Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sorry so late!

We took a trip to Sunburst this last weekend, and Carter had a fantastic time. Here he is hanging out in Great-Grandma Bonnie's nice and snowy yard.
Carter got to meet some farm animals this weekend. He was a little wary of the cows (until he was back in the truck), but he liked Lucky, the horse. I was amazed at how they all follow Phil around - they love him!
Mary Jo and Carter did some dancing. You can tell he thought he was pretty cool. I'm so glad he's not shy around anyone.
He also had fun bouncing on Phil. Then he did some standing on his own and clapping for himself. Carter was in awe of Fancy too. She's such a good dog. All the dogs are so nice to Carter (especially Josie, who loves to kiss his face).
He loves Grandma Diana and Grandpa Dick's kitchen. The floor was fun to slip around on in his fuzzy pajamas. He also could open the cracker cupboard and help with the dishes. What a guy!
He took some good naps when we were up there. All that excitement I guess. I love how he fell asleep on top of his "blue guy".
Everyone came over Saturday night for some delicious stew, salad, rolls, and carrot cake (Yum). Carter had fun with his cousins. He and Coltie played with some cars and trucks. Carter mostly tried to eat them!
Here's earlier in the week at Grandma Patsy and Grandpa Dale's house. He got some food in his hair so we had a nice, quick bath in the sink. It's much easier to fill up than the bathtub! Carter is getting quite the cheesy smile.
He loves to make a mess. We usually have to put down a couple towels no matter where he takes a bath - he a splashing machine!
It was so nice last week that we took Laney on three walks! That stroller Callie got us will go over anything - it's fantastic for sidewalks that aren't shoveled. We usually stop by to see Aunt Terri when we're walking. Carter's always happy to see her.
He likes laundry baskets. He thought it was funny that he was in there and we weren't.
He such a boy, huh? Already checking out the Playstation 3. I'll try and keep him away from that for a while!
I just like how bright his eyes are in this picture. He was so good that day. He got his pictures taken out at Walmart and took a nice nap afterwards. He was a charmer!
Grandpa shared a tiny bit of chocolate ice cream with him (Grandpa always seems to be giving him treats!). Carter had a lovely chocolate mustache to show for it!
He's obsessed with his Tonka truck. He mostly likes to push it (back and forth hundreds of times), but his Dad got him to ride on it the other day. He enjoyed honking the horn.
I like his big cheeks in this picture. I'm not sure what Jordan was doing, but it was really making our little man laugh. He's a lucky guy to have so many people that play with him.

Monday, February 18, 2008


I've been taking a lot of videos lately, so here's more! This first one is Carter and his crazy cousins Abb and Jord dancing. Carter likes when you hold one of his arms and dance with him. Abb put on some C & C Music Factory, and they had a good time. Abb was doing her "Crazy Lisa" dance from America's Next Top Model. Carter seemed to like it.

Here's a really dark video of Carter learning to walk with his Tonka truck. He's even better with it already. He's not going to be crawling for long!

Here's Carter just hanging out with us and Laners at home. He was talking for me, but he would not say "Dad". Usually he says it all the time. Anyway, Enjoy!

We took our little man up to the weight room on Saturday. He was quite fascinated by the machines. He had lots of fun crawling around and pulling himself up on all the benches and stacks of weights.
Before we left, we let Carter walk on the treadmill (on it's lowest setting, of course). He had a good time. It must have worn him out, because he fell asleep on the way home and napped for over two hours!
He's very quick now. When Grandpa got his salad at Perkins, Carter stole some olives off of it. He also almost threw the plate on the floor later too!
Here's Carter with Uncle Kyle's friend (Ryan) Pollack. He's a nice guy. He's always playing with Laney and Carter.
Carter was listening to his Baby Einstein radio at the game on Saturday. It was so loud in the gym that I had to hold it up to his ear. He was singing along with it too - some lovely Waa and Baa sounds.
Here's my little Teddy bear man taking a snooze. It was rather chilly that day, so he was all bundled up. Doesn't he look peaceful?

I had to show how luxurious his hair is now! It's almost venturing into the dangerous mullet zone. He still has that lovely swirl on the top though.
Carter kept trying to give his bib to Laney, so we tried it on her. She was not a fan, but she looked pretty cute. Bib's are sort of useless now - Carter just rips them off.
Carter is pulling himself up on everything now - the couch, coffee table, laundry baskets, and his monkey toy. He likes to watch the monkey dance and then stop it by putting the monkey's head in his mouth.

This is just the usual Carter routine. As soon as he sees Grandma, Grandpa, Terr, Abb, or Jord, he knows someone will walk with him. Terri got the priviledge this time. He looks pretty pleased with himself.
Carter loves his Tonka truck. He's usally pushing it and walking behind it, but Jordan loves to help him ride it. He really likes to honk the horn.
This picture is too cute. Mary Jo and Phil sent these little Sesame street books when Carter was just a newborn. He's really starting to like them. I think that he loves the fact that they fit just perfectly in his hands.
I just like his cute face in this picture. He looks pretty content with everything around him. He's a good boy!

Monday, February 11, 2008

More fun videos

Here's my little goofball showing off some of his new tricks for me and Aunt Terri.

This is sort of a dark video (unfortunately) but funny. He kept dropping a ball and laughing. It's nice when he amuses himself!

Last but not least, here's a little video of Carter and Laney in the hallway. Carter has decided since Laney loves her rubber duck - he should love it too. He steals it from her a lot, but not this time!

A Quarantine Week

Carter spent most of the week just staying away from Grandma - she got diagnosed with Influenza Type B on Monday. We had some fun just chilling at home though.

We spent pretty much the entire weekend at West Elementary - the volleyball program was running the 6th grade boys basketball tournament up there. Carter was so good; he'll be a gym rat for sure. He had some juice. I had to show off his shoes though. Dani got him these awesome Jordans when he was just a newborn.
Dad and Mr. Ries took everyone to dinner afterwards. Mr. Ries (who will be a Grandpa in May) helped Carter get some cheese off the nacho plate! Carter was very appreciative!
Carter knows that he has some delicious crackers in his Cheerios container. He just can't figure out how to get them yet. I like the silly face he's making.

Here's a nice picture of Carter and his "blue guy". I know it's an elephant, but that's what we call him. He loves to cuddle with it (and slobber all over it)!

I'm not usually a camo fan, but I know Erica loved to put Landon in this outfit. I wanted to show her that Carter looks fantastic in it too!

Here's a cute picture of Carter and his Daddy all nice and comfortable on the couch. Carter gets pretty cuddly when he's tired.
He didn't take his "after daycare nap" on Monday, so he was absolutely exhausted in the high chair at dinner time. We ended up letting him sleep for a couple hours and feeding him at about 11pm. Poor guy!
This is the starfish picture. He fell asleep in the car after the Butte High game. I put him in his pajamas at home, and he didn't move a bit!

He's kind of enthralled by windows lately. He likes someone to be looking at him from the otherside; then he smashes his face up against it and laughs. Lovely nose, huh?
Here's Carter and his buddy Katie. He loves to just stare and stare at her. They were bouncing on the ball together. I love the striped pants too.
Carter discovered one of our many DVD stacks. I wanted to see what movie he picked out first. He went for Boogie Nights - I'm hoping it was the eye-catching orange cover and not the subject material!

I was sitting on the couch while Carter looked at his books the other day. He kept coming up and peeking at me. He's so silly.

Carter took a nice bath last Sunday in Grandma and Granpa's sink. We figured it would make for some cute pictures. He's starting to enjoy sucking on the washcloth a lot.
We added a bit more warm water which he thought was pretty cool. I remember Abbey used to play forever with the water when she was in the tub.
We brushed his hair before we washed it because his scalp was a little dry. He liked Grandma's brush a lot. He looked pretty cool too!
He looks lovely in his hooded towels. He really is a good little man. We got tons of compliments on him at West this weekend. Everyone said he's a happy little trooper. Let's hope it lasts (fingers crossed)!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A couple more videos

After Erica's was inspired by my blog, I became inspired by hers.'s more videos!

This is kind of a dark video but funny. Carter was loving Grandma's water bottle. I think he liked the sound of his voice in there!

Here's a funny bath time video. He's a splashing/clapping/talking fool. It's pretty long and sort of grainy however.

Bath Fun and More!

Carter truly enjoys his bath. You can tell he was having a most delightful time splashing his Daddy!

I love this picture. I love how you can see the water flying everywhere. The bathroom, the dog, and his parents were quite soaked.

He's such a good boy. We have lots of fun together.

This shirt is too cute. It was a hand-me-down from Lando from the summer. Both boys do love their Mommies!

Carter loves to crawl around on the gym floor after Butte High games. He thinks he's pretty cool. Maybe someday he'll be playing basketball there!

Abbey hung out with us that night and helped to keep him entertained. He was looking pretty good. We got him this "Legend" sweatshirt for Christmas. He also had some Jordans on - he's not quite sure what to do with shoes yet!

We went to Perkins afterwards and Carter really enjoyed some water from Grandpa. Straws are quite fascinating to him.

Here's my little man getting ready to do the stairs in our front room. They are just the right size for him to climb on.
This was from the night before. Stairs are definitely his new favorite thing. He concentrates really hard.
This is my little series. Here's the first stair...
And here's the second! I love when he straightens out his legs. His butt usually swings around until he catches his balance. He did make it to the top and (of course) immediately wanted back down.

Here's some random photos. The other night, as he was getting his second tooth (which is through), the only thing that made him happy was Jordan's dance costume. It had some shiny sequins and big beautiful wings to enthrall him!

Here's Carter and his Uncle Kyle hanging out. They've been playing together a lot lately. Carter is "fun" now!

This is a nice tongue picture. Carter loves this old cell phone of Uncle Kyle's. He thinks it's just for him. He was laughing at Laney playing fetch too.

This was at Sunday morning brunch. Dad decided Carter looked like a Puritan with a coffee filter on his head. Grandpa has a vivid imagination!