Sunday, May 27, 2007

smiles and such...

Do you think he might look a little like his Dad?
This picture is too cute!

His Uncle Kyle finally held him! I think he was a little nervous for awhile. Check out Carter's first chin - he has quite a dimple.

He decided this week he enjoys his vibrating bouncer. It has bubbles and a starfish that spins to amuse him.

He was telling Abbey some stories in this picture. He just kept talking and making funny noises to her.

Here is a nice shorts outfit my Mom got him. It says "Mommy's little stinker" on it. Very true at times!

Here is one of his morning smiles. When he first wakes up, but still has his eyes shut, he has some big grins.

He was smiling at me and Aunt Erica in this picture. They are tough to catch on camera!

Landon's hair naturally sticks straight up, so we tried to get Carter's to match!

We enjoyed the intertwined arms. They did that themselves - apparently, they want to be best buddies.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Just Random

Here is one of the many "Dad and baby" sleeping pictures - I enjoy these. They are awfully cute.

My cousin Kathi and her baby Josh came by on Sunday, so here is our group picture. It was obviously my day of not brushing my hair!

Here are Abbey and Jordan and a cuddly Josh. He's very cute - especially when he walks!

I love this picture. He looks like a little angel when he's sleeping.

Here's his muscle pose in his dino outfit from Aunt Diane. Those striped pants were lovely on him!

Friday, May 18, 2007

New stuff

Yeah! Carter can finally fit into some 0-3 month clothes. Here he is in a pretty sweet Nike outfit with coordinating Jordan shoes (courtesy of cousin Nate). Laney obviously approves of this look.

Landon tried on some Jordan's too (courtesy of my friend Carrie) - they are a little large right now though. He still looked awfully cool.
Carter got to meet his great-aunt Diane on Thursday (and great-uncle Art). He liked them both a whole lot - fell right asleep on Diane. They brought him a very cute dinosaur outfit too.

Here he is in another big boy outfit. This monkey one is from Kendra and it is so cute. He was very tired and giving one of his one-arm stretches.

Here are the cousins hanging out on the couch together. They were having a pretty good time with Aunt (and Mom) Erica and a rattle. I'm sure they're going to be best pals in no time.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

New friend for the summer!

Here is a really cute picture of my sister, Erica and her sixth month old Landon, my Grandma, Vivian, and me and Carter on Mother's Day. The cute matching outfits are from Aunt Kelsie.

Here is Laney cuddling with her friend Carter. She curls up as close as she can to him.
Here is Landon checking out Carter. They do stare at eachother quite often. I'm sure they'll be best pals by the end of the summer.

Here is Abbey with Landon. He is such a cute little guy.
Here is Jordan with Landon - I don't want to make either girl jealous!
Here is a nice close up. He is getting some chubby cheeks and a double chin. He still fits in Newborn clothes though!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Newest stuff

I think this is my favorite picture so far. They were both pretty much out here. I love his football outfit too. It says "Carter's" on all the buttons!
Here is Carter's first bath. He actually really liked it. He needed one too. As you can tell, he has quite a bit of hair!
This is me shampooing him. I couldn't believe how good he was.
Now it is time for Dad to dry him off. We forgot one of his hooded towels for this first bath. Now he really enjoys those. I think he likes having his hair all covered up.
This is a close up of this cute outfit my Aunt Margaret got him. It has little submarines, squid, and fish on it. I think he looks pretty nice in navy blue.

Here is another one of him sleeping on Dad (with the hand up of course). Laney really likes to try and cuddle with him. She always needs to know right where he is.

Family and Toys

He likes to sleep in his carseat. This outfit is really cute too. It says he is a little sweet pea.

Here he is in his tropical swing. He likes the music and the motion. He hasn't really noticed the cute little mobile yet.

I guess I should show him with me. I haven't really bothered brushing my hair in a while - kind of busy with other stuff!

Here he is sleeping on Grandma Patsy. He's a very cuddly little boy!

Here he is with Grandpa Dale at Sunday morning brunch. Grandpa was teaching him how real men eat "manly pepper".

This toy came from Aunt Erica, Aunt Kelsie, and Terri Jo in Alaska. Erica, who has a 6 month old Landon, said this toy is wonderful to have. She was right. He especially enjoys watching it at diaper changing time.

A little older

Here is one of his cute newborn outfits. We liked this one because it could cover his hands. He likes to always have them up by his face.
This is Carter absolutely passed out on his cousin Jordan. She and her sister Abbey are going to be great babysitters! He's wearing his All-Star outfit from his Great-Grandma Bonnie and his Jordan booties from his "Uncle" Nate.
This picture is just really cute. You can see what I mean about his hands!
This is Carter's dog Laney. She loves him very much. She likes to kiss his hands and lay on his blankets. I'm sure they are going to be great pals!

More newborn stuff

Here are some more of his first pictures - now that I know what I'm doing. This is in the hospital.

Here is his first football related outfit - I have a feeling there will be many more to come!

Here is his first picture with Dad. He was just a tiny little guy.

Monday, May 7, 2007

He's here!

Here is Carter Robert Barsness. He arrived on April 11th at 10:11pm. He was a good baby - coming five days early and not making me go to the hospital until 6:00pm. He weighed 7lb 11oz and was 20 inches long.