Monday, February 23, 2015

Little trip to Great Falls

Sometimes Teague begs to run home with Carter after school. This was one of those days. I think it's so cute when Carter is a super nice big brother. He would even hold Teagie's hand when they crossed the street :)
There are times that dance, school, parties, etc... just catch up with Ave. Lane joined her for a rather uncomfortable looking nap on Grandma and Grandpa's floor.
These two are just buddies. They keep finding old baby toys and having fun with them. Also, Teague is wearing some of Carter's old 4T clothes. I have always loved this Dino shirt from Grandma and Grandpa Barsness.
Laney is so weird. This is her favorite place to sit in the truck. She wedges her butt in that center console so she can see outside. I like when she puts her front paws in the cup holders too.
We have had the weirdest weather here. It was really nice last week during the day, then it was freezing after school. As you can see, they didn't care.
Carter and Ave take turns making "recipes" together.
Teague just likes to dig in the dirt.
On Friday we went to Great Falls to watch Sunburst play in their district tournament. Nate coaches the boys, and they are having a great year. They ended up taking 2nd and will play again this week. They were really fun to watch! We stayed in Great Falls at a hotel with Callie. We figured the kids would love to swim, and we weren't too sure when all the games would be. We had a blast! Carter got a cot that he loved for Friday night. Ave stayed with her buddy Callie.
Teague quite enjoyed the king size bed!
Kyle and I slept on either side of this squirmy worm.
Carter got some super cool blue sunglasses at Old Navy. He loved them. They all got pretty spoiled this weekend. We found some fun stuff at Scheel's also.
Kyle was so happy that there was a Coldstone right across the street! He was even happier than these little fools!
Finally, the kids' favorite part. The hotel had a nice pool, and we managed to swim 5 times. Teague is trying to work up the courage to do a big jump to Kyle.
I just like how Carter is swimming in the background here. He does a pretty good job. We are going to start swimming lessons again in April I think.
The best one I had of them looking at me. Carter was obviously not ready! A big thank you to Callie for the fun weekend! We always love to hang out with her; she's the best! Another big thank you to Grandma and Grandpa Barsness, Grandma Bonnie, Breanne, Phil, and Mary Jo. It was wonderful to see everyone (and thanks for delicious dinners.) Also a good luck to Nate and his team!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Teagie is 4!

It was Avery and Carter's 100th day of school on Tuesday. Ave had to do a project. With Grandma's help (she is a scrapbook pro), we cut out a bunch of different shapes for her project on the Cricut. Ave decorated the pencils, crayons, little girls, books, trees, snowmen, etc... It was impressive!
Just  few little goofballs.
This was Teague's last lunch as a 3 year old! I can't believe my little man is getting so big.
Last week was gorgeous here, 50 degrees in February is unheard of. They decided to ride bikes at about 5 so it was cooling off a bit. They had lots of fun though. Kyle helped Carter. He is really trying to get the hang of no training wheels.
Ave just has a good time!
Teague gets mad because he can't go as fast as the other two. He still loves it though.
We made some cookies for their Valentine's Parties at school. They were happy to clean off the extra frosting mix.
Teague (who has no eyeballs visible) is an expert roller.
They turned out quite nice. Everyone loved them.
My little boy is 4! He took a nice bath with some animals who like to swim. I told him he had to smell good for his party.
I let him open two presents early because I can't say "No" to him. He loved his stuff from Grandma and Grandpa Barsness. He was super excited about the Lego sets and the Chasing Dinosaurs movie. He also got to open the one touch Transformers from Auntie Kelsie, Joe, and Lincoln. He carried them around with him all day! Thanks family! You are the best :)
Abbey was working and couldn't come to the party. We met Terri and Jordan and went to see her for lunch though. The waitress brought Teague chocolate milk with whipped cream and a cupcake. He is the luckiest guy! The couple behind us heard it was his birthday and each gave him a dollar too. Then Ken stopped by and gave him 2 more dollars. Who says Friday the 13th is unlucky?
Party time! He loved his Hulk cake!
Time to blow out the candles. Carter and his friend Nathan must have been singing here!
He had a bunch of kiddos at his party. Korin, Ave (wiping sweat off her face I think), Bridger Stearns, Mason, Madisyn, Myla, Brooklyn, and Reese were on one side.
Then Nathan, Carter, Teague, Everett, and Christopher on this side.
These guys all live close to us. Nathan and Christopher are the nicest boys. Their family lives on C Street. Everett lives on A Street. They all had a good time!
Ave, Korin, Brooklyn, and Reese had a blast together.
Baby Myla is such a happy, cute little girl.
Teague and Christopher played very well together. Poor Liam was sick and couldn't make it.
This is Myla checking out Berkli Stearns. Berkli is about 5 months older, and Myla just followed her around everywhere!
Present time. He got super spoiled!
All the boys crowded in to see the Mega-Apatasaurus from Grandma and Grandpa Burgman. It is very cool!
The Super Hero Mashers from Bridger were also a big hit. A huge thank you to everyone again. We have the best families!
One last action photo! All the kids were sweaty after 2 hours of playing!
Teague loved his new dinosaurs pajamas from the Zahlers.
Valentine's Day! We got Ave a lego set from The Lego Movie. She sat at the table and had it put together in about 20 minutes. She loves legos! Carter was checking out the snail she made.
Teague got a Lego set too with Spiderman and Electro. He was loving all his Lego sets!
Ave's finished creation. It's Cloud Cookoo Palace! Uni-Kitty makes me laugh :)
Time to go for a walk with this fashion queen. I don't know what else to say about her!
We went to Copper Mountain later that day per their request. The wind was freezing, but they didn't care. Here's Kyle twisting up Ave on the swings. She did quite a spin!
Carterman in his new Puma coat. His other coat's zipper broke. We ordered this one from Amazon ($18!), and he loves it! It's huge though! The size 8 hangs to his knees.
Teague William having some fun!
Kyle was shaking the bridge for them.
You can tell Carter loves it!
Me and my boys!
Dad and his girl!
Lastly, we have had a very quiet day today. Ave and Teague decided to make a path of books around the house. I do mean all around the house too! The stairs did look pretty cool though. Hope everyone had a nice weekend. Thanks again :)