Sunday, November 24, 2013

Getting brisk out there!

Ave made us all sit down and watch her "dance show" the other day! The Flash and blue guy made special appearances!
She was very serious while dancing. She DEMANDS your full attention too, or she'll start over again from the beginning. She's pretty cute though!
This was probably about 12:30 in the morning. His schedule is much like mine. He was being the silver surfer here. I just love his skinny little body in those pajamas - he looks like a sausage in a casing!
Carter and I had dentist appointments on the 21st. No cavities - yay! He is an awesome patient too. We had compliments from the hygienist and the dentist. Also, it was Lando's 7th birthday! We did Facetime at the perfect moment. We were able to sing "Happy Birthday" to him with Sean and Erica. We can't wait to see them later this week!
Excavating time. This is always the messiest little game, but they love it! It will take them another two years to get that whole T-Rex skeleton out.
Teague wore his Thor costume (he wears it at least once a day) to pick up Carter from school the other day. Ave decided it was a good day for her to be a police woman also!
Ritter came over Saturday for a couple hours. It was nice to visit, cuddle with the new baby, and let the older kids play for a bit. Avery and Madisyn had a great time dressing up and doing some art together.
I don't know what these two were doing here! What great muscle poses though!
There's baby Myla. She was so sweet. She was wide awake most of the time and just stared at everyone with her dark blue eyes. She looks like her Mom!
Carter just loves his puppy. He hugs her like this pretty much every day.
We went for a walk today with Papa on the trail. Ave had been wondering for awhile if the duck pond was covered with ice. Teague was a maniac today. I can't believe how much energy he had - you can see him running with Laney!
Avery loves where these trees connect. You can't really tell, but she was doing some nice poses.
The duck pond was frozen. We brought them a little snack, and they were slipping and sliding all over to get to the food!
We found a big group to feed on the other side too.
Ave took the last of her bread and made a trail all the way to the tunnel. It was hilarious! One duck figured it out. He was just waddling from crumb to crumb!
Carterman's top tooth is finally coming in!
We tried as usual to get a picture - typical Teague smile! Hope everyone enjoys their Thanksgiving. This holiday season is creeping up way too fast!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Lazy week

We finally had Jordan's birthday dinner, and it was delicious! Mom made some very crunchy oven baked chicken strips, mashed potatoes, and corn. The chocolate cake was tasty too! My kids always have a good time singing "Happy Birthday", and they love their buddy Jocko!
One day when Kyle was off, we took Ave and Teague to blow off some steam at a park. It's been either gorgeous here (look at that sky) or so cold and windy. This was a beautiful day!
Teague found his frog hat and gloves from when he was a baby, and all of a sudden, he loves them! The hat is a 12 month hat and barely covers his little head. He still looks super cute though.
I like this picture! Teague looks so tiny (which he is I suppose)!
She is my little monkey! The sad thing is I don't even worry anymore. If it were Carter or Teague up there I'd be right underneath them expecting them to fall. She is blessed with coordination!
Teague was "her baby" one night. I have no idea how she got him into this doll stroller. I can tell you she had to push his legs while I grabbed under his arms to get him out! They had fun though!
These 3 are always looking out the window when Daddy goes to work. Sometimes Officer Jurenic will turn on the siren for them!
Mom and Dad were down in Bozeman Wednesday night for the All-State meetings with the other AA coaches. They told me their room was next to the pool and had an extra queen bed and a pull-out couch. We decided to head down Friday when Carter was done with school. We went straight to the pool of course!
We swam in the morning also before we went back to the gym. They got spoiled of course - Grandma and Papa took them to IHop and Target while I met one of our players at the gym. They are lucky kids!
The pool was a little cold in the morning, but they thought the hot tub was pretty awesome! It snowed there of course on Friday night. We didn't even watch the championship game. I wanted to get home before Homestake was dark and snowy. I'm a nervous driver ever since I had kids!
Lastly, Teague loves his Halloween costume. He's actually wearing it again right now. This was Sunday morning, notice the pajama feet sticking out! Kyle said, "It's probably the best investment Grandma ever made!" I told Teague I was going to take a picture, and he said "Want a picture of me laying down?" Sure, why not?

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Good old Outdoors

They were doing Facetime with Lando when I took this. They look so happy! Carter is counting down the days until he gets to see his cousin again - soon! They will be in for Thanksgiving/Landon's birthday!
This kid falls asleep in the strangest places and positions!
This is the blog of weird Teague smiles I think! They are cute, but super cheesy and usually have one of both eyes closed. He enjoys a nice bath with his Octonauts.
She just looked so cute cuddled up with Clifford, I had to take a picture.
They were babysitting the other day for these princess babies. Apparently some of the girls were being mean to Mulan. Teague was not happy about it! There's that smile again too!
I was running low on pictures for the week...then we went hiking. This one is awfully cute though.
Saturday was a Puma day. They all absolutely love their puma jacket/pants sets. Especially Carter, he would wear that jacket everyday if we let him!
Carter insisted on taking a few pictures before we left. This is a nice one of me and my Boo!
Kyle and Teague - very cute! I also went up to the hospital on Saturday and met my friend Ritter's (Melissa Swanson) new baby girl - Myla Elizabeth. She's super cute, cuddly, and healthy. I'm very happy for them!
It was so nice today that we decided to go for a hike. There was just a little wind and the sun was out, so we headed up to Maude S. Canyon.
Ave and Carter always insist on bringing their binoculars.
The very start. Teague was the leader. He was awesome today! He walked all but the last 50 feet up the mountain, and we went to the top today!
Carterman is a handsome guy. He looks good in purple!
They always like to stop and climb the sand pile by the railroad tracks.
We took the new path today. Here is one little rest picture.
My girl is like a mountain goat. She's always bouncing off the path, climbing up to rocks, and having a good time!
Getting up a little higher!
We made it to the top! Papa took a little family picture for us! Then I carried Teague all the way down the mountain. My left arm is killing me!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Halloween! Yay!

We had quite the Halloween holiday! A lot of pictures here! First though, here's a few from earlier in the week. Carter was happily singing in the shower when I got this picture. He makes me laugh. That tooth is finally coming in I think too!
Abbey was throwing Teague up in the air, and his little dimple was so cute. They just love Abb and Jord. Also, Happy 15th Birthday to Jordan yesterday! It's hard to believe she's 15 already...
Avery brushing Carter's hair afterwards. He hates it! Ha ha - it's long right now though. Haircut tomorrow hopefully!
Someone named Teague is getting pretty good at somersaults!
Action photo!
This happened on Monday - I was not pleased! I like snow just fine, but last week was so gorgeous. I really wanted it to all melt before Halloween. This is outside Ave's dance school.
Poor scary mask looked chilly!
Grandma made some little hot dog/crescent roll/potato stick "bugs" the other night with Ave's help of course. They were pretty cute!
Halloween morning! My little SWAT guy was very excited for his parade and play at school. He was looking good!
His parade was a little chilly, but not too bad! He was very happy to see me, Ave, Teague, Terri, and Jordan there to watch him.
Now it's Ave's turn. She got dressed after Carter's 9:00 parade for her 11:00 parade. She's the sparkliest police woman around!
My little Thor was being a booger about putting on his costume for his 10:30 parade. Once it was on however, he knew he looked awesome! He was supposed to be Superman but kept telling everyone he was Thor. Grandma saved the day and ordered this just in time!
Teagie's parade!
He was pretty serious. He had to check out everyone else's costumes.
He got a big bag of goodies afterwards. He and his daycare buddies made out pretty well!
Ave (far right) sang a few songs before their parade. She did a good job!
She kept telling me to look for her friend Grace who was going to dress up as Ariel. I think I found her!
She had a good time. She looks so cute in that hat too!
I love this picture!
These two are just cute. They were having a good time!
Ave specifically asked me to take one more picture of she and her buddy before we left for Emerson.
We had to be at Emerson by 11:45. Carter's class had a Halloween play that their families were invited to. It was so cute! Carter was a bat in the first play!
He got to fly around the crowd - that was his favorite part! He gave Teague a little pat on the head when he went by. Teague kept frantically waving to him, it was hilarious!
We stopped by the mall, Grandma's work, and the gym to show off their costumes.
Then Papa brought home some pumpkins from his classroom to decorate. Teague thought they were pretty cool.
While we were setting up, Mom and Dad's C Street neighbors came by on their tractor. They picked us up for a hay ride! They have 3 boys and one is in Carter's class at school. The youngest is buddies with Teague at daycare too. I didn't have my camera though :(
It was freezing, but Thor wanted to play in the playhouse.
Looking good Ave!
They all love Grandma's Halloween village. It's amazing that Teague didn't break it this year. He was obsessed!
Time for Trick-or-Treating! We didn't go out until about 7, and that was the perfect time to go. No snow, no rain, and no wind. They were very good about saying "Trick-or-Treat" and "Thank You".
Teague's bag was getting heavy, but of course he didn't want help. He just dragged it behind him.
Terri and Mom were with us, and we stopped by their old house on A Street. The man there was very nice. He laughed and laughed when Teague dug his hand in the candy bowl!
They were having a blast! We were out and about for an hour and a half, and people loaded them up with candy. There weren't many other kids out.
Ave's haul!
Thor was wired! I know this is blurry, but it's funny!
Ave got a Halloween stencil with a spider, Frankenstein, Vampire, and monster on it. She drew the witch and Mummy (next to a gravestone) herself. That's impressive! She was not happy with Papa's "Avery" that he added.
Lastly we met my friend Alicia and Brooklyn for pizza the next day. My camera died, but I did get this cute picture of them checking out the carousel together. Alicia is due with a little boy on Dec. 31st (Ritter is due Nov. 10th with a little girl!). It was great to see her, and I hope everyone had a lovely Halloween!