Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas! Yay!

Here's a lovely picture from the daycare Christmas party. I was trying to get a nice one of Ave and Daddy...however, Avery loves to make silly faces now! Carter snuck a nice smile in though.
Here's me and my boys. Poor Teaguers fell asleep shortly after this. He was a good boy though!
Ha Ha! This picture makes me laugh. Carter looks like such a cutie...and the other two! Well, I knew Ave would be like this!
Terri, Erica, and Landon at the party. Landon looked quite dapper with his tie!
We went to the girls' game at Butte High after the Christmas Party. Teague was quite the ham after he woke up!
We had a game night last Friday. Erica found a new game for us to play too - good company and lots of laughs! From L-R: Dan, Terr, Ave, Kyle, Dad, Sean, Erica, Mom, Abb, and Jamie.
 My little girl is quite helpful in the kitchen. She helped me make 4 batches of pasty dough! These are her doughy monster hands!
Grandma and Grandpa Barsness came down Thursday to exchange presents. The kids were so happy to see them and so thrilled with their presents. Teague had the best time climbing on the presents...as do all babies!
Avery was hilarious. She seriously examined every single thing. This is her dance/crazy face about getting some Princess and the Frog characters. She loves them!
Ave pulled out all her clothes and held them up to inspect them. Then she folded everything back up. She makes me laugh!
This is Carter's super excited face. He knew the second he started opening the present that it was a Mega T-Rex!
He has had the best time with his Mega T-Rex! He has found something new on it every day!
Teaguers was a little subdued at first. Then he had a drink and was back to his happy, busy self!
Teamwork! They opened this awesome playhouse together. We've been coloring a little bit of it every night, and it's looking good!
Some of the kids on Christmas Eve. They mostly hung out in the purple room since they were having so much fun together. They are quite funny!
Connor and Austin make me laugh. Connor wanted me to take a picture of just him...but Austin snuck in there. It's cute!
Avery was kind of a turd about getting her Christmas dress on. Once she was dressed though, she was loving it! She loves everyone telling her how pretty she is!
This is a great picture of Aunt Nancy and Nicole!
More of the fam: Abbey, Terri, Jamie, and Dan.
Jamie's baby Liam is adorable. He had on a hilarious suit and tie that Terri got him, which I didn't get in the picture. This is still a cute little face picture though!
Little Kyle and Uncle Frank hanging out in the kitchen. Mom and Dad had a full house - it was so much fun!
Mom and Erica hanging out. Erica and Little Kyle both had to work so they ate a bit later than everyone else. They was plenty of delicious food to go around though.
Cousins and kids picture: it just keeps getting bigger! Next year we'll have Terri's baby to add in! Top row: Kyle, Nicole, Dan, Jordan and Teague, Terri, Jamie and Liam. Bottom row: Avery, me, Austin, Erica, Landon, Carter, Abbey, and Connor.
Teague had a fantastic time crawling around and standing up to see everyone's presents. He got the cutest dinosaur outfit from Connor and Austin (and this cool truck too).
I stole this from Erica's blog (thanks sister!). I just thought it was super cute. Avery is always around her little brother, and Teague just loves her. He was a big fan of this singing snowman also.
Carterman loved his Ironman from Connor and Austin. It was walking all over the kitchen by itself. Pretty cool!
Me and my big boy. He is the best. He just loves everything, and is very sweet about thanking everyone! My favorite part of this though is Jordan in the back having some pie!
Abbey and Jordan always look beautiful. I can't believe how grown-up they look.
The flannel boys: Teague and Uncle Kyle. They were kind of matching on Christmas Eve!
Grandma Bonnie got the family this new IPad (thank you, we are spoiled!). These two love it, and they are being very careful too! It was awesome to have Facetime with the family in Sunburst and Kelsie in Alaska.
Once everyone headed out, the kids got in their pj's. Avery had someone tie the snowman scarf around her head. I love how it gave her a mushroom cut; she looked totally 80s!
Christmas morning! Santa brought Carter a personalized Wild Kratts shirt (that's his favorite PBS show). Now he has Cheetah power!
After checking out Santa's stuff at our house, we headed over to Grandma and Grandpa's. This Dinosaur Train stuff was the first thing Carter saw. He did a little dance in his coat and boots he was so excited!
Teague loves his dinosaur ball popper. He played and played with it all morning!
Avery (who insisted on wearing her Christmas dress again!) and Grandma getting ready to open a pile of presents.
Erica and Lando Commando were ready too. Sorry I cut off your head Dad!
Dad and the boys! I got a lot of shots before the present opening began because I knew it would get crazy!
Uncle Kyle's favorite present. Mom was so proud of herself. She got Kyle and Dad some really cool Redskins stuff (including the snouts)!
Avery's big present from us was this princess castle. She loved playing with it luckily! It came with 10 princesses. Avery said Pocahontas likes to climb so she was on the roof! We had such a great Christmas - thank you so much everyone! We are lucky to have such great families!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Lots of Christmas stuff

This is one of our Christmas card outtakes. It highlights Avery's personality. She went from super happy to this in about two seconds!
Why do cellphones and remotes make babies so happy? Probably because they know they're not supposed to have it...and they know if it's a play one too. This is a really happy boy right here!
Pillows also make this boy happy. Throw a couple pillows from Mom and Dad's couch on the floor, and this is what you get! He loves to crawl over them and then flop his whole self down. He's a love.
This is one of Avery's many imaginary people that she makes up...Celaphan. Celaphan does not answer to the name Avery. She also has special dance moves that require lots of twirling! Do not confuse her with another imaginary person "Angeglee the Mother". She only wears one blanket.
It was Mason's 3rd birthday on the 8th. We went out to Ritter's house and the kids played and played and played. It was a great party!
Madisyn kills me. I think she changed her clothes four times at the party! You can see Carter in the background with a remote control car driving through all the people. I think Santa will be bringing him one of those!
A nice picture of the girls - they get along so well. Madisyn loves to carry Avery around.
A little Teagle Beagle crawling around at home. My friend Mariya knitted this hat for him - he looks pretty cute in it. He's also a drool machine as you can see!
Carter's poor T-Rex needed some medical attention. Luckily Avery was a dinosaur doctor (like on Jurassic Park, Carter told me) that day. She put a band-aid on his leg and gave him a shot. He was feeling better in no time!
Cookie time! Grandma and the big kids mixed up lots of different colors for our sugar and sour cream cookies. Imagine...Ave has yellow, Carter has blue, and Lando has red (which was kind of pink, but whatever).
We had to go buy a star cookie cutter just for this boy. He loves a blue star!
Avery is a very careful froster. She does a really good job!
Landon was very creative. He got into the decorating spirit for sure!
Here's some of the cookies we made (we did sugar on Saturday and sour cream cookies on Sunday). I also made spritz cookies. It was a baking weekend! Carter had an awesome five colored star in there. Very nice!
On Sunday, we made some Christmas dinosaurs (like everyone does!). This one is Avery's. It made me laugh and laugh. She put an eye and a smile on him because he was a happy dinosaur. On the wrong side, but that's okay! I love it.
Crazy faces...crazy kids. These two are kind of nuts!
Laney got a trim the other day. She's still nice and hairy, but Carter was worried she'd be cold. He gave her a blankets and some hugs. He loves Laners, and she loves him too. What a nice guy!
Last but not least, since this post is late, Teague turned 10 months old on the 13th! It's hard to believe he's that old already. He is standing up on his own now though. I just love my happy baby!