Monday, February 20, 2017

Teague's 6!/Cribbage tournament

My friend Nicole at work made me a "bun hat" - so my hair could go through the top. Ave has stolen it from me. She does look awfully cute in it!
Avery's Googly Eyes game she got for her birthday is quite hilarious. Teague looks really great in the glasses.
Sometimes this boy is just wiped out.
Sometimes this girl is just wiped out! The best part about this is she told me, "I knew I was falling asleep, but I liked the smell of the pages."
Laney really loves Avery. They cuddle a lot!
We went up and watched Tech's girls play (it's Hattie's senior year and Sammy is back from knee surgery) and Jordan dance (awesomely) at halftime. Teague wanted to wear his hat. He was stylin!
We went and saw the Lego Batman movie on Sunday. It was hilarious! I would totally see it again.
My Teagie Pie is 6! How can that be? He popped right out of bed when we said he could open a present before school.
We also let him open one after school.
It was a Killer Croc/Batman set that he really really wanted. He was pretty happy about it!
Teague wanted Buffalo Wild Wings for his birthday dinner, and because it was such a crazy week that was fine with us. He was pretty pleased with his parmesan garlic wings and ice cream treat! Nice face in the background Boo!
His favorite paper crown was the one with the horns - he didn't care if it said Buffalo Princess. He was holding his General Grievous toy we got him (Star Wars bad guy!)
Valentine's Day treats for my little buddies. They all really like the new Ghostbusters movie, as do I.
Grandma and Grandpa Barsness sent him a wonderful present. He screamed with delight when he saw Clayface!
Avery colored a President book for school. I know my 8 year old probably shouldn't be into politics, but she's heard me talk about Trump. I am not a fan. I think every other sentence out of his mouth is a lie, and the hateful things he said about women, Mexicans, Muslims, etc...really get to me. Sorry - just my opinion.
Yay! Our ND buddies are here! Hawkins was looking good in Erica's glasses on our trip out to Walmart.
Party time! Teague had his birthday party Friday night at the Jumparoo.
This kid played for 2 straight hours - no problem!
Two cute brothers! We were so happy Erica, Kelsie, Joe, and kids could make it in.
Linc had a great time! He wanted to wear a sweatshirt so he looked like the big boys!
Hawkins made himself comfortable with a piece of pizza. He's an easy going guy.
There were a lot of kids there! I don't know the kids in Teague's class, so he invited everyone. 7 kids showed up - they were all very nice.
Hawkins is ready to go down the big slide.
He did it!
Avery made Kelsie go down a couple times with her!
One of the kids made a nice bed for Teague to lay in.
Mr. Ries lit the candles for Teague.
One half of the table. All the kids have super sweaty hair!
Teague enjoyed everyone singing to him.
Getting ready to blow out the candles!
He did it!
He just looks so pleased with himself. It makes me laugh.
Then he had to wave all the smoke away!
Obligatory cake shot for Grandma Burgman to scrapbook.
Time to open presents!
These pajamas from Kelsie and Joe were a huge hit. You will see them later! Thank you so much to everyone who attended and sent presents and well wishes! He is one spoiled little man!
These two have a special relationship. Linc and Kyle fight over his blanket all the time and share cereal. They are pals.
Cribbage tournament time! Jordan watched the kids for hours and hours because she's a saint. She did have dance for a couple hours so we brought the kids to the KC to run around in the gym. Someone named Hawkins just slept in the office the whole time!
We had a great turnout - 60+ people to play and a bunch of spectators who bought 50/50 tickets and raffle tickets. It was a great success!
This is my artsy picture for a thank you note! Ha ha! Leena and Kyle playing crib.
Erica won a wreath! She was very happy about it!
Here's the pajamas! He wore them for two days straight. He was playing with some of his new Lego Batman characters and was in his own little world.
These two seem to get along quite well. I think we have a picture just like this from Thanksgiving in Watford City.
Lincoln's 4th Birthday is on the 27th. We celebrated a little early here with him. Kels and Joe found the cutest little monster cake for him!
I love this happy face he's making! Landon looks so cute watching him too.
5 cousins - we missed Hawkins and Erica. They went back Sunday.
Teague was doing the double peace sign...although it doesn't quite look that way! It's a pretty cute picture of all of them. Linc was ready for cake though!
Opening some presents!
He loved everything and was super excited by all the gifts.
He's a good boy. I miss him already - can't believe he'll be 4!
This picture is for Grandma Bonnie. She sent Teague some money, and he couldn't wait to spend it! He was so excited to pick out this huge Lego Batman set! Thanks to everyone again. He is one lucky kid!