! Afterwards (you can tell his pants are dripping wet), we settled down for some treats. Carter enjoyed a delicious Huckleberry smoothie.
Saturday night after dinner at Sparkie's (yum!) we played in the snow for awhile. It was coming down in huge flakes. Poor Jordan, in her cute new black skirt, got soaked by Big Kyle. Snowball fights really bring out the little kid in him.
I love this picture! How cute! Look at Carter's happy little face. Only Kyle would be in shorts too.
I think these pictures are so cool. They turned out really well on my little camera. I love the dark sky and the giant snowflakes falling down in front of the lens. So fun!
My Boo-Boo came out for awhile too. I found a way too big hat for her to wear. They're such good babies.
She wasn't too sure about this snow. She didn't want to wear gloves so we didn't last too long out there. Her little hands were cold. She can't miss out on anything Carter's doing though!
Aunt Diane came in for the weekend, and we had a blast! We went to the Pizza Parlor, swam at the Y, played Pinocle, and had our usual delicious Sunday breakfast. My kids were great with her too - Ave wanted her, not me so I took a picture. We will for sure be heading up to Kalispell this summer to visit more!
A very cute picture of Abbey and the boys on the carousel. Poor Abb and Jord chased those kids all over the Pizza Parlor. It was absolutely insane there!
We are never going to have a perfect picture of all three of them, but they're so cute. Avery can't go anywhere without a piece of "pizzi" with her!
This is a really cute picture of the Landoman! Kyle and I gave him a haircut Sunday night. I didn't have any of those pictures to put up yet. It will grow back in a month no doubt!
Avery likes nothing more than to be pantsless. She had the worst diaper rash so I let her. This unfortunately leads to catastrophe! The poor thing is getting four big teeth, and it's not helping her little bum!
This is Carter's insane soup face. We decided to try that soup-on-the-go stuff, and it was a big hit. He kept saying "I just drink it?".
Our weather here is so weird. Monday was terrible. Tuesday was nice, with a little rain. Carter looked awesome in these shorts from Grandma. I hope he gets to wear them again soon!
Avers busted out some capris too. I'm glad this little green jacket still fits her. It's one of the cutest things I've ever seen. Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend! I'm hoping to plant some flowers. We'll see how that goes!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Getting nice out finally!

As I type this it's pouring rain, but I like rain. I'm just glad it's not snow. Spring might finally be here! One of my favorite parts about nice weather is little kid's clothes. Look at this cute little dress we found at Target. I love it!
Ave is so much like the boys it's scary! The minute you get up she steals your seat. She thinks she's hilarious too. She's very good at pulling herself up on things now, which means you can usually find her on a chair at the kitchen table.
Kyle was calling her Rollergirl on Sunday. She did look pretty 70s disco. I like it!
Carterman was a big help to Poppa on Saturday. He shoveled, swept, and wheeled many pine cones into the trash.
Avery also tried her best to help out. It worked a lot better once she realized she could roll the wheelbarrow!
More summer clothes! I think Avery looks fabulous in yellow. It's her favorite color too - or at least her favorite color to say. Everything is always "lellow!" to Avers.
I love when I catch Carterman doing a cute real smile. He looks so much like his Daddy. I say that all the time, but he really does!
His Iron Man birthday stuff from Kathi and the boys is a big hit. We bought an Iron Man cartoon DVD at Hastings the other night. Doesn't he just look cool?
I'm pretty sure my kids were outside Friday night until about 9 o'clock. They did not want to come inside! On a sidenote, they both had doctor's appointments yesterday (3 yr and 15 month check-ups). They are both in the 50 to 75th percentile for height....however, Carter (27 lbs) is in the 10th percentile for weight and Avery (19 lbs) is in the 5th percentile! I can't believe it. All they do is eat, eat, eat!
She is so cute and silly. I'm lucky to have such great babies!
Poppa comes up with the most fun games for the kids. They are not usually the safest, but that's probably why the kids cannot stop laughing!
Carter and Landon were of course in heaven! They wanted to swing higher and over and over again. Avery just hung on for dear life!
Goofball Landon just had to hold on to his sticks (or Sais when he's being Raphael) while he swung!
Abbey and Jordan actually got to go swimming with us this weekend. Dance is starting to wind down. I'm excited for the company show on Thursday! Anyway, Avery really did have fun at the Y. You just can't tell from this picture!
Carter brought some squirt guns to the pool this week. He had a great time getting Abbey as you can see!
Dad had a track meet last Thursday so I had to open the gym by myself with Carter, Landon, and Avery's help! It actually went smoother than expected. They had a little dinner while they ran and ran.
Landon "graduated" from preschool last Monday. He will also graduate the next two years from the same class. He's the youngest. He was very shy but awfully cute at the program!
He didn't want to get his hat and diploma by himself so Erica went up to help him. He was embarrassed by everyone clapping for him.
I managed to get one picture of him in his hat! He's sure a smart little guy.
And finally, two videos. Here's Avery showing off all the names and animal noises that she likes to say. It cuts off quite abruptly though. I'm not sure why.

Here's what happened when I tried to take a video of Avery earlier. That's Landon running in to my legs in the firetruck at the end!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Back to their normal selves again!

We started open gym volleyball last week. My kids love it! They just run and run for an hour and a half. When it's over they get a ride on the volleyball rack from Poppa!
Geah's little girl Reece thinks Carter is the coolest kid around. She really likes to follow him, sit like him, run like him. She's so cute.
Avery really likes multigrain Cheerios. She likes them so much she decided to dump the entire box out onto the kitchen table. Look at that face - she thinks she's hilarious!
Butte High rescheduled a double header for Monday. We managed to catch the second game - they won both! Carter had a great time hanging out with Leena's dog Timber. She's a really good dog.
Landon has become obsessed with the color red. Seriously obsessed. He loves it. I think that's why he's been into Raphael again lately. He even found the hat!
This picture makes me laugh. Why wouldn't you go down the slide with a stick? His little body got thrown around pretty good by those crazy slides. He loved it!
Avery did eventually go down the slide a million times, but at first she was quite content just playing with rocks. She loves being outside.
Kelsie's awesome boyfriend Joe dug into his Turtle collection and sent the kids a bunch of totally tubular (turtle reference) action figures. Carter was trying to get some of them to stand up on the table. Thanks Joe - they really, really love them!
This is how Carter felt about them...thumbs up!
Avery, Carter, and I watched Toy Story 2 the other night. Carter and Avery really loved it. Ave now has to wear Landon's Woody hat everytime she goes over to Grandma and Poppa's house.
What a physical specimen! You can always tell right after she's just eaten - my girl gets a big, full belly! One of Carter's favorite episodes is on in the background too, when Shredder makes an Erma robot. Classic.
Every year my buddy Ritter has a Cinco de Mayo party - this year, it was technically Ocho de Mayo. It was a lot of fun though. It always is!
Leena and Erica came out with me this year. They had a great time. I'm pretty sure their favorite part was the rented Margherita machine! Carter and Avery got squirtguns in the goodie bags from Reece's birthday party last weekend. They have made bath time an absolute joy for Carter. He always liked the bath, but now he really likes the bath. He and Daddy just completely soak eachother.
We really like Kyle's new work schedule. Instead of 4 to midnight, he's working noon to 8. He gets to be home for bath time now. As you can see, Ave is happy to see him!
Another super cute new swimsuit for Avery - my mom cannot help herself! We had a really good time swimming on Saturday. It was not that packed, and my kids had a ton of fun. We love swimming!
How cute is this? She brought her Grandpa and Me book in for Poppa to read to her. She loves that book because they make pizza in it!
Another out of order bath picture. She is one happy little girl!
This is the kids saying thanks to Joe and Kelsie for sending down the Ninja Turtles. Hopefully it works. You Tube was being weird.

Here's a bath video. Avery has a song she made up, we call it "Apple Apple Staaaaayyyy". She wouldn't sing it though so Carter did. I love how she whips around to look at him. She also makes her Zoolander face. You'll see. It's so funny!