Monday, June 30, 2008

Tons of Pictures! Seriously.

Have you ever seen a cheesier picture in your whole life? My softball game at Stodden got cancelled so we just played on the playground.
Here is our Burgman family pic for the summer of '08. Little Kyle was in Spokane and Kelsie is in Alaska (we miss you Kels!). Carl and Jenny were in for eight days, and we (as usual) had lots of fun with them. Hope your flight went okay - see you next year!
I look absolutely massive in this picture, but it's still cute. Carter thought he was pretty cool sitting on the bench like a big boy.
Kyle graduated from the Montana Law Enforcement Academy on Friday! Yay - the twelve long weeks are over! It was a very nice ceremony, and he had lots of supportive people there: Dick, Diana, Callie, me, Mom, Carl, and Jenny. We are proud of him and glad to have him home.
This was his "cell" that he slept in for three months. It was about the tiniest room I've ever seen. Luckily he made some nice friends there and learned a lot.
The boys love when they have stuff on their shirts that they recognize - like a ball in this case.
This is the funniest game ever. Landon puts his soothie in...and then waits for Carter to take it. Then they chase eachother around. It's very funny. Carter is just waiting for the right moment to strike here.
Here it is...attack mode! Carter is pretty good at getting it, but Landon has some good evasive moves.
This is just a nice picture of Laney getting some loves from Erica and Landon. Landon really does love her and is very nice to her.
Here is Carter having some of my pasty. He ate about half of it. He is a very big fan of potatoes and gravy!
This is a nice picture of his "kitty face". He goes absolutely crazy when he sees the cat next door walk by the fence. You can also see his bruise from falling on the sidewalk.
The sandbox has really increased Carter's baths lately. I'm not sure how he does it, but he gets sand to stick to his scalp like glue.
We took a really fun trip to Clark's Park last night - just to get the boys out of the house. Carter had a good time riding this ladybug.
Landon didn't want to ride the other ladybug, but he did help Carter bounce on it. They are pretty good to eachother.
Here's Landon and his Momma riding the tire swing. Lando has a very cute smile here.
Carter thought this tunnel was pretty cool. He and Jordan had a good time on the curvy slide.
I'm not sure what he is smiling at so much here. I just like the big smile.
He loved this horse. He kept petting it and saying "neigh". Landon once again helped him bounce on it!
Look at these clowns! They love to try and climb up slides. They went down this yellow one quite a few times. Abbey was the catcher.
Landon gave Jordan a nice push on the tire swing. He's very strong.
Once again, not my best photo. Carter looks pretty excited though!
Here's a lovely action photo that Erica took. Carter really likes to go down the slide by himself. Abbey said he blinks really fast all the way down! It was 90 some degrees yesterday, and he looked smashing in his shark onesie and huge shoes!
These pictures are from last weekend. Grandma and Grandpa got the boys some lovely purple lawnchairs with fish on them. Landon backs into his, but Carter has to climb.
Madisyn came over to play on Sunday night. She didn't want to get in the sandbox, but she did play with the sand. It was pretty funny.
I love this picture of the three of them. Madisyn really liked this police car. Landon kept peeking through the window and smiling. Carter just wanted to get in the fire car.
Carter kept opening the door to the car, and Madisyn would say "No". I told Ritter she might have to get her one of those. She was having a good time.
Madisyn went down the slide a couple times too. Her hair is getting so long. I just think she is such a pretty little girl.
I had to put this one up. Nothing exciting is going on. He just looks so cute and serious. He is my handsome little guy! Hope you enjoyed the huge post!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Summer stuff

Carter was a very sleepy little man last night. He actually fell asleep in his outfit while I was holding him. Playing outside just wears him out.
Here's his poor little mosquito bites. They are so bad this year. Both boys get attacked no matter how much repellant we spray on them. He was happy though playing with the "pies" from Trivial Pursuit.
We went down to C Street park on Sunday to let Laners run around. Lando and Abbey went on the swings while Erica and Jordan played volleyball. We switched off - the girls wanted to practice before volleyball camp!
This face just kills me. Both boys like to do everything by themselves on the playground. I guess Carter was concentrating on climbing!
They also love putting dirt on the slide for eachother. We always have to wipe it off before they come down.
Landon looks so silly here. Abb and Jord were trying to get him to smile while I took a picture. He wanted to carry that ball all the way home.
Carter kept climbing all over his Daddy on Sunday. It was really funny. He would pull himself up and then have to rest for a second. Kyle was laughing.
We found one of Laney's tennis balls that she never used to play with. All of sudden (since the boys like it) - she likes it. They have a good time throwing it for her.
I just liked this little over the shoulder look. As usual, he was eating something. The little tiny guy eats all the time!
Grandma shared this strawberry thing from Wendy's with Carter. He thought it was the most delicious thing he's ever had! He had to use the big spoon of course.
He just looked so happy that I had to put two strawberry face pictures up.
Is this the cheesiest grin you've ever seen? He is such a goofball. He was dipping hot dog in sour cream. I can't look at this without laughing.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Lots of Visitors (and pictures)

Our friend Nikki Foley is in for the summer with her little boy, Cutler. He's just a couple days away from six months and so cute. He has her dimples! The Foleys came over for some pastys on Sunday.

Here we are with our boys. Carter was getting pretty tired and wouldn't smile. It's still a really cute picture though. They had fun outside.
Carter is obsessed with running water. He was running around naked the other day, and Grandpa put him in the sink. He had the best time. He knows how to turn it on and off now.
Landon really likes the lawn chairs in the front yard. He likes to lounge on them. He looks like he's just chilling with Grandpa.
The best game the boys play is when they run around and peek at eachother around furniture or their slide. It's so funny, and they just laugh and laugh.
Lando loves this game. He's usually the one who starts it. He really enjoys when Carter chases him. This is such a cute smile!
My cousin Kathi brought her little guy Josh in to see everyone last Thursday. They've been in Oregon for a job, and we haven't seen them in about a year. Josh turned two on the 13th, so it was an early party for him. Austin sat in between us so he could play with the dragon.
Here's the other half of the picture. I don't know what happened with the light on Lando's eyeball. Poor Connor crashed in his stroller and had to wear a sling. He got a cast the next day.
Here's the whole "Cousins with their boys" picture. It's kind of dark and crazy - it's so strange we all have boys! We have (L-R) Erica, Landon, Nicole, Connor, Me, Carter, Austin, Kathi, and Josh.
Here's Carter relaxing in the Dragster. He likes the rides better when they are not in motion!
He and Josh rode the alligator together with some help from Aunt Terri and Aunt Diane. It was really nice to see everyone. Josh is such a cute guy; I'm so glad we got to see him.
Josh liked all of his presents. He especially thought this one from Aunt Patsy was really cool.
Carter (who had some pudding obviously) had a good time on the carousel. Jordan said he was saying "Neigh". He's big into animal sounds right now!
Abb and Lando went on the carousel too. Lando was pretty tired that night. He thought the mirrors on the top of the carousel we're pretty cool though.
Connor and Austin had a good time no matter what they were riding on. They are so cute. Connor wanted me to take a picture everytime they came around!
Carter and Landon both love the Wii. Carter loves to grab the Wii-mote and nunchuk and shake them at the TV. He's just sure he's winning.
Grandpa thought of a great new game for the boys. He puts dirt in the Tonka truck, and they throw it in the air. They were so dirty after this, but they just thought it was hilarious!
Jordan and Terri gave Carter a bath the other day when I was at work. I love the hair and him using my toothbrush. He always points at it and says "teeth".