Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Outside and Sunburst

I love this picture! Teague loves to play with people's hair. Usually he's nice for a couple minutes before he starts to pull. He's being nice in this picture! Abb and Jord have the best hair...I'm jealous.
You think he's a little bit of a messy eater? Even if he's wearing a bib, he manages to get food all over his face, hair, pants, and the floor. Oh well. He's gotta learn self feeding somehow!
Last Thursday was gorgeous! Teague put on his LSU slippers Mom got him (they were they only shoes I had in the diaper bag) and stomped around the yard. He loved it!
He's kind of cute...don't ya think? He's been the silliest little boy lately. Lots of yelling and dancing!
Silly brothers hanging out by the tree. If you notice, they all have purple on. It was purple day at daycare. They played outside for probably an hour.
My girl gets too busy to look at me...so this is what I get! After playing outside, we ended up going for a walk around the block, and then down to the trail. Carter, Avery, and Landon on their noisy plastic big wheel bikes - Dad pushing Teague in the stroller - me and and Lane trying to keep everyone on the right side. You should have seen people looking at us!
We had a very nice visit to Sunburst this weekend. The kids were great and very charming. They had lots of fun on the trip. Teague loved to climb on everything at Grandma and Grandpa's house. He thought he was pretty cool using his carseat to climb on the footstool and then onto the chair!
These little monster pajamas always make me laugh. I love the feet on them!
Daddy and Avers - that's a cute picture! Ave and Carter had a pajama day Saturday. They just hung out and played all day.
I'm not sure how he climbed into the big blue chair. They were playing peek-a-boo and laughing hysterically. Then Teague saw the camera...time to attack!
The big boy out at Grandma Bonnie's house on Sunday. He walked in many, many circles at her house.
Phil and Nate took us out to see the cows. There were some really cute calves - especially a little red one. Carter got out with Phil to say hello to Lucky the horse. I would have liked to take some pictures of him...but some crazy boy had other ideas. He got off my lap to drive at the wheel. What a goofball!
When we came back from our excursion, Teague wanted to run! He was wearing some of Carter's old Jordans. It's the first time he's really worn anything heavy (he usually has the soft-soled Robeez shoes). He did pretty well! He stumbled a couple times, but he was loving it.
He walked all the way over by Phil and Mary Jo's house. He decided it would be fun to stomp on some clumps of mud that we're on the sidewalk. He was really stomping too. I took a few pictures trying to get the leg up, but I missed it.
Ave came over to help him too. She and Carter brought their binoculars from the zoo to check out the cows (and cheetahs, lions, whatever else they imagined they were seeing). While we were doing this, Carter was getting big time spoiled by Phil. After a few not-so-subtle hints, Phil took Carter to the tractors. He even showed him how to pick up a bale of hay. Carter was in heaven - thanks Phil!
Chris, Aly, Colten, and Kaden came out for the feast too (Bre was in Billings for FCCLA - Good luck!). Bonnie and Diana made quite a spread for everyone; the ham was delicious! It's always nice to see everybody.
Teague and Kaden had a good time playing with the farm. All the kids played well together. Coltie is so nice about watching them too. We had a great time - hope to get up there again soon! Thanks everyone!

One video

Carter's new thing is to make songs about all the animals he loves. This one is about an orca. His songs usually include a few facts "They chase great white sharks. They like to eat fish." They also have many "Oh yeahs" and a finger point to signal the end of the song. He thought Kelsie would enjoy his songs. The other videos had too much nudity in them. This one has a little...I apologize. That's what happens when you take videos in the bath. Anyway, my favorite song was about "wolfies". The first line was "Wolfies can run fifty five hundred miles...plus one hundred miles". He's pretty awesome. Enjoy!

Monday, March 19, 2012

St. Pat's and lots of snow!

Jordo's been missing the kids. She came over one night with Terri to bring some new books. These books are the best for coloring and painting (thanks Terr!). As you can see they were working well together on this python.
Mr. Turkey man of course had to steal Jordan's phone. Electronics are his thing - he loves to take phones, remotes, cameras, and Ipods if he can!
With Teague having RSV, we gave these two a few treatments just in case. They take them together while we do dinosaur and princess clue games. Ex: Which dinosaur has two tiny horns on his head. Carnotasaurus! or Which princess has a dad who's an inventor? Belle! Fun stuff.
This is Teague's new thing. I don't like it! He loves to stand up on Ave's old princess car and dance. He's going to fall one of these days. He sure looks happy though...
I had a camera, so of course he ran over to take it from me. This boy does not pose! It's a nice shot of his lovely bottom teeth though. He has six all together now!
We had a Thursday night family get-together last week. We haven't seen baby Liam for awhile, so it was needed. We had pizza and beer and lots of fun. The big boys loved all Carter's toys. They were very good playing together.
Ave played with the boys for awhile. Then she decided she and Nicole should color together. They collaborated on a lovely Ariel picture. Nice job Red!
This little man is so cute! He was very smiley, especially with Aunt Terri. He was laughing with her. We had a fun night. We'll have to do that again.
Happy St. Patrick's Day! My husband didn't work until the afternoon and Poppa graciously agreed to babysit for awhile. I haven't been out with my Mom (for her birthday) in the last 3 years. We had fun! We behaved though too. We were home by 3:30.
We went to the KC after the parade. All my brother's friends were there (he had to work until 6 unfortunately). We took a picture to send to him. They're nice guys!
The boys in their apparel. They all looked so cute in green!
This was Carter's old onesie. Teague looked smashing in it...before he covered it in chocolate yogurt. He did gets lots of kisses too!
Ave was being...Ave and wouldn't get in the picture. The boys are quite handsome though. As you can see Teague found some cheetos. They were not for him. Mom calls him the "Shark" - he circles and circles the house looking for food!
Later on Ave decided to be happy again. This was my Grandpa Winks' old bowtie. Ave turned it into a beautiful headband. She's pretty cute!
And one more...what a silly girl.
St. Patrick's Day wore this little man and this poor hairy dog out! It gave me a chance to watch some Breaking Bad though, so that was nice.
On Sunday, we woke up to a winter wonderland! It was kind of awesome - we haven't had a great snow like this all winter. Ave and Carter helped me shovel the sidewalks and porch. Dad had already done it once in the morning. We had fun!
The flakes were huge! In fact it's still snowing today. There was another 3 inches on my car this morning.
We made a giant pile from the snow on the porch. We didn't do anything special with it...they just wanted a pile!
This is the new table Dad made for the kids. It's really nice. Teague puts a chair by it and climbs on top. He's a smart fella who likes a nice necklace and Ritz crackers every now and then!
We decided to go play in the snow again. It was perfect snowman snow. Teague mostly sat around (snow was hard for him to walk in) and tried to eat the snow!
He wouldn't look at me. He was too busy staring at all this snow!
It started out being a snowman, but Kyle broke the middle part of him in half. So, he turned into "Schlumposaurus". We're not sure what he is. He has a penguin head (with sharp stick teeth), T-Rex arms and feet, and giant horn, and a crocodile tail. We had a good time making him though.
Carter was feeding him some "meat snow". Whatever he is, he's a carnivore!

Monday, March 12, 2012

It was RSV...

Well, my poor boy did have RSV. You would have never known it though! He's been very silly lately. He found his old bouncer and decided to stand up and jump backwards in it. The boy is a daredevil.

We put together our playhouse finally. The other side is colored much nicer. This side has a lot of practice letters, stop signs, giant squids, and sperm whales on it.
Ave said it was a coffee shop. She brought her tea set in there! Looks pretty inviting huh?
Teague thought he was pretty cool in there too. This is quite a serious face here though.
Luckily when we took him to the doctor his oxygen level was still a 95, which is very good. We must have caught it early. He sounded horrible though - wheezing, shallow breaths. Carter gave him his first steroid treatment at home. What a good brother. Carter and Ave ended up having some treatments too unfortunately. That medicine kicked in fast thank goodness.
I love my blue-eyed guy...he's so cute and pretty calm too. He does just fine with his treatments if you give him a book to read.
By Saturday we needed to get out of the house. We've been in quarantine since Tuesday. Plus the sun was out! We went to St. James for a little while. That park is usually pretty quiet, and we still wanted to keep our sickos away from other kids if possible. Teague has a silly smile for swinging!
He was intrigued by all these little tiny rocks. I was just happy he didn't try to eat them! The other two nuts were taking off their coats so they could run even faster down the hill. It was a beautiful afternoon.
I love this picture! A tiny man on a mission! Everyone who sees him comments on how little he looks when he's walking. He's a super busy guy though, what can I say?
When we got home, Teague and Daddy took a big nap. Carter, Ave, and I painted some dinosaurs. Avery wants to paint pretty much every day. Carter's actually been enjoying it too. He likes to use every single color on his pictures!
Laney was so happy to go on a walk. Carter (with his cool glasses) is very good at holding the leash. We left the sleeping boys and let Laney run off some energy. I hope it stays like this for a little bit. It's softball and track season though...that usually guarantees snow!
Look at this little crazy person. She is so so funny. I can't even look at this without laughing. They wanted to stop by Aunt Terri's to see if she had any treats because walking is hard work (luckily she had some mint Hershey's kisses). Carter commented a few times on how they saved him from being too hungry!
Time to go for a hike! These sillies just love their Poppa!
We went for quite a hike along the old railroad tracks. Ave had a nice stride going!
We made it all the way to the switch. I gave my girl a few piggy back rides through the snowy parts. She's a trooper though. She does a good job with those little legs.
We had many distractions on the way. There is always a lot of stopping and climbing on various rocks and hills. We had lots of fun though!
Last but not least, they were excited because they could see the Lady of the Rockies. They wanted a picture with her in it. Unfortunately...she's washed out. Oops. Oh well, it was a nice Sunday.