Monday, August 31, 2009

Here's my most helpful boy giving Avery some juice. He needed to feed "his baby". You can't really tell, but her cup says Avery. Mom and Dad found it in Yellowstone. Pretty cool.

This was such a sweet smile - I had to put it up. We went to a wedding on Saturday and got so many compliments on her big eyes. Someone said she should be a Gerber baby!
He is so goofy. He had quite a busy weekend of playing and running. He was still wired when we got home - I can't imagine having that kind of energy! Everyone at the wedding was remarking how he looks exactly like his Daddy (that's a good thing!).
She is such a silly girl. She wants to play with new things everyday. The shape sorter is a hit this week!
A rare family picture! It's not the best, but pretty cute. They were both very good kids at the wedding. Nikki Foley and Tucker Edmunson got married - it was a very nice reception.
We have never watched the Wiggles (which I'm fine with!), but we do have this guitar. Carter was telling Avery to play the "fruit salad" song. It is quite catchy.
I know I might be biased, but she's pretty cute. Everyone at daycare loved this outfit on her. She can pull off brown.
Avery's face makes me laugh here. They were reading books on Saturday morning. It's so nice when they are hanging out together.
Avery finally fits in her cute shorts pajamas from Auntie Kelsie and Terri. They made me laugh - I mean, look at those legs. Her shirt says cuddle monster on appropriate!
She looks so girly in this picture! She is holding my wallet like it's hers - however, she was mostly just drooling all over it. I'm pretty sure we got some top teeth coming. I don't know why this is so dark.
This is just a happy guy with some dessert, watching a movie, chilling at his picnic table. He's got the life!
He was riding his horse naked with a blue guy. It kills me how silly this little man can be. I brought him a book the other day. He looked at me and said "What am I sposed to do with this?". I couldn't stop laughing!
Terri, Abb, and Jord got her this cute tanktop. It said, "Hangin' with the girls" these are Avery's girls!
We went to a new park last week, McGruff park. It had a very nice little kids section. Landon's arms look kind of crazy here. He's become a big fan of the monkey bars.
There was lots of space to run as you can see. Carter needed some hydration!
Dad found a big box of my brother's old toys. It had many plastic guns and bows. I was not thrilled, but that's what Poppa's are for! Carter and Landon love them as you probably guessed.
Avers is so funny with her little hands clasped. I love how she rolls them around eachother. She's such a good girl.

Monday, August 24, 2009

3 videos

This is my silly girl hanging out with me outside. She has just this week discovered the joy of a sippy cup. I've been giving her some very watered down apple juice with her vegetables at lunch. She loves it!

This is all three of them playing with some Spongebob cards. It's a whole lot of me talking, but I do like Carter saying "How bout dis one?" over and over again.

Last one. The Carterman playing Jinga Bells on the drums. He also shoots me with the drumsticks. He's my little angel!

A summery weekend

I titled this a summery weekend, but Sunday was actually a little chilly. Carter finally got to wear this awesome outfit that Landon and Erica got him for Christmas though!

Saturday was gorgeous. Jordan wanted to set up the slip and slide for the boys. They didn't play on it at all of course, but Avery had a wonderful time. She got to wear a beautiful swimsuit that Grandma Patsy got for her.
That water was not warm at all, but she didn't care. She sat in it and splashed around with her rattle. She's teething like crazy - drool, drool, drool!
She's getting so funny with her hands. She's always rolling them around eachother and then stopping to look at them. We also went swimming at the Y on Sunday. No pictures (sorry), but she had a great time!
Jordan went on the slip and slide - she's a trooper. She looks a bit surprised!
The boys would walk on it. That was about it. They're a bit weird about the slip and slide.
They have no problem getting wet with the hose however. The little neighbor girl got them both soaked last Thursday! I believe Landon is saying "Cheese" here!
I don't even know how she got them this wet. They thought they were pretty hilarious though.
Erica and Dad took the boys to the store so Avery and I got to spend some time together outside. She was having a good time (as you can see) with a bunch of toys spread out on a blanket.
This dress was so cute. It was a little big, but I wanted her to wear it before the summer was over. I'm liking this off the shoulder look she's got going on.
Carterman begged me last week to go to Auntie Erica's house so he could run on the bridge. We ended up playing in the dark on Wednesday night! Avery and Jordan went down the slide together.
Ah, the famous bridge. They used to be so careful on it and sort of tiptoe across. Not anymore - they're little maniacs!
What a stride! This is a boy with a mission - to go down the slide.
Jordan and her little buddy. Avery is starting to wave now. Whether it's on purpose or not, I don't know.
The boys were having a great time with Laney the other night. They were running in a nice little circle and laughing hysterically (just look at Carter's face!).

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A little late

I'm trying to get these up quickly because I got some flack from Mom and Kelsie. It's volleyball tryouts week, so things are crazy. Anyway, here's my googly bear singing us a song on Rock Band.

Here's the Lando man rocking out on the drums. He was coincidentally wearing a shirt with drums on it that said Rock Star!
Carterman says "Jinga Bells, Jinga Bells" when he plays the drums. I'm not sure why, but it makes me laugh!
Erica taught him some cords with the guitar. We have had so much fun with this game!
Landon's got some good form with the mic. He'll be a frontman some day, I'm sure.
This is after the traumatic haircut. Erica asked me to cut his hair with the clippers. It got done, and I think he looks really cute. However, it was not easy. There were many tears. We think it makes him look a lot older too.
My babies napping together in their new jammies on Uncle Kyle's bed. Pretty cute!
We finally remembered to bring the hippo chair over to Mom and Dad's house. Avery loves it! She thinks she's pretty cool sitting with everyone at the table.
This is after her morning meal on Saturday. As you can see, she ate every bite! This was just a nice little picture of her two bottom teeth.
Lando is such a goofball. He sat in this walker at my house the other night. He looks like a giant baby! We were all laughing at how funny his long legs looked.
Carter was rolling down the steps in slo-motion the other night. I just thought it looked funny!
It's so nice that they can kind of play together now. I got quite a few pictures of them sharing this music drum that Grandma and Grandpa Barsness gave Carter a long time ago!
Carter looks like he's performing some magic here!
They both look very mischievous in this one!
We took a delightful trip to Emerson the other day. I love this picture of Carter! He looks so damn cute.
They both look surprised in this one! They should know by now I'm always taking pictures.
Avery just loves being outside. You can tell she was having a good time with Jordo.
He's becoming such a big boy now. He really doesn't need my help on the playground at all!
Another smiling baby picture. She is, for the most part, a happy silly little girl.
We had a delicious picnic dinner outside last week with Grandma Vivian. Abbey won't like that I posted this. Sorry Abb. I told her it looked like she just snapped into a Slim Jim!
More playing together pictures. It helps now that Avery is getting so good at sitting up like a big girl. I wonder what Landon was doing in the background!
She was hanging out in Abb and Jord's old swing. She loves a good swing.