Monday, April 27, 2015

Some fun in the sun, snow, and rain!

Teague picked out these sunglasses when we were in Great Falls with Callie last month. He just looks too cool in them. His tracksuit makes him look like a mobster from The Sopranos. I like calling him "Paulie Walnuts" when he wears this.
We had another fun park day with about 10 other Emerson kids. They have a good time. You can tell by this groovy table dancing.
There were three of us Moms there. We brought snacks and drinks and just let them have fun!
Carter and his buddy Nathan. He is the nicest kid. He, Carter, and Sam always have fun together.
We were guinea pig sitters this weekend while Abb, Jord, Terri, and Mom went to Billings to watch Jordan dance. Here is Carter holding Olaf. Olaf likes to eat and make happy noises!
Here is Avery holding Onyx. Onyx was a bit more shy. They are very low maintenance though! Dynamic Dance and Tumbling won best studio by the way. They had a great weekend!

Auntie Terri picked some tuna casserole for her Earthday Birthday. Then I made this super ugly chocolate cake. Luckily it tasted delicious! Happy Birthday Terr!
She asked the kids to help her blow out the candles. Carter really helped!
Sunday was a snow day. It rained a little in the afternoon too. Spring is crazy! Teague thought it was a good day to draw.
Carterman ordered a cool new Chima set from Amazon with some of his Birthday money and gift cards. It is awesome! He was so excited when it came in the mail.
Dad drew three delightfully warped pictures. This one was my favorite. Hamburgers attacking a house, why not?
It really made Teague laugh too. He climbed on Papa's lap and just giggled every time he looked at it!
Carterman had his first baseball practice on this beautiful Monday! 60 degrees! He had a lot of fun and actually has 2 kids from Emerson on his team this year.
Teague was showing me how the Quetzalcoatlus on his shirt would fly. He spent about 6 hours outside today. I loved it as much as he did!
Avers got her tumbling costume today! It is gorgeous :) I am excited to watch her recitals!

Monday, April 20, 2015

It's definitely Spring!

First off, we have the rough life an eleven year old dog. Some nights (especially if we go for long walks) are simply too exhausting for Laney. She was crawling over this pillow for me to pet her, and this was apparently as far as she could go!
Carter's present from Grandma and Grandpa Barsness arrived on Monday. He was super excited to open it up.
Laney just had to help him!
Lego Legends of Chima! His new favorite thing. You can tell by his face that he was thrilled!
We put them all together that day. Everyone helped, especially Kyle. Legos are still his favorite toy. Carterman loved everything. Thanks again!
Spring is definitely here. There was supposed to be softball and track in Butte last it snowed! Spring sports = snow!
Carter may have been about to throw a snowball at me. Yes, he was!
It got a bit warmer throughout the week. Windy though. Carter put on his safety goggles to do some yard work with Papa. We had to trim the big tree that was taking over the alley.
Ave looked super fashionable in her Avengers dress. Abb, Jord, and Terr got that for her last year, and it was a little too big. This summer it should be perfect - I love it!
She was Papa's little helper all day. They decided to recreate "American Gothic" for me. It makes me laugh! They look slightly happier than the original painting!
Teague helped a bit too. I couldn't get him to ever look at me though.
Lastly, it was 61 degrees today! By the time Teague got dressed (1 pm), it was definitely shorts weather. They should fall asleep very fast tonight. They played and played and played outside all day! I hope it stays this way for awhile!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Carter Robert is 8!

Miss Boo doing some science experiments. She is very studious.
Teague loves this new shirt Grandma got him in Billings. We all love Guardians of the Galaxy!
Daddy and Carter having some snuggles. They were putting together a new Lego Chima set that we got him for his birthday. We let him open one present a day early. He was a bit impatient!
Ave had Korin over to play on Friday. They are super cute together and have the best time. You can always hear them laughing and laughing!
These two love pears, just like their Dad. I was trying to get a nice picture of them eating them for breakfast. Kyle's foot made an appearance here.
And here! I give up. It's awfully funny though!
Carter had his party at the laser tag place this year. It is probably the best place you could ever bring 8 year old boys! They were really funny and quite sweaty afterwards. I think they all had a great time! Here we have: Tre, Carter, Dallas, Colin, Gavin, Colton, Colby, and Teague!
I was standing behind Carter and asked Kyle to take a picture of him with the cake. This is a great one!
Dallas, Colin, and Tyler enjoying some Iron Man Cake.
Colton, Tre, Nate, Gavin, and Colby digging in at the next table. While these guys were eating, Avery, Madisyn, Mason, Terri, Abb, Jord, Teague, Reece, and Kyle were playing laser tag. It was hilarious! I feel bad. His party was super fun, but crazy. I had no pictures of Nicole, Connor, Little Kyle, Mom, Sam, Siri, Brooklyn, Reece...etc. We are just glad he had a great time!
The party was so busy he had to open his presents at home! He got a Nerf gun and darts from Nathan and Tyler - always a safe bet! Teague's face is pretty awesome here too.
Mason picked out this gun for him. It might have been his favorite thing! Terri, Abb, and Jord watched him open presents too and got him an Amazon gift card. It's burning a hole in his pocket! He had the very best day! Thanks to our friends and family. You are all the best!
Ave in these "lab" glasses kills me.
She was dressing Clover in Barbie clothes and tying his ears in a ponytail. Quite lovely.
Sunday was pasty day! Carter always picks them for his birthday dinner, and that is fine with the rest of us. They are a bit time consuming, but everyone loves them. Avery is my little helper. She is very good at measuring the flour for the dough.
She doesn't pack it in and levels it off nicely! She also mixed dough by hand and peeled potatoes. She's a good girl.
Teague had the first pasty and loved it! So he had another after that!
Carter got two gift cards for Game Stop from Colton and Colby. He used one today to buy a Lego Chima game for the DS. He was quite happy with it!
Lastly, Carter with some pasties. He is such a good boy, and I'm glad he had such a fun weekend. It's really hard to believe I have an eight year old! Time is passing way too fast.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Giant Easter post!

We didn't dye a ton of eggs this year, but we had some fun with the ones we did. Grandma was in Vegas, and she was missing out :( She always loves a good art project. Jordan came over to help though.
Time to get started!
Carter, of course, went straight for the blue dye!
Grandma bought a cool shiny paint set for the eggs. We all tried it out.
I held the egg for Teague (who looks insane here!). My fingertips were red for a couple days, but that's okay. Carter had a real smile here. I love it!
Fancy schmancy huh?
Ave decorated her eggs for two days in a row. She does a great job! This guy with the chin beard was my favorite!
Jordan came over to visit before prom. She looked beautiful!
Ave was writing down all the songs she was listening to. The checkmarks indicate how much she loves that song!
We went to Billings over spring break to visit with Erica, Landon, Hawkins, and Uncle Kyle. We also got to have a visit with Grandma and Grandpa Barsness who were on their way back from Cody. All in all we had a great time with our family! Jordan and Hawkins bonded at Red Lobster. He is such a good and handsome baby. He just goes with the flow!
These three shared some dessert!
Teague liked the orange segments the best!
Hawkins got a smashing new Duke hat at the mall. He looked fantastic in it! Auntie Erica also got Carter a black Puma one for his birthday (along with some Nerf darts), and Ave a Peppa Pig one, just because she's a nice Auntie.
Chuck E. Cheese time! It really wasn't too packed, and the kids had a blast.
Carter loved this snowmobile game.
We decided Hawkins is a grumpy sleeper! Erica had about six pictures of him like this on her phone. Luckily, he is not grumpy when awake!
This one just makes me laugh! Trying to get a good picture of four kids is never easy.
At least you can see Landon's face in this one. Teague looks pretty happy in both!
Just what a crazy guy needs - fun dip aka straight-up sugar!
Time to go swimming - once again, all four never cooperate!
That one is pretty cute :)
Billings just got a giant Scheel's store complete with Ferris Wheel and Thomas Jefferson statue! How exciting!
We all had lots of fun there. There is just so much stuff for kids: ferris wheel, picture booths, bowling, and of course, the escalator.
Mom and Jordan took the kids to a sports/gaming complex right by the hotel while we watched Duke's Final Four game. They had a blast! We joined them a bit later for some mini golf and laser tag. Hawkins was very helpful!
Two boys climbing on the fake rocks.
Landon has excellent form.
Avers looks so cute in her Peppa Pig hat!
Time for a late night treat at Perkins. We all enjoyed it! Everyone made it back home safely on Sunday. Thanks for a great spring break! Can't wait until we are all together this summer - we will add Lincoln right into these pictures!
Kyle brought our luggage home and brought over Easter Bunny presents! My kids are very into Lego Chima stuff right now.
On Monday, Grandma and Papa brought out more presents! These are some spoiled, spoiled kids!
Ave loved all her stuff!
Papa hid 56 plastic eggs outside - filled with either candy, money, carrots, cereal, sunflower seeds, green beans, or shrimp! He is so strange, but that endears him to these guys!
Teague was ready to search!
Carter had a good time!
Ave looked gorgeous in this Easter dress mom found for her at Costco! I love the colors.
Jordan looked very nice too!
Liam went through many obstacles to find this egg! He's so cute, and he and Teague always have fun together.
Teague called this stick his "grab-a-ratter". It helped him a lot!
Oh, I forgot, there were blueberries too. Teague's favorite!
Abbey Jean was able to stop by for a bit before work. I haven't seen her in a while, it was nice to visit!
The 4 egg hunters!
These 3 were having a good time together!
My girl is just pretty! We had a very fun Easter Monday, followed by...
Duke winning their 5th national championship! What could be better?