Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New Adventures

We had a really fun Saturday. We met up with Nikki (Foley) Edmundson and her little boy Cutler out at the new Jumparoo place. It was hilarious. We followed it up with pizza at Silver Bow or as Carter calls it "my party place". Needless to say, my babies both took three hour naps that afternoon! Here's Jordo and Ave looking very relaxed on the carousel.
We picked Abb and Jord up from dance at noon. I'm glad they were there. They are so good about taking the kids on all the rides. I'm so sorry I cut your forehead off Abb! It's still a cute picture - look at all those smiles!
Nikki and Cutler look a lot alike. She's having another baby in September. He's a little maniac. We hardly saw him he was so busy playing. It was nice to have a visit with them.
This was a big deal! Lando rode the carousel many times on Saturday and loved it! He decided that he liked the red horses the best. Red is his favorite color right now because of Raphael. Once again - poor Abb. She's like Mike in Monster's Inc. - her face just keeps getting obstructed!
My parents' neighbor Marissa was out at the Jumparoo place - Thank God. She took Ave down a couple slides for me. Avery really really wanted to follow the boys! It was a really neat place, but totally packed!
This picture is blurry, but it makes me laugh. They were so timid when we first got there. Then they were insane. They went down the big slide upside down, head first, sideways, together...any way they could!
That little tiny person up there is the Carterman. That was a big slide! He loved it!
A cute picture of the Lando Commando. He also had a great time. We'll definitely have to get out there again.
Marissa - who I need to buy some Dairy Queen - helped Carter go down the slide right when we got there. The boys were a bit leery at first. Carter got Lando to go with him next - they held hands up the stairs. After that it was pandemonium!
When we picked up the kids from daycare on Friday, Landon did not want to leave without this Spiderman costume. Someone had brought it in to donate to the dress-up stuff. He got to take it home for the weekend. He was hilarious in it. He seriously just goes goofy when he has a mask on! Carter decided to wear Buzz along with him. They were heroes!
Carter was begging to try it on, and eventually Lando relented. They are so silly.
It was a pretty nice evening, so we made a stop at Father Sheehan park after daycare also. A lot of people must have had the same idea, because it was packed. Mostly our kids just wanted to swing though. There's my handsome fella.
Lando didn't want to smile for me, so he pretended to be sleeping. It's very convincing!
My little Boo Boo had a fabulous time on the swings. She also really likes to walk in the sand too.
Happy Earth Day birthday Terri! We celebrated with some delicious cupcakes!
Avery really enjoyed hers! Cupcakes are so fun for the kids to chow down on. I'm not sure what my brother is doing in the background!
This is Carter's happy soup face. What can I say - the boy loves soup! He kept asking me to add more noodles to it. He's so funny. He was also looking quite handsome in his new shirt from Grandma and Grandpa Barsness. He made a special request for purple clothes for his birthday - I think because of Donatello!
It was so nice last Monday that the kids actually got to wear some summer clothes. Who knows when that might happen again! Carter showed his dinosaur polo to all his daycare teachers. He's very into dinosaurs right now.
Avery got to wear this super cute watermelon dress that Mom found for her. Those cute little legs made me laugh!
I love this picture! I actually got a good one of them being silly together. They were hiding from me on the couch behind a pillow. I found them!
Last but not least, the babies reading books together. Carter reads her the Brown Bear, Polar Bear, and Panda Bear books sometimes. It's so cute. I'm glad they get along so well right now (knock on wood!).

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Spring weather - Yay!

Sorry this is late. We had a sick day Monday - just icky colds. Anyway, here's a pretty big post. Mom and Dad got the kids a mud pie making machine. It is hilarious! Sunday was the perfect day to try it out too. They thought it was awesome.
I love Kyle's face in this. He's showing off the finished product. Landon is adding a last minute sprinkle of dry dirt on top!
After a hard day of playing and playing outside, there is nothing better than watching Ninja turtles and eating pizza. Yum!
I love watching the boys ride their bikes to the park. They just look so funny. I wish I had their energy - it's amazing how fast those little legs can go!
We dug out the rockgarden on Sunday also. Erica did some rose bush cutting, and Carter kept us entertained. He liked to climb to the top level and sing some song of his own making. He was a good boy all day.
Kelsie officially bought Carter the coolest toy ever...the stomp rocket. It's pretty self explanatory, and it's awesome. We played with it for two hours each on Saturday and Sunday! I'll put up a video soon. Landon is watching his foam rocket fly. He looks so happy!
There's Carter watching his, and Avery is just ready for her turn.
Kyle and Grandpa can make the rockets really fly - up to 100 feet the box said! Everyone played with it - seriously the whole fam!
I love this swinging picture of Landon. He loves the swings! He's getting to be a daredevil too. He wants to go really high!
Grandma pushed Ave down to the park on her new bike. She thinks she's pretty cool on a bike like the boys.
This picture is out of order. Yesterday it was 72 degrees (fantastic!), and Avers got to wear some capris. She looked so cute. I can't wait for summer!
My little princess! She was looking lovely Sunday morning in her ballet pajamas and gold shoes.
Good throw Ave! Carter had a blast with Jordan's yellow ball at Emerson last week. That ball is really thick and super bouncy. Avery liked to say "lellow!" when she saw it. She likes to say yellow and purple all the time now.
All the kids love to drive with this wheel. I don't know why, but it's always been a favorite.
I asked for a kids cherry cone - this one is bigger than her head! DQ is open down by my parents' house, and everyone is happy!
She is such a clean little girl! I don't where she learned this, but if there is food in a bowl...this is what happens.
The boys were opening the back door at my parents' house, and Poppa was pretending they were bonking him in the head. As you can see, Carter and Landon were laughing so hard!
Here's some little cheeseballs eating cheeseballs. Last week had a couple of chilly days, so we dug out the sweaters (hopefully) one last time. They looked awfully cute though!
Oops. Out of order again. Here's another one of the out-of-control laughing boys. Their giggles were making the rest of us laugh!
I love this picture. Avery is so nice to her puppy. She gives the best pets to Lane.
It actually turned out not to be a terrible day. The boys thought it was perfect for throwing snowballs at Poppa. They chased him all over the yard that day!
Here's my big boy showing how old he is now. He's pretty excited about being 3. He really liked this new turtle shirt that Grandma found too.
We had the Swansons over on Monday night for cake. They couldn't make it to Carter's birthday party on Sunday so it was a nice visit. Here's Madisyn, Carter, Mason, and Avery chowing down on some leftover Lightning McQueen cake.
Mason gave Avery a nice hug right when he got there. They are such cute kids. I still can't believe how blond they both are!
Last but not least, all the kids playing with Carter's CARS color changing set. He absolutely loves that thing. He looks very proud that everyone else likes it too!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Carter's 3!

My boy is 3! I can't believe it. He had the best birthday ever yesterday. Here he is with two of his favorite people/cousins: Colten and Landon. This is such a cute picture.
Here's some of the guests: Nicole and Erica. I'm glad Carter has such a fabulous extended family!
Landon was so damn funny in this Iron Man mask. The minute he put it on he was not shy and not afraid of the rides. Seriously he did not ride any of the rides until he put this mask on at the end of the party!
Avery gave some really nice "pounds" to everyone before they left. It was nice to see her not being shy around Aunt Nancy or Aunt Helen.
Erica texted me in the morning not to wear my brown sweater. Unfortunately, I didn't check my phone until I was already at the party. Oh well!
We knew this picture was going to be kind of a mess, but it's still cute. It's a cousins and their kids picture: Avery, Me, Carter, Connor, Austin, Nicole, Josh, Kathi, Luke, Landon, and Erica. Wow!
Connor used some of his tickets to get this awesome dinosaur mask. He was looking good!
It was really nice that Kathi could bring her boys over from Bozeman for the party. Luke is about two weeks older than Avery. They are both so cute. It looks like he's sizing her up here!
Mom got this cute picture of Avery watching Carter on the carousel. She just thinks he's the coolest guy ever! She kept calling Car - Ter to him.
There's my big boy enjoying his Lightning McQueen cake. I thought he might go with something different this year, but he picked CARS again. That's fine by me - it's a cute show.
Carter really enjoyed blowing out his candles (with Daddy's help). He sang to himself too. Happy Birthday might be his favorite tune.
Avery was in heaven about the cake. She was having a rather large bite here! She also took a pretty good tumble so she was getting a nice bruise on her head. She's a tough baby though.
There's silly Luke again. He really had a good time "driving" in this racecar.
Josh and Austin hung out with eachother while waiting for their cake. All the kids were so good. It was nice to see them all playing together.
Landon wanted Avery to try on the Iron Man Mask. It looked pretty awesome with her dress. We couldn't let that Easter dress only be worn once - it's too gorgeous.
There's my silly Avers and her buddy Jordan on the carousel. Jordan is one of the best cousins ever. She was always helping or playing with at least one little kid yesterday.
It's almost time to open presents. Connor was being so funny here. He loves Avery. I saw him kiss her head and say "Hi baby".
There's Carter in the Iron Man mask from Kathi (and the boys). He wore the Iron Man arc light on his pajamas last night too. Big hit!
Kyle and I gave him a Raphael that he was thrilled about. The minute we got home, he made us open it. He played with everything though yesterday. I'm not exaggerating either...everything.
Landon gave Carter this noodle a little early! It was quite funny to see him eating his pizza while holding on to the noodle.
Landon helped Carter open his first present too. It was from him and Auntie Erica. He just wanted so badly for Carter to see this awesome backpack! Erica had one for Landon at home too.
There's Josh on the carousel. The funniest thing ever was when Josh and Austin were on there together. You could hear Austin laughing from anywhere in the Pizza Parlor!
There's Jordan helping my kids into the racecar when we first got there. I wish Carter would have looked at me, but he was so busy. He was ready to play the minute we walked in.
Last but not least, Luke was making me laugh. Kathi was cutting up Josh's pizza, and Luke didn't feel like waiting. He picked up that fork and went to town! Thanks everyone for a great great party. Carter had a blast!
We finally got some batteries for Kyle's old basketball hoop. Now you can play horse and other fun stuff. It kept the kids occupied while we got everything ready for the party. Colty was great about picking up Avery and letting her shoot. He's such a good kid. It was wonderful that Grandma and Grandpa Barsness and Colten could come hang out for a day and come to the party.
Saturday was fairly nice when the wind wasn't blowing. We decided to head over to Stodden and watch the softball games while we played. Avers wore Abbey and Jordan's old Butte High softball sweatshirt and had a great time!
We haven't played at Stodden forever. Carter had a great time. He really liked stretching his legs out to reach these steps!
I'm glad Jordo was with me. I don't think I could have fit down these slides! Erica and Landon joined us a little bit later, and all the kids took great naps that afternoon. Butte High won too, so it was a good day.
My girl is so silly. She brought these swim trucks over to Daddy because she wanted to wear them. She looked pretty spectacular. She found some M&Ms too - that's just what she needs.
Ave really wanted to push both wheelbarrows, but it just wasn't working right. She decided one would have to do.
Finally, here are the goofs (well half of Carter I guess) playing with the new bubble blower at Poppa and Grandma's house. Avery really wanted to press the button, but the bubbles kept blowing right in her mouth. It makes me laugh!