Sunday, December 30, 2007

1st Christmas and More

Here's a bunch of us on Christmas Eve. It's sort of impossible to get a good picture with this many crazy little boys around! Back Row: (Big) Kyle, (Little) Kyle, Austin and Nicole, Me and Carter. Front Row: Landon and Erica, Connor and Jordan, Abbey, Kelsie.

Landon looked quite handsome in his Christmas outfit. He can really pull off pink.
There's Mom and Dad (and some wine). We were just getting ready to eat our Christmas feast.
Carter got so much wonderful stuff. Here he is opening a "bounce and giggle cow" from Nicole, Helen, and the boys. Thanks again everyone!

Laney also had a delightful time. I took her out in the snowy front yard and chased her around. This is a nice action photo.

Landon had a good time with his new puppy on Christmas morning. You can see Carter trying his best to sit up and watch. He's so close!

All Carter wants to do is WALK! His new toys occupy him for a bit, but this is his absolute favorite thing to do.
Dad is crazy. He took a nice Christmas nap with Laney and Carter's blanket. I told him to smile - this is what he did!
On Christmas Day afternoon, we ran out to Fairmont to see one of my best friends, Dana. Her little almost 15 month old (Jada) is a little cutie!
Here's Carter and Dana. You can see he's got her fingers in the walk position. He knows what he wants!
Jada kept giving Carter kisses. She's a nice little girl - Carter wanted to grab her hair!
This is just a random playing picture. He really likes this phone that Landon got. He's pretty good at turning the little pages.
Landon is a funny kid. He sometimes walks with his chin down so he can't see in front of him, or spins in circles until he falls over. He's just silly!

Kelsie got this lovely picture of Laney and her new "Intergalactic" Christmas toy. It's been a big hit so far.
Carter came down to Hastings with us and wore his lovely green sweatshirt. I just thought he looked handsome. He's getting so big.
Ritter brought over her little Madisyn on my birthday. She and Landon are checking out the saucer toys here.
She is such a little cutie. Look at those big blue eyes and chubby cheeks! She can also totally pull off pink!
Carter was having a good time too until his teeth started bugging him. I think he'll get about three more any day now!
This is a lovely profile shot. Plus, Landon's got about the coolest hair I've ever seen on a baby. It's so thick!

There's me in my new Duke sweatshirt staring dismally at all the candles on my cake. I can't believe I'm 27 - that's seems way too close to thirty.

Here's Ritter and Madisyn having some cake. It was quite delicious, and everyone enjoyed it. Thanks Terri, Abb, and Jord!
Landon and Erica also enjoyed some. Landon is getting pretty good at using his fork. He's a coordinated little fellow.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Family Time

Carter has now realized how much fun it is to stand up (all the time). All he wants to do is hold people's fingers and walk around.

Erica, Landon, and Kelsie are all home for Christmas. Look how happy Uncle Kyle is to have Landon home! He's weird.

Carter had his first taste of our delicious pasty dough. He's starting to enjoy trying a little bit of whatever we have for dinner.

Carter and Landon are having a lot of fun together. This was after I had to go back to work last week. Poor Lando looks tired.

I think he was tired because earlier that day we went to Jordan's Christmas Program. It was very entertaining, and Jordan looked quite beautiful.

This is Carter's teething face. We went to Sunburst on Friday, and when we came back on Sunday our little man had his first tooth!

My friend Ritter (Melissa) stopped by work on Friday to exchange gifts. Her little cutie Madisyn couldn't wait to open hers up!

Carter and Lando love to play with the same things at the same time. Carter has his favorite mouse ornament in his hand in this picture. Grandma let him take it off the tree - so nice!

This picture is funny. I love Landon's big eyes peeking over the edge. Carter gave him a puff for being so inquisitive.

Carter got this nice new travel seat for Christmas from Grandma and Grandpa Barsness. It's so cute; the black rubber parts are hippos. He enjoys having his legs hanging free as well!

Here's our spoiled little man at his first Christmas in Sunburst. He had quite a few presents to open!

He's checking out his giant Tonka trunk here. I'm sure he'll be pushing it around in no time. Carter also loved his big box of books. He's a good reader.

He was very good about checking everything out. He's got a busy ball choo choo and a peek-a-boo farm vying for his attention here. Everything was so cute!

Speaking of cute, our silly Laney decided to curl up in an empty box with some tissue paper. She's, of course, right next to Carter at all times!

Carter's cousins Colten and Breanne are modeling some of their new clothes. Breanne liked her sweatshirt a lot, and Colty looks very good in camo!

Carter had a good time with the wrapping paper and the dogs. He was completely awed by the size of Fancy I think. Josie liked to kiss him too when Laney wasn't trying to make her play!

Carter was very good, especially since he was getting his first tooth. He had a great time playing with Phil (as you can see)! He liked to copy him too.

Carter gave his Great-Grandma Bonnie some loves before we left - and Mary Jo too. She had a fabulous feast for us (as usual), and we all loved it. Carter had enjoyed some caramel roll that morning!

"Uncle Nate" was very good to Carter all weekend long. He even stooped way, way down to walk him around while Kyle and I opened presents. Carter is a lucky guy to have such nice relatives.

Carter and "Aunt Callie" had a lovely time too. She also got to walk around with him many times and sacrificed some of her delicious caramel rolls for him. See you Friday, Call.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

A slow week

We had a nice boring week. Just getting ready for family coming in for Christmas!
Here's just a smiling guy in his nice red shirt. I think he looks pretty good in red.
He completely did this on accident - Abbey took the picture at the exact right moment. Hopefully this doesn't become a habit!
Yeah - Auntie Kelsie's here! She was a bit tired from her red-eye flight, but she and Carter played quite a bit. I think he remembered her.

Carter thinks it is so funny when Laney plays fetch. She was bringing her hedgehog back to him, and you can tell he was really laughing about it!
This picture is cute. Carter's doing a wake-up stretch, and Laney looks quite comfy perched on Kyle's head!
Carter was talking to Uncle Kyle and Katie while he smeared biscuit all over his face and hair. That was fun to clean up!
Laney always has to be next to Carter, and he kept snuggling into Laney's warm belly. They slept like this for about two hours!
This is just a random picture of Carter playing peek-a-boo. He loves to yank this little blanket off his head and laugh!
Carter is growing out of his clothes quite quickly all of a sudden. He looked like a little sausage on Tuesday.
Carter was sleeping on Jordan the other day. It reminded me of when he was just home from the hospital. He seems so big now!
Carter was enjoying some of Grandpa's grape juice here. He really enjoyed the cup too - he slobbered all over it!