Sunday, September 30, 2007

A few videos

Carter was having a good time laughing at me on Sunday when he was feeling better. It's nice to have our happy guy back. Please ignore my icky hair and pajamas - I showered right after!

Carter has decided mirrors are the coolest things ever. Everytime he sees himself he talks and gets all excited. I guess you'll see what I mean.

This video is from quite a while ago in Missoula. Callie told us that this dance she does will work for any song: country, rap, pop, whatever. Enjoy!

Sick but Still Happy

My poor little guy was sick from Tuesday night through Saturday. He had a little stomach bug and had to choke down some tasty Pedialite.

On Saturday he was starting to feel more like himself again. The sad thing was that all week he would throw up and then smile at us. He wanted to be happy.
He slept a ton this last week too. I think not only was he barfy, but his teeth were bugging him too. He was drooling and chewing on everything he could get his hands on.

He was quite pleased with himself on Friday after he pooped through two outfits in a span of four hours. He was telling his Dad all about it on his lunch hour.
Grandma Patsy did some shopping in Helena this week and got these cute Halloween pajamas for Carter. He really liked how bright they were.
The front of them said "Baby 1st Boo". I can't wait for his Halloween costume to come. I'll keep it a surprise for now, but it will be cute!
We had one pretty nice day last week so I had to put him in shorts. Mom got these sweet brown ones in Vegas, and he had to wear them at least once. They were a little big, but so cute on him!
Here's another happy diaper picture. He really was trying to have a good time, but his little belly was not happy. You could hear it turning and gurgling from across the room.

I just like how bright this picture is. Carter loves to go outside and grab all the plants and trees that he can. He didn't want to let go of this one.
This was our happy boy on Sunday. He still ruined one outfit, but he was very smiley all day long. He was smiling at Grandma in this picture.
It was a little chilly, so we got bundled up for a short little walk down to Hastings. He was not a fan of the hat at first, but he forgot about it as soon as we went outside.
He is getting very good at sitting up on his own. He likes to play with his toes or the wipe container while he sits. He's getting very strong!
This is the funniest picture! Erica always said those pants make the boys look like gym teachers - so we got Carter a whistle. The funniest part is that Carter looks like he has Kyle's hair growing about half way back on his head. He's now a balding gym teacher! I think he's yelling at me to do some situps.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Big Man

Here is a nice picture of a messy little man. Carter has started having oat cereal for dinner instead of rice. He likes it a lot, especially mixed with prunes. He loves this cup too - he pretty much just holds it and chews on it!
Terri and Jordan gave Carter a bath the other night and got this funny picture. If those toes are free, they must go straight into the mouth! He does love a good bath.
This picture just makes me laugh. Kyle is a big sweet tooth - so he was in heaven here with a big bunch of cookies. This is his happy/creepy face!
This isn't a very good picture at all. I just like this shirt. I remember Lando wearing it during the summer - now it's Carter's turn. Mom said he rolled over on Friday night too (I was selling 50/50 tickets); can't wait to video that. He's getting so big!
He's starting to really like his high chair. If we give him some toys after he eats, he'll just hang out while everyone else eats. He talked and talked to Great-Grandma Burgman on Sunday morning. The keys are a big hit right now as you can see.
He was hanging out with Grandma Patsy in this picture, but she made me cut her out. He really is just a happy little guy. We're lucky to have such a mellow baby (for however long it lasts)!
He moved over to Grandpa Dale. He loves Dad's unruly facial hair (which I cut that night). He's always trying to grab it. Dad looks very contemplative here - we were probably deciding on dinner.
Carter got to wear his Dad's LSU hat after their big win. Jordan got this funny picture of him chewing on his lip. Thank goodness LSU won because our NFL teams did not have a good weekend!
I had to put up this picture - it's too funny. This is his "making weird noises" face. He was just jabbering away to Jordan (who looks so grown up). I love how his eyes are shut; what a goofball.
Carter and I both had some nice Redskins gear on
Saturday night. I correctly predicted that this would cause them to lose on Sunday. Don't worry - he has some 49ers stuff too (it's just too big right now). They lost too so I guess that wouldn't have mattered. He loves the strings on my sweatshirts!
We managed to get out in the swing one more time before the cold weather came. He likes it, but it makes him a bit nervous too. He opens and shuts his eyes really fast when he swings towards me!
He was looking at Aunt Terri in this picture. He loves when she talks to him. I'm glad he got to wear this outfit this weekend. It was a bit short for his legs, but very cute. I'm sure you remember it Erica.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

A nice week

My little man was tired on Thursday! He doesn't like to nap at daycare because there is so much to look at. Look at those buff arms.
He really, really wants whatever we are eating now. He was dying to get the frosting off of Aunt Terri's plate.
This picture is cute. I love his little chubby fingers grabbing my face. His mouth is open too - I also love those big slobbery kisses!
His neck is very ticklish. Kyle was making him laugh so hard the other night. You can tell by that silly face!
When Carter's hungry, we know! He will eat whatever he can - including Abbey's face. He's strong too. He grabs her face and doesn't let go.
Terri got Carter this nice little stroller on Saturday. We love the jogging stroller, but this one is easy to throw in anyone's trunk. I think he liked it too - this face is just goofy!
Carter went to his first Butte High football game (which was not pretty) on Friday. It was beautiful outside; we didn't even need coats. As soon as we put his hat on he was out! (I swear I covered up his ears right after this).
Dani really wanted to be on the blog - so here you go Dani! Carter was very charming at the game. He hung out with Dani and Kristi - also Mike and MaryBeth. He wouldn't smile though; he was too busy watching the game.
Yummy - a nice snack of toes before bedtime. He loves when his socks are off. I think he just feels so free! He's starting to find his hands quite fascinating too.
This is a happy bananas/rice cereal face. He started having fruit with his dinner this week, and he finds it to be very tasty. Go Redskins!
Terri and Jordan took Carter for a couple hours on Saturday so we could really clean our house. They got a lovely picture of him playing with his hair. He does this all the time; it's so funny.
Here's the frontal view. It looks like he's doing a bodybuilder pose! They went to a wedding shower at Emma Park - it was such a nice day. I heard he was very smiley too.
It was Daddy's 27th birthday on Sunday. We had a delicious dinner and some cake for dessert. You can tell Kyle was happy!
Terri got him a very nice cake with some cool football candles. Carter found the flames quite enthralling - hopefully he's not a pyromaniac like his Uncle Kyle.
This is a nice lounging picture. Grandpa was babysitting/watching some football while Carter drooled/played with his bug. I was making cookies - which doesn't happen often.
Abbey said she hadn't cuddled with Carter in a while, so she got some time in on Sunday. He must have been having a little growth spurt because he ate and slept a ton this weekend! He also grew out of some pajamas.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Football and more

Carter was hanging out with Dad at our Sunday morning brunch. Since he can't have our food, he decided to eat a nice football. Dad was making him do the Heisman pose too, but we didn't get a good picture of it.
My "work mom" Andrea and her husband Jack invited us to dinner on Sunday night. Carter was a little barfy, but overall very good (and very loud). It was a delicious meal - thanks Andrea and Jack!
Carter went to his first Montana Tech football game this weekend (where they got killed - oh well). Montana Orthopedics was the sponsor so Carter was charming for all the employees; here he is cheering with Grandma.
He had a very good time - it was a beautiful day. Abb and Jord had to show him off to every person that they knew! He got to wear a coat for the first time too.
We went to Perkins to eat later on Saturday, and poor Carter was just tired. All that fresh air I guess. He fell asleep at home while I was changing his diaper. Check out that nice, chubby physique!
He really was out - I did a little close-up on that cute, sleeping baby face! It must be tiring being such a good baby all day.
I just like this little smile. He had a rough couple days at the beginning of the week with some teething symptoms. It was nice to have our happy little man back.
Kyle and I made a trip to Walmart on Friday night. Carter had a nice bath while we were gone; then he decided to sit on the couch next to Aunt Terri. He actually does sit up by himself fairly well. Gotta touch those toes!
The sitting didn't last long! He fell asleep on Terri's lap pretty quickly. He was wearing his cute new pajamas from Grandma Patsy. They say "I love Mommy. I love Daddy. Everybody loves me." How true!
Terri and Jordan made sure he got his lunch at the football game. My little guy loves sweet potatoes. They might be his favorite so far. He's a good eater!
We got an advance copy of the Montana Orthopedics footballs that they threw out at the game. Carter found it to be quite easy to hold and drool all over!
Oops - I didn't realize I put two of these up. That's okay - he's a cutie. That shirt made his eyes look very blue. They are actually starting to look more gray everyday (there's a rhyme for you).
Carter decided he enjoys the ads that are in the paper. They are very bright, make cool crinkly sounds, and are easy to stick in his mouth. Kyle made sure to keep the sports page out of his reach!
Here's one his many "talking to Aunt Terri" pictures. He just loves to tell her stories! He was wearing his cool shorts and monkey shirt from Vegas. Luckily there are still a few nice days left before we retire the summer clothes.