Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Quiet, Rainy Week

Ave loves to dress up. She looked so cute in this little bird dress. I told her I wanted a picture of her, so of course she had to pose on the very top of the couch!
This is one of her go-to poses - "The Thinker".
Jordan and Carter are buddies. He always looks forward to playing with his cousins.
The boys wore their matching "Boom" shirts to daycare the other day. Carter was very excited to look just like Teague. He loves being a big brother.
Abb and Jord had their company dance show on Wednesday. They are amazing! I don't use that word lightly either - it blows my mind how good they are. Callie swung back through Butte to watch them again. We had lots of fun! Ave sat on my lap the whole time. She'll be dancing next year!
Sleepy little Teaguers. He looks like an angel here...but I know better.
He inisisted on wearing shoes over his pajamas and going out in the rain. His little butt was soaked! Memorial Day weekend was kind of gloomy. I didn't have any plans, but we were kind of cooped up.
Finally Monday afternoon we had a bit of sunshine. We took our cabin fever kids down to the park to play and run. This was after a rousing game of duck, duck, goose. They always change the animals though!
Almost bath time! They immediately start stripping when they hear the word "bath".
We went out to look at a rainbow yesterday. Teague really wanted to feel the puddles, so I let him. I mistakenly thought he would be cold and would want to come inside. I was wrong!
Ave came outside to join him. He was laughing at Grandma here so he could not bother to look at me. He was not happy when I made him come inside. He did like getting his feet washed off in the sink though!
Teague and his red pen were really helpful to Poppa. They corrected a few Montana History papers together. I wonder what those kids thought when they saw scribbles on their quizzes!
Meanwhile, Abbey Jean was throwing pillows at the big kids while they ran around the front room. This has been a delightful game for years! Little Kyle started it when the boys were pretty small. They laugh and laugh!
After the pillow fight, everyone's friends again. I love this picture!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Beautiful Spring Weather!

Carterman took this picture of me and my girl up at open gym. They love to come to open gym with me. Sometimes we play hide and seek or floor hockey. They have a good time!
Teague has discovered he's really good at kicking the ball. He had a lot of fun just kicking all over the gym. If he's going to be a soccer player, I better learn about the game.
Mr. Blue Eyes is in most of these pictures...because he doesn't slow down! We are always outside playing! He had his 15 month checkup today. He's 20.8 lbs (5th %ile) and 31 inches (close to 50th %ile). He's just runs and runs off all the food he eats.
He is the silliest little boy - I mean look at this face. I swear he gets cuter by the day!
This is Teague's favorite thing in the world. Everytime he walks into Mom and Dad's house, he says "pots" and points. Then we grab a couple utensils and he stirs and stirs. He's gonna be a chef!
He takes his work very seriously as you can see.
Then there's this goofball. I told her not to teach Teague to put the pots and pans on his head, so of course she did. We'll be washing them everyday now!
Callie was in town for the dance recital (which was amazing as usual Abb and Jord). She spent the night and helped get the kids ready for daycare in the morning. Kyle's on graveyard shift so she let him sleep - so nice! She picked this out for Ave...gorgeous!
They were imitating Teague's new "belly" dance. I was stretching my back and he started copying me. Now he does this all the time! Hope you don't mind Ave's tights-only look!
Here he is! Check out that nice round belly!
We took a little trip down to the park. Teague enjoyed the rock steps. He's getting to be quite a climber!
Teague has been loving his buggy. Carter pushed him on the way back. Speaking of Carter - look at this cute smile! He went to the Doctor for his 5 year checkup. He is 43 inches (almost 50th %ile) and 38 lbs (25th %ile). He's moving on up! Of course, he's super smart too. He sang his Dinosaur A-Z song for Dr. Graham. It was very impressive.
Poor Teagie. After a trip to the park and a handful of Fruit Loops, he just passed out. I ran to get lunch and Terri watched him. She said he grabbed her hand, took her to the couch, and then just fell asleep watching a movie. He never does that!
We were out of the house almost all weekend while our new floor got put in. No more carpet in the kitchen and dining room - Yay! We love it! These guys had a blast driving cars all over it on Saturday night.
Last but not least, this is Teague's face when someone sings "Itsy Bitsy Spider". He loves it! He dances the whole time. He tries to do the rain and sun part. Then when you're done, he claps and says his little form of "again". I've got to get a video of it.
On a side note, good luck to my cousin Terri up in Alaska. She is having a C-section today. We can't wait to see pictures of Drea Marie!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Graduation and more!

Teague looks totally awesome in sunglasses (I'm not sure if these are Kelsie's or Erica's). He was singing too! He's a ham!
We were waiting for the preschool graduation for Carter and Landon to begin. Luckily I brought Brown Bear, Brown Bear to keep Teague occupied. He loves that book!
This is really a terrible picture. Mary was giving Carterman a little kiss after he got his cap and diploma. Mary is his favorite teacher.
Daddy looks very proud of his big boy. Carter and Landon were hilarious at the graduation. They were both in front singing and dancing away (especially Lando!). Kyle got it all on video. I watched it last night and laughed!
I love this picture! Ave was so good. She knew all the songs, but she kept quiet and just cheered for the boys. She's a good sister.
Carter looks like he was sick of smiling. They are still awfully cute though. I can't believe they will be at Emerson in the fall!
This was my attempt at getting all 3 of them in a picture...that turned out poorly!
Auntie Kelsie had to head back to Alaska last Thursday. Boo. We had so much fun with her! We were so happy she got to stay and watch the graduation before heading to Belgrade.
This picture makes me smile. It appears Lando is checking out the ceiling, and who knows what Ave is doing. The kids absolutely love Kelsie. Ave yelled upstairs for her Thursday made me sad.
I'm pretty sure it's sacrelege to play around in the nativity barn thing...but what can you do? The graduation is in the basement at St. John's church. They had to run around a bit!
Mr. Teague had a big day on Friday. He played so much that he fell asleep on the way to Poppa and Grandma's house from daycare. It's about a half a block ride! He looked so cute in his little jacket - I had to take a picture.
It was gorgeous here on Saturday and Sunday (it's 80 out today!). We had some record highs going. We went to Clark's Park for awhile while Kyle slept (graveyard shift takes some getting used to). They wore jackets for about 5 seconds before we realized how warm it was!
All 3 doing some swinging!
Carter and Avery brought some toys to play with too, and juiceboxes - hence the backpacks. They thought this tree had really cool roots. They were being explorers. They also informed me that they both want to be paleontologists when they grow up!
Someone insisted on taking off his shirt and wiping dirt all over his face Saturday night. He was so filthy! He had to have a bath Saturday and Sunday night. He would stay outside all day if we would let him!
A closeup on some of the dirt. There was a bunch more on his head and in both ears!
Hope everyone had a great Mother's Day. I know I did! Red velvet pancakes for breakfast, 3 great kids, flowers, cards, 3 seasons of Breaking Bad (or Breaking Bats as Carter hinted to me), beautiful weather, and  lobster tails and salmon for dinner! Thanks fam!

Monday, May 7, 2012

These goofballs love to come to open gym with us. I'm pretty sure this is their favorite part...when Poppa pushes them around the gym in the ball cart!
Teagie realized he could actually push it too, even with Ave hanging on. He ran for two straight hours that day and absolutely crashed in the car. He stayed asleep the whole time I changed him into a new diaper and pajamas!
Carterman loves his aunties (and dinsoaurs). They had fun putting together the giant dinosaur puzzle.
This boy loves to go outside and play - I know he's thinking "Please let me out!".
Sometimes I think Teague likes Ave's princess "squinkies" more than she does. I think he likes how squishy they feel. Auntie Kelsie just likes to play with the kiddos - they love her.
This is what happens about 1 minute after I pick him up from daycare - "snack time"!
Had to get a "siblings" picture while we were out on the town Friday night. Out on the town in this case means hanging out with three other people at the KC all night - we had a great time! Thanks for babysitting Abb!
One sisters picture too!
The next day we met lots of family at Silver Bow and had some delicious pizza. My camera was dying so I only got this one picture of Teague in the car driving with both wheels of course!
This boy didn't take a nap until 3 o'clock. He slept in his car seat for about an hour before he woke up. Kyle unbuckled him, then Teague did a big stretch and decided to sleep on his face for another half an hour!
These two were also a little tired! I don't know if the three of them have ever all napped at the same time before. It let me read a lot of my "Game of Thrones" book (I had to reread them - the series is just too good).
Game night was on Saturday - after some delicious Chicken Fajitas for Cinco de Mayo. This picture makes me laugh and laugh. Mom made a "Mount Crumpet" and then handed the whipped cream to Dad. There was obviously none left (don't worry, we had another can). His face kills me!
Teague would randomly come in from the purple room - where the kids played and played - and feed people (here's Auntie Kelsie getting a forkful of cake). He's a great sharer! The two Kyles look deep in conversation in the background.
On Sunday we went to Reece's birthday party (she's 4) and then for a walk on the trail. It ended up being a pretty nice day! Ave picked this outfit for the party (Strawberry Shortcake tank top, tutu skirt, purple pants, Spooky Halloween socks, and red sparkly shoes). Beautiful!
They walked about 2 1/2 miles that day! They had a great time feeding the ducks and geese. We had to keep Teague away from the geese - he wanted to pet them! Carter had fun scaring away the seagulls. He told me they are insectivores who like to steal food from ducks. What a smart little guy.
On the way back we stopped by a huge gnarled old tree. It looks like the best climbing tree ever! There's my Boo up on a branch.
Carterman was too busy to even look at me!
These two found a nice little sitting spot. I love how you can see Kyle and Carter way on the other side of the huge tree.
You know this guy wasn't going to sit in his stroller the whole time! He also had fun walking through the tunnels and yelling loudly!
The three "big kids" liked to climb up on the side of the tunnels - look at that awesome sky behind them.
Food time! After that walk, they were famished. They had great turkey dinner with all the fixins (thanks Mom and Dad). I'm pretty sure Teague had three helpings of everything!