Sunday, August 24, 2014

Vball and Rain!

We had volleyball tryouts Monday through Wednesday - and doubles the rest of the week. My kids were with me, but I had no time to take pictures. It's stressful for me and worse on the kids trying out. I did manage to take some the last few days. It has been super rainy here though. I've never seen it like this - gray and thunderstorms every day. Teague found some dinosaurs to amuse himself though!
Avery likes to do art on a rainy day. She loves her little doodle book.
Carterman had a cuddle with his puppy. A big thank you again to Carl and Jenny. Laney loves her Thunder shirt. I'm not sure what we would do without it!
It's always fun to trap your sister!
...And vice-versa!
A little karate action is always a fun indoor activity also. This makes me laugh!
Sunday morning pancakes - Ave picked purple for the color. They were tasty!
Our gray sky :(
We did some harvesting today - basil, rosemary, peas, lots of cherry tomatoes, and some edamame (below). It was delicious!
Carter helped me with the fantasy football draft tonight. He stole Frank Gore from his Dad!
One more - a cute brother picture! I know it's sort of a tiny blog this week. This next week should calm down a bit...then it's school!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Kalispell time and more fun!

I think that the sprinkler is probably my kids' favorite part about summer. They love to run around Papa and Grandma's front yard!
Teague said when he went through here, it was called "Snake Belly Trench". He makes me laugh!
She's a gazelle!
The bubbles in the old sandbox has become a new favorite game. I like Ave's bubble beard here.
Totally relaxed :)
He wanted me to take a picture of him curled up on the couch, so I did!
This was on Thursday before our drive to Kalispell. We were trying to wear them out!
3 very different facial expressions!
Mom, the kids, and I made it to Kalispell! We went to a different park in Kalispell than we usually go to. Diane and Mom pushed these guys back and forth quite a few times. I love Ave's face here!
Carterman just told me that he screamed "like a girl" on the zipline. I don't recall this.
We took a little walk down to a nice bridge after that.
Diane showed them how to throw sticks in on one side and watch them float by on the other side. Avery thought that was great fun!
Teague finally tried the zipline and loved it. Then he didn't want to leave!
We went back to Diane and Art's house to meet up with Jordan and Terri (Abb had to work). Art set up a cool pool for them to play in and a slip 'n slide!
The volcano on the pool had some impressive height!
Good job Teagie Pie!
Jumping off the trampoline into the pool is always fun!
This picture kills me! Ave was flying!
All 3 little monkeys.
The crocodile would randomly shoot water out of it's jaws too. It was a cute pool!
Action photo!
A real smile!
They enjoyed all the toys and games Diane and Art had there. Zingo (Bingo with a twist) provided lots of entertainment for them.
It was kind of rainy Saturday so we went to an indoor Fun Zone. Dana met us there with her kids, and I didn't get a single picture of them :( We had lots of fun though. This crazy zone section was fun for all ages!
Teague slept a good half an hour before he got up and played.
Jordan, Carter, and Avery had a blast on the bumper cars. Carter claims he "dominated"! I had more pictures, but they turned out kind of dark and gave everyone scary demon eyes.
This was so funny! Mom, Terri, Diane, and Art had a good time on the bumper cars too. Terri had some velocity here - her hair is flying behind her!
Teague looked quite fearsome here - Nerf Gun in his shorts, Bo Staff on his back, and star sunglasses.
On Sunday, we went to Foy? Lake. I'm not sure if I spelled that correctly. We tried to go to the pool, but there weren't enough people there and they closed it. Carter was sad for a second, but he loved the lake! Good pick Diane!
Mom got Avery this bikini at Target the day before. It was so cute and actually fit her tiny butt.
Teague started off just throwing mud and rocks - just what a 3 year old should do :)
Such a cute picture - Ave and her best buddy Jordan!
Teague was scaring the fish away from the dock. There were tons of little minnows that you could see.
Carter is so brave now. He absolutely loves water!
Teague's cheesy grin - he's so cute!
A noodle battle!
Terri and Diane watched from above. We love coming to visit in August. Diane and Art are the best hosts! Thanks again!
Ave got out the kickboard for a bit of swimming.
My monkeys - only one of them looking and she has insane hair. She didn't want to get her ponytails wet!
Jocko and I had to jump in a couple times. Terr got some photographic evidence of that. It was deeper than we thought! I didn't touch the bottom.
When we looked up - Carter had jumped in off the other side! He's a maniac. I had to help him get out since he wasn't by a ladder. We are the three jumpers!
Lastly, we stopped in Missoula for a ColdStone meet-up with our pal Callie. We always love to see her, and we wish we had more time. It was quite a fun week though. Today I spent 10 hours in the gym. Volleyball has begun!