Sunday, April 7, 2013

Just a tiny post

My girl after her 4 year checkup. She was not shy at all and was a trooper with her one shot. She's continuing down the same 50-75%ile height (44inches) and 5-10%ile for weight (32 lbs) path as she always has!
This guy actually let me take a couple pictures of him this week. Usually he's kind of a booger about it. It's almost time for another haircut. His hair gets so thick!
He's kind of the sunscreen boss. He always makes sure if the sun is out, we put it on. The sun was definitely out on Wednesday. It was beautiful. Of course, today it snowed.
We were having a really fun game of Simon Says the other day. I had them racing around the house, marching, leaping over the sidewalk, and climbing trees. When I said to make a pyramid, they were puzzled. Now they know what I mean!
Teague likes nothing more than to carry around a stick as a weapon! He also makes really awesome fight noises. Ya Ya Ya Ya! Teague had 3 shots at his 2 year checkup, and the doctor was highly impressed with his verbal skills. He is also pretty small for weight 5-10th %ile (24 lbs) and average for height (34 inches). He doesn't seem small to me!
Ave said she was helping clean at the daycare and heard "Gangham Style" on the radio. Abb and Jord dance to that song too. Erica pulled it up on her IPad, and they danced like crazy fools about 3 or 4 times. Look at the action!
I like this jump Carter is doing here!
Take a look at their awesome outfits too. Ave took off her skirt so she is just wearing tights. Landon picked out his long sleeved shirt/Mario shorts combo. Carter would wear pajamas everyday if we let him. Luckily Teague is dressed!
Ave decided to put a cape around both Kyle and I and fix our hair with some nice apple smelling detangler. It worked great on Kyle!
Lastly in this small blog, all 4 in the tub. Sorry about the nudity...but it is the tub! They always have fun together. More pictures next week - it's just nice to have everyone feeling a bit better!

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