Sunday, July 29, 2007

Getting so big!

I (obviously) really like this onesie. He always looks so calm - just checking everything out.
Here's Carter's new favorite thing in the world - his thumb. He's getting pretty good at getting it jammed in his mouth and sucking on it like crazy!
This picture is a bit odd. I found a four leaf clover in the yard and put it on his head. Maybe it's a good omen for the lucky little guy.
Here's Carter having a nice chat with Grandpa. I like how you can see Landon pulling out grass and playing with it in the background.
This was right before we went outside. He was having a nice chat with Grandma indoors. He's just a happy baby!
This picture is funny. This is about 6:30 in the morning when I was about to change his diaper. He was making a very crazy face at me.
The boys love this book about Jango and Spike visiting the farm. I love how they are both really looking at the pages. They're going to be smart - I can tell.
Carter got a cute new outfit from Aunt Diane and Uncle Art on Saturday. I love the little pockets on the shorts! We had a very nice visit.
Here's another outdoor picture with my boy and my dog. We were just hanging out on a nice summer day. Could it get any better?
One of my best friends (Dana) came to visit on Saturday morning from Kalispell. She brought her little cutie, Jada, who is 9 months old. Check out that hair! Please don't check out my awesome look - pajamas.

New Toys

Grandma Patsy brought back these cool monkeys from Las Vegas. Carter (and Laney) have been having a good time with them!

Abb and Jord were having a good time taking pictures of this! They were so many different ones to choose from. I liked this face.
He sometimes tries to eat the monkey's face. There is a whole lot of bright green in this photo!
He really enjoys these new rattles that Erica got for Landon. They look like butterflies, and he holds them pretty well.
This picture just makes me laugh. Laners was rolling around above him and I barely got her crazy eyes in the frame! She always has to be next to her little man.

This is his duck that he plays with while I change his diaper in the morning. He loves that soft, silky edge.
My Aunt Diane and Uncle Art brought this new fun thing from my cousin Kathi for Carter on Saturday. He was a kicking fool - thanks Kathi and Josh!
It was so fun that he fell asleep under it on Sunday! I guess that he wore himself out being so big and strong.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Random Cute Stuff

Here's Carter hanging out with Grandpa in his new onesie. It says "What happens at Grandma's stays at Grandma's". Too cute!
Dad's teaching him one of his favorite things ever: how to play college football on Playstation!
Yeah! A fun little ride on Dad's shoulders. I think he enjoyed his time being tall.
I just thought this outfit was cute. My friend Carrie gave us the "Born for Basketball" romper and awesome shoes. He's really starting to enjoy his car seat toys.
Carter loved his Aunt Kelsie. They had a very good time together. Look at his crazy hair!
She was tickling him, and he thought it was so funny! We miss you Kels!
I love this big happy face picture. I was at work when they took this, so I'm not sure what he was enjoying so much.
Carter was trying on Grandpa's hat, backwards because he's so cool. This is such a big smile - I'm really glad I caught it!
I think he was chatting with Abb or Jord here. He's started to talk really loud and move his tongue all around. He tells some lovely stories.
He looks so cool here in his "Grandpa Rules" shirt and green sunglasses. I'm not sure how long he put up with those!
This is a bad picture of a very funny face he was making at Aunt Kelsie. He would put his chin and eyes down and give her sort of an evil little smile. It was hilarious.
This picture of the cousins is so cute. They love to stare at eachother. Landon likes to grab him too as you can tell!

Summer Fun

Abb, Jord, and I took the boys and Laney to C Street Park on Friday. They had a pretty good time there. They seemed to like the swings.
Here's Carter and his buddy Jordan in the pool on Saturday. He usually likes water, but this was a little chilly for him. He still liked being outside.
He did enjoy laying on the towel afterwards and spreading out to max capacity. He's a little goof.
Landon had a great time in the pool with his mom. He hung out with Jordan and some toys afterwards. His hair is really growing!

It's nice to hang out outside on those nice summer evenings. Even the mosquitos haven't been too bad lately.
Carter went to his first movie last weekend. We went to the Drive-In and watched the new "Harry Potter". He's such a good boy - had a bottle and went right to bed.
Wheee - some slide pictures! Landon was not so sure at first, but he did it. He'd much rather be walking in the grass.
Carter was a little surprised, but he seemed to enjoy it. Abb and Jord are great to have around!

Bumpo Chair

Aunt Kelsie brought down Lando's Bumpo Chair from Alaska. We've found it to be quite handy!

Here is a very happy boy in the chair. He's getting to be a very smiley young man. I love how his hands are always together.

I just really like this picture. He looks kind of shy and embarrassed about being so big.

This one shows how small he actually is! Abb and Jord thought this was funny because he was watching the huge TV at my parent's house. Do you like all the toys for their grandbabies?
This one is out in the front yard. I think he looks smashing in his swim trunks. He likes to hit that middle part of the chair a lot.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Big Week!

We went to Missoula this weekend for Kyle's friend Loren's wedding. Carter was very good. Here he is at the reception talking and laughing with Grandpa Dick.
Carter crashed at the very end of the reception, about 10:30. He shut down the place with us - that's my boy!

Yeah - Aunt Kelsie is in town! This is another happy reception picture. Carter just loves his aunts.

Here's Carter and his wonderful "Aunt" Callie. We stayed with Callie this weekend and had a delightful time. She's the best!
Here is the groom/"bad Uncle" Loren. He's already trying to corrupt our son! We're very happy for he and Sara!
This is a lovely picture of the Sunburst pals and the new addition. They are a great bunch of people and so much fun! (L-R) Loren, Kyle & Carter, Dustin, Treavor, and Callie.
Very rare family photo! Our little man is just so good and calm - we are too lucky.

This was right outside the church after the wedding. I held Landon up so Erica could make him smile for the camera. This is just the cutest little shirt/tie combo!
Grandma and Grandpa Barsness were so happy to see their newest grandson. They babysat for us that night, and we really appreciated it! Check out Carter's shorts - looks just like his Dad.
We went to Fuddrucker's, and Carter passed out on Kelsie. She was kind enough to feed him while I ate. It's so nice to have her home for a while! Kelsie, Erica, Lando, Carter, and I had a great time together.
Here's our Burgman family picture for the year. My Aunt Jenny and Uncle Carl were in last week, and we had a blast! I love how Carter is holding Grandma Vivian's finger while he sleeps, and Landon has a huge grin. Back (L-R) Jenny, Carl, Dad, Mom, Little Kyle, Big Kyle, Laney. Front (L-R) Landon, Erica, Me, Carter, Grandma, Kelsie.