Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Indoor activities

I finally got around to cleaning out summer clothes and clothes that were too small. It was quite an operation. I did find these supercute sparkly ballerina pajamas that Mom bought Avers last summer. They look magnificent on her - and she needs pjs! She seems to get taller everyday.
I love this shirt. I found it at Target, and it just makes me laugh. Doesn't she look like a big girl in this outfit? The jeans were from Grandma and Grandpa Barsness, and they are so so cute.
Avery has been very into coloring lately. It's usually the first thing she asks about when she gets up. I bought her a new box of crayons, and she never lets go of them. She's pretty careful about coloring too. This horse has some very nicely colored pink legs!
These little goofballs were playing catch with us one night. Carter's getting to be pretty good at catching the ball. They both throw like little crazy people. We had a good time though.
Erica brought over her whiteboard, and my kids loved it! They colored all night. They didn't want to go home! They also ate about 12 helpings each of Rice-a-Roni. I'm glad they like to try different foods. So far so good!
Carter's masterpiece. He really wanted me to write Kyle by the smiley face and take a picture for Daddy. I took one with my camera and one with my phone to forward to him. It was Friday so he was working until midnight. He loved his portrait though!
After all that coloring and Rice-a-Roni, a couple minutes of 101 Dalmations was all they needed to fall asleep. Carter likes when Avery watches movies in his room with him. So sweet!
Avery wanted me to take a picture of Buzz Lightyear. I'm not sure why. It's cute though, and her messy Spaghetti face makes me laugh!
Carter insisted on walking down to Hastings on a rainy Sunday. Luckily we found an umbrella. Unfortunately he wouldn't look at me. We ended up buying "How to Train Your Dragon". It is such a cute movie - we all love it!
It was a balmy 40 degrees here yesterday. I should have known since Halloween is coming up shortly. Ave still fits in her cute little pink hat from last year - I guess her tiny head hasn't grown much!
The boys had a fabulous idea. They decide to trade hats for this winter. Carter used to have red, but that's Landon's favorite color. Landon used to have blue, but that's Carter's favorite color. Now all is right with the world! Hope you enjoyed the short post - I suppose it's better than nothing!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fall is Fabulous

They are such funny little boys. We (Me, Carter, Erica, Lando, Jordan, and Grandma) went to the Grant Kohrs Ranch in Deer Lodge on Sunday for a big Halloween event. It was a ton of fun! The boys were pretty wore out when we left. Landon was pretending to sleep on Carter. Carter really fell asleep about two seconds later.

They liked to run up ahead of us on the trail, hide behind the fence, and scare us! They are too cute to be really scary. By the way, my poor Ave was passed out at home. She's had a miserable sinus and ear infection that's been keeping her up at night. She finally slept through the night last night.

Erica tried some antlers on the boys. Lookin' good!
We went on a fun little hayride while we were there. Sorry Jordo. Mom didn't catch you looking on this one! Carter loved it. He thought we should ride out to see the cows.
Waiting for the tractor to come pick us up took a while. Luckily there were things to climb and explore.
This was such a nice setup. You brought a food or money donation to get in, and they had so much stuff to do. Carter really enjoyed snack time (hot cocoa and a sugar cookie)!
I'm pretty sure the hay maze was their favorite thing. We went back to it about three times! Here they are posing after they made it through. Thank goodness we had Jocko. Half the time the two of them were on opposite ends of the maze!
A pretty bad picture of them roasting marshmellows. Lando ate his - Carter lit his on fire! The people there were making popcorn over the fire and old-fashioned apple cider too. Very cool.
These pictures are all out of order. This is when we were walking in...before Mom's camera died. Carter loves to use Mom's camera, which makes me nervous.
The boys liked the tipi's. Carter looked like he was going to pull the thing down!
Another picture in the hay maze. It was a pretty tall one. Sometimes all I could see was the top of their heads! We stationed people at both exits.
The boys also tried out throwing horse shoes. It was pretty funny. Carter threw one, and then just walked up and put it around the stake! Lando actually threw a ringer! They both got to pick a prize.
There's my monkey man trying to climb in to see the horses. He fed three of the horses there. They were very pretty and gentle with the hundreds of kids around. All in all a great day. Good idea Grandma!
My silly boy after preschool last week. It was show and tell day. He brought his Batman toy, wore a Batman shirt and Batman underwear! Erica told me one of the boys in the class said Carter always has cool toys!
Finally a picture of my little Boo Bear! I took the three goofballs to practice with me last Wednesday. I knew we had an open court that day. They were so funny. They found all these cones that the gym class must have been using. They were a big hit - I love Ave's ears!
All three of the nuts together. Landon and Carter kept saying, "We are candy corn heads"!
They played and played. Carter helped our libero shag volleyballs. He told me later, "I gotta give that Alex girl a pretzel cracker". He's a pretty nice guy.
Last but not least, my goofballs playing with Uncle Kyle. They were up on the back of the couch and Kyle was throwing pillows at them. It sounds dangerous, but Kyle missed on purpose. Avery's face kills me. They are silly silly kids!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Almost costume time!

This is my silly girl getting all ready for her trip to Poppa's for Sunday breakfast. It was a little chilly out in the morning, so of course we had to get the bear coat and boots! She also packed up some books in her Dora backpack - you can never be too prepared.
We played outside forever on Sunday. First the boys were attacking bubbles with a robot arm and a bat. Next Carter moved to a ball pump. He looks so crazy in these pictures!
Avery decided to use a rake to catch the bubbles. She's pretty easy going. Whatever she can find to play with, she's good!
For quite awhile the boys chased bubbles - Erica and I took turns blowing them - and Ave made mud pies. It made me laugh. She was just fine off on her own, doing her own thing.
Here's one of the crazy Carter pictures. If you look closely, you can see the bubble that he's after! He looks like Captain Caveman!
These boys are so silly. They come up with some great games. As you can see Crazy Carter is wearing his boots. He just loves his plain blue boots!
We took three separate walks around the block. Ave was ready to go. She kills me on that bike. She's fine with us pushing her, but she steers back and forth like a wild woman!
She is so goofy. We went to Walmart and got some new cups for chocolate milk (which my kids are addicted to). These ones are much easier to clean. Avery loves her new Dora cups!
I love her hair in this picture. She pulled out her "pony", and this was the end result. She looks so cute reading her books by herself too.
I found her two pairs of Joe Boxer pajamas at KMart. She loves them. They are her big girl pajamas (no feet and button up)!
And now...costume time! Carterman's Flash costume came yesterday. It is so so cute! Mom got Landon a Green Lantern one also. They are the Justice League!
I absolutely love this costume. I think he looks so funny in it. He likes the head piece too. He's not a big fan of the plastic masks, and this one is just comfortable cloth. I love it! He kept saying "This is my town" from one of the many Justice League movies! Check out Ave's hair in the background too!
So far Avers has only wanted to try on the headband from her Minnie Mouse costume. I think she'll be fine on Halloween when everyone is dressed up though. It's a good start - she looks pretty cute!
Mom and Dad picked her up this purple witch's hat at Target. It's perfect for her little head! She looks like she's casting a spell on me!
Two more costumes...why not? Lando really wants to be Raphael. I think Carter is going to be the Flash, but we better have Leo just in case. I love how Lando's hair sticks over the top of the mask - he has the best hair. They were saying "Cowabunga" here!
These ninja turtle costumes are very detailed - check out those muscles! They've got arm bands, knee bands, different color shells, and the masks are pretty sweet. I like Leo's toothy smile. Leo in this picture has a Green Lantern ring on also - a little added defense!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Some very silly videos!

This is my little BooBoo showing off how she knows her colorsfor Auntie. She does miss one I think, but she's still a smart little girl! She sings her new song she made up at the very end too. She really did just start singing it yesterday, "Had a tiny turtle, Pop!".

Here's more of the turtle song. Unfortunately it's kind of a dark video. She's quite the singer though - at least she knows a lot of songs!

Lastly, this one is hilarious. Carter and Avery were marching around the kitchen singing "Everybody wants to be a cat" from the Aristocats. Pretty great. They throw some "Thomas O'Malley" in there too. I love when Ave says "Only Cat!". Then Carter does some really great dancing and Flash moves. Makes me laugh everytime!

A good start to Fall!

This girl loves a good treat. She had all the frosting off her "pupcake" as she calls it after lunch. Later she had a baby cone from DQ. She told me, "I ate the whole thing!". She talks way too well!
We had some fun making mud pies on Sunday. It was gorgeous outside - 86 degrees! Carter and Avery were making a plate of meatballs.
I love this face. Landon was showing off the mudpie we all made. He and Carter decorated it with red berries that fell off the tree. Beautiful!
We haven't played with the mudpie maker for awhile. It was a good purchase by Grandma and Grandpa. They do love it!
If you saw Erica's blog, she found Landon's old Superman costume from right before he turned 2. Everyone tried it on. It was supersmall on both boys, but quite roomy on my girl. She looks like a nut!
Kyle and I could not stop laughing at her. This is how she was walking around in it: very Lurch-like!
We went to Clark's Park on Saturday for another wonderful day in the sunshine. They had a blast. As usual their favorite part was running down the hills. Carter looks so funny in this picture!
I like this action shot of Avery. She takes running very seriously!
They like to swing right next to eachother. Luckily Ave just follows her brother around wherever he wants to go.
We had to go on all four different colors of horsey-swings of course. Kyle and I took turns riding with our little Boo-Boo. Carter's a big boy (just ask him), so he can do everything by himself now!
This is kind of a shadowy picture, but it makes me laugh. He would wear that Turtle shirt every single day if he could. He loves it!
We had to start out with the blue horsey-swings. Blue is Carter's favorite color - followed by purple and red. He's got quite a list!
Carter heard Terri say she had to go to the mall. He was very insistent we go there too. He's so weird sometimes. He doesn't want anything at all there - he just wants to go. They did have a fun time on the slide though.
We did end up buying Avers some cute black shoes. She needs some for Halloween. She was crazy on the slide - she tried to run down once! Luckily her brother was there to catch her!
This new shirt might give the Turtles one a break. I found my boy a Flash shirt. He was superfast all day long! He wore it to bed too. It was much too awesome to take off!
My girl had her first braid at daycare last week. Her teacher Jodi fixed it for her. It was the tiniest funniest little thing!
What a face! She has definitely reached that cheesy smile stage!
I barely got a picture of this sneaky T-Rex. He was walking around like that attacking Poppa! He really likes T-Rex and Quetzalcoatlus (the flying dinosaur which silly Mom thought was called a Pterodactyl).