Monday, February 24, 2014

Birthday Party Time!

This boy has the most gorgeous hair after a bath! It usually calms down and lays flat afterwards, but the curls are so cute :)
He is a handsome fella. There are a lot of Teague pictures this week. He's been pretty charming lately.
Avers wanted a bath all by herself. She floated around in there until she was super wrinkly. She and Carter are starting swim lessons again on Monday. She will be an awesome floater.
This kids sleep schedule is insane. He's asleep now in fact. There he is asleep on the couch at home at about 9 o'clock at night.
Here he is dressed for daycare and again, asleep on the couch.
I can't remember what this was all about. I think we were having a dance party, and Carter got too warm for a shirt. So the other two got warm of course too.
Skinny man after a bath!
It has snowed here for four straight days. I don't even mind because it is about 40 degrees. We had some fun playing outside!
Jumparoo time! He has been waiting for this party for a long time!
My pretty girl put on some sparkly lip gloss. She was looking good!
It was a pretty quiet party compared to some that we've had. Mom and Dad were stuck in the airport in Seattle, Terri had to work, and Jaime and Liam were in Billings. Kyle was happy though - he played a bunch with Carterman!
Teagie made Abb and Jord race him down the slides!
Josh Stearns (a fellow policeman) brought his son Bridger out. He'll be 3 on St. Patrick's Day. Bridger ran in and brought Teague this new Thor hammer out of his present right when he got there. He couldn't help himself!
He loved it obviously!
Brooklyn and Reese always come to the party and always have a great time. They are such nice little girls. Ave wanted a picture through the nets.
Madisyn was helping Teague play Connect4. I don't think he got it, but he liked sliding those little rings in!
This is the only picture I got of him opening presents. He tore through them in about 12 seconds.
The Thor Helmet was in the bag too. He was in heaven!
Time for some Thor cake!
He had this goofy grin on his face while everyone sang to him. Baby Myla (with Ritter) is getting so big. She was a good girl out there.
He blew out every candle individually. He makes me laugh. Thanks so much to everyone who joined us and to everyone who spoiled our Teagie! He's a lucky guy.
Had to get a picture next to his Thor Birthday banner at home!
Teague told me Thor had a horse. I don't remember that, but there is no arguing (I mean winning an argument) with a 3 year old!
Carter wanted to take a couple pictures. Here's one of me and my girl. Her outfit was...interesting. She's liking the non-matching socks lately!
Lastly, he got a nice one of some bad guys. This is our "Villainville". There are more on the way too. Teague used some $ from Grandma Bonnie to get a couple more that he really wanted. I also ordered him a few for potty training bribery. Good luck to me!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Teague is 3!

Carter is not the best homework guy. It's like pulling teeth sometimes. Once you get him set up though, he does great. He loves putting his spelling words in alphabetical order!
They love these foam letters and numbers from Grandma and Grandpa Barsness. They make a very colorful living room rug!
We let him open a couple presents from us and one from Auntie Kelsie (Joe and Lincoln too) on his birthday on Thursday. I still can't believe he's 3. He still seems so little...   Anyway, he loved this Gambit (he's one of the X-Men) that Kelsie found for him. He's always running around with him yelling, "If you want to play with Gambit, you gotta take a card!"
These two were very helpful with their little brother of course.
He's been asking for the Hulk truck everytime we went to Walmart. He opened it and said, "It's that thing I really like!" He's a goofball.
He was even happy to pose with it in his Hulk pajamas! His birthday party is next Sunday at the Jumparoo. He'll be spoiled even more if possible. He also got Auntie Erica's present in the mail on Friday. He had a blast playing with the Captain Hook hooks! He got some cool bad guys from Grandma and Papa (Penguin, Riddler, Joker, Mr. Freeze, Super Skull) and a Nick Fury that he loves. Some books too! Terri, Abb, and Jord got him a Transformer rescue bot that he wanted and an awesome Raphael that sticks to the walls.Thanks so much everybody!
We had the funnest day on Saturday. We went up to the hospital to try sledding up there. We thought they were getting a little big for Clark's Park. It was a pretty nice day - no wind, not too slushy. It ended up being perfect! We had our own little spot on the hill, and we were there for a good 2 hours! Teague was ready to roll! Don't worry, he didn't go by himself!
The boys on their first run. Carter was a maniac. He ran up the hill and went down by himself many times!
My hair is insane, but it always is. I do think my little Avery is the prettiest girl in the world though! Just my opinion...but she's gorgeous.
Teague posing for Auntie Terri. She came up to check out the sledding on her day off, and Teague made her go down the hill with him! She had fun going with Carter too - we were flying!
A rare family photo - thanks Terri! We also went to the Lego movie that evening and really enjoyed it. Very cute!
Lastly, a girl and her dog. They were laying in the sun together, and Lane was just loving it. She's a good pup. Hope everyone had a lovely Valentine's Day by the way!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

A tiny post...

I only have a few pictures from this week. My new camera is supposed to arrive Wednesday - Yay! Anyway, we have a lot of snow here in Butte! This was on Saturday. I like Ave's surprised face here.
Teagie came outside just for a minute. He was not in a snowy mood - he looks happy here though. The only problem now is that the snow is powdery. We want to make a snowman!
Ave got cold and went inside. It was only about 5 degrees. Carter and I stayed outside and packed snow into flower pots. We made 10 lovely little molds along the walk. Ave stuck a carrot in that first one on the left!
I took a picture with my rosy cheeked boy - he was a trooper. He has such a nice smile here!
Then we all had some hot cocoa. Well, I had tea. It was tasty though!
Ave and Carter spent the night at Papa's. Avery said Carter kept her up all night. She shoveled side walks (we had another 4 inches last night!), and we went to the weight room. It obviously wore her out!
My little Hulk was tired too. He was a maniac at the weight room. I can't believe he'll be three on Thursday - he's my baby!
Carter relaxed in a laundry basket while watching Harry Potter. He's a good kid! I'll have more next week. Everyone have a wonderful Valentine's Day!
Lastly, some snow piled up by the garage! It was pretty crazy after the mostly dry December and January we've had.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Broken camera...again

Yep. I broke my camera again. Luckily it had a warranty, and a new one is on the way. I just am rough on cameras I guess. Probably because I carry it with me everywhere in my purse. Anyway, here are some I took with Mom's camera. Teague was having lots of fun drawing on the sidewalks one day when it was gorgeous out. We have had the weirdest weather!
This little goofball and I drew Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, and New York City. She's already a better artist than I am.
This was their Super-Hero poses!
They were decorating the outside of the playhouse on another gorgeous day in Butte!
Must have been the weekend because Carter is in pajamas!
I love how blue Teague's eyes look in this! Carter was helping him play a math game on the IPad.
This fool was sitting like this eating apples and peanut butter, and I had to take a picture. Who sits like that? Ha Ha!
Some snow! It's very fine and powdery but we've got a good bit of it now. It snowed again later on this day.
Ave was writing her name with her sai.
There is nothing like carving designs in snow with swords right?
They had a really good time. Then they had some hot cocoa to warm up :)
Hulk gets tired after playing in the snow, luckily his favorite place to lay was available!
Abb and Jord danced on Saturday at the boys game. They were awesome as usual! They are both kind of right in the middle of this picture. Jord in the front row, Abb right behind her.
Afterwards, Carter wanted to take some action shots. This is one of them! He wanted to get them both turning at the same time.
Here's another fabulous one.
I don't know why I'm posting these. Carter was just very proud of his "snaps" as he was calling them!
She will always pose!
Teague took this one! Probably the best smile I've seen from my handsome Carterman in a long time!