Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Long weekend

Sorry everyone. I had a long weekend - Monday and Tuesday off. It was lovely. Anyway, I was too lazy to put pictures up until now! I saw Erica and Kathi both updated so I was feeling like a slacker. Here's my girl taking a good nap on the couch...such a surprise! She usually only naps really well in her swing. She's a good girl.
Here's a little crazy man playing with Poppa. He was just goofy that night. Everything was making him laugh hysterically. He fell through Poppa's legs onto his butt, and that really got him going!
I believe he collapsed onto Poppa's chest from all that laughing. You can tell he's a bit insane by that expression on his face.
Carter thought Auntie Erica's headband would look great on him. He was right! Erica snapped this lovely picture of his do.
He was planting himself. He is such a little weirdo...but in a good way. He has quite a sense of humor.
Jordan set Miss Avers up on this gorgeous pillow for some tummy time. She looks like royalty - except for that drool!
Just a big blue-eyed baby girl picture for your enjoyment.
This is possibly one of the worst pictures of me, but my babies are cute. This is how they fell asleep the other night.
She's just like her brother...happiest when naked. She's worse about peeing everywhere though. She knows as soon as that diapers off!
Here's a happy baby in a summer skirt with Aunt Terri. She looked very nice in her little girlie outfit from Grandma Burgman.
These were Carter's "Daddy shorts". He thought he was pretty cool in them. This was before the boys filled the pool with dirt!
Carter has been very nice about sharing his blue guys with Avery. She apparently has noticed that you're supposed to chew and slobber on them.
Here's a lovely shot of the boys helping Erica with the dishes. That is by far one of their favorite thing to do. I had to do the "Hot Dog, Hot Dog, Hot Diggity Dog" dance from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse to get them to look at me!
This is my favorite picture of the week. Carter is just such a good brother. He decided to do some tummy time with his sister.
It's so funny when he plays quietly by himself. I snuck around the corner to get this picture of him coloring at his picnic table.

Carter went up to Roosevelt Drive with Poppa and Landon. They did some exploring while Dad's track kids ran. They kept telling us how they went to a mountain! Can you tell he played in some dirt up there?
Carter decided that he loves cake. He used to just eat the frosting, which is all over his face in this picture. Now he'll eat the whole piece.
Kyle came home at dinner the other night and gave his girl some kisses. She was laughing out loud! Her neck is very ticklish.
Here's my little sunshine hanging out with Poppa. She likes when Poppa holds her because he takes her outside. She enjoys the fresh air.
I have a video of this fun from the other night. Carterman still loves to play with this thing...almost as much as Avery does.
Here is the video. She is such a goof. These are just more new noises that she's learning how to make. You can hear Mulan in the background. That's Carter's favorite movie right now. He loves Mushu. He tells me all the time about the funny dragon.

Monday, May 18, 2009

2 videos

Here's some of my Avery's pretty noises. Her new favorite thing is to put her lips together and spit all over. She's a funny girl!

Carterman likes to sing "Itsy Bitsy Spider" now - he tries so hard to remember the words! If you can handle my horrid voice filling in the gaps, this video is pretty cute. I like when he stops to tell Laney about his crackers.

A sunny weekend!

Saturday and Sunday were gorgeous - 80 degree weather! I'm sure it won't last, but we had lots of fun. Avers got to wear her beautiful Adidas dress that Grandma and Grandpa Barsness got her for Easter. Look at those legs!

Lando had a really cool rhino shirt on yesterday. He and Carter had the best time playing in the dirt by the tree. No grass ever grows there.
This little crazy man told me that he was washing his legs with dirt. Needless to say, the boys had a bath last night.
Here's my girl on Saturday. She was very good about wearing her hat when we were outside, which was a lot. Doesn't she look thrilled?
My friend Ritter came over on Sunday, and we had a little play date. Madisyn and Carter got along great. Here they are playing with the train. They always go back to that toy!
The babies both had little naps at the park. When we got back, they rolled around on the floor together. Mason is about three weeks older than Avery. He's a laid back baby - so cute.
They were funny. Avery rolled on her side and tried to eat his head. She was hungry! It's funny how our kids are so close and are boy/girl pairs. They will be fantastic friends.
Here's Madisyn and Carterman at the park. They were putting dirt and rocks in this bowl and making "soup". I can't believe how blonde Madisyn is!
Carter's new thing is "carrying" Avery to his room. We carry her together and put her on the bed. Then he tells her about his movies. He's such a funny little boy and an excellent brother.
I love her face here. She thinks this is a lot of fun! I like how Carter is holding her hand too. It's just a cute picture.
We brought out the activity thing the other day. We have to wrap a blanket around her so she's stable, but as you can see - she loves it!
Jordan spent the night on Friday. Carter was quite happy to watch some cartoons with her in the morning.
Carter likes to eat crackers on his picnic table from Grandma Bonnie. We are going to move it outside pretty soon. Jordan decided to sit Avery on there to talk to her brother (who was saying "Cheese").
Carter was drawing the other night. He did some really nice squiggles - he told me it was "Ratatouille". He's very imaginative.
His new favorite thing is to stand in the tree, and shake the branches at Poppa. I trimmed his hair the next day!
Here's Carter and Poppa being silly. Carter loves to hang out with his Poppa!
I've been trying to see what 3-6 month clothes my little girl can fit in. She did look pretty lovely in these sporty pink pants. She's just a little peanut.
Here's full extension in the activity thing. She really liked when I would spin the ball. Her feet just reach the bottom!
Here's Terri's favorite picture of the week. Carter was wearing someone's sunglasses. I'm not sure whose they were, but he looks like a bug/alien especially with that little body! A cute one though. His one nostril is all smashed too. He's a goof.
Just a happy diaperless baby! A nice way to close out the blog for the week.

Monday, May 11, 2009

My babies

I had a very nice relaxing Mother's Day. My boy was very lovey to his sister, which makes me happy! I'm a very lucky Mom. By the way, Happy Mother's Day to all of you Moms reading this!

We finally got the Tee from Aunt Kelsie out this weekend. We were waiting for some decent weather since we knew we would never get inside once he opened it! It was a big hit; he's got a pretty good swing for a two year old.
Another nice brother and sister picture. Carter wanted to hold "my Avery". He's very silly, and he makes me laugh everyday.
Avery got this Elmo in her Easter basket from Grandma and Grandpa. She starting to really like it. She grabs it and tries to eat his eyeballs!
Here's my pretty girl after her bath. She looks so little in her big pink towel. She weighed 12.3 at her 4 month checkup. She was a trooper with her shots too. She pretty much just slept all day!
Here's my SuperCarter in his bubblewrap cape. He calls me SuperMommy which I love. Carterman weighed 23.2 at his 2 year checkup, so Avery's more than halfway there! He had three shots, and he didn't cry at all. He just said, "That hurts me!". Then he wanted to watch Avery get hers.
He's been wanting to wear Daddy's baseball hats everywhere. There are just a little big right now! I love the hand in the pocket.
Kyle wrapped Carter up in bubble wrap. Carter thought it was quite amusing until he realized he couldn't move - he liked being unrolled though!
We went over to Erica's on Saturday because Carter really wanted to play with Landon. They had a great time at the play thing in her apartment complex. It is a nice one with some fun slides. Lando liked this straight down double one.
The bridge was pretty fun too. There was a lot of stuff to do. It was a nice day, and it wore them out! Carter and Landon took good naps that day.
Carter liked the curvy slide. The slides were great because they slowed down and the boys could do them all by themselves.
Carter was killing me on Thursday night. I kept telling him he had to go to sleep, and he would squeeze his eyes shut as hard as he could. I tried not to laugh, but I couldn't help it. Then he would open his eyes and say, "I'm awake!".
Avery loves to have her face wiped off after rice cereal. She thinks it's such a good time. Then I let her hold the washcloth, and she eats it.
This picture is cute. Kyle was saying goodbye to his girl after his dinner break. Her cheeks look pretty full!
Poppa gave the boys a bath the other day. He also gave them some fabulous bubble beards. I like how you can see water drops flying everywhere in this picture!
Auntie Terri got the boys ice cream cones at Pork Chop Johns. They were quite happy. He was wearing his cool shark shirt from Grandma and Grandpa Barsness. It says "I don't bite" which I really, really wish were true. He got in trouble on Friday for biting Landon.
Doesn't she look tall in this picture? She's getting so animated. She grabs my face and makes the funniest sounds.
Carter thought this hat was pretty sweet. He kept talking about how he looked like "Bolt". We haven't watched that in a while, but they both like it.
I think it's about time to get rid of the pink head supporter! We have a gray one that's bigger.
Carter really liked his Alligator shirt from Kathi and Diane (and their families). He did not want to put a jacket over it. He just wanted to run 500 circles around Poppa's house!
The boys were playing catch. Sometimes they stand really close and just place the ball on eachother's paddle things!
Abbey Jean got some 80s glasses this weekend in Salt Lake City. They looked smashing. I did tell her that I hope this fad stops before shoulderpads, slouch socks, and Hammer pants make a comeback!