Friday, February 9, 2018

Getting ready for Christmas!

I'm hoping we can keep this tradition going for a few more years...until poor Kyle's shoulders can't handle it anymore. We always have one of the kids put the star on the tree.
My children have had perfect attendance so far (knock on wood) and very good grades. I let them pick dinner one night, and we went to the Derby. It was delicious! As you can see, Carter really enjoyed his ribs!
We had breakfast at the KC one lovely Sunday, and then went around Uptown to check out the ice sculptures. This xylophone outside the Headframe was pretty awesome.
People are very creative. I wouldn't have thought about this in a million years.
Santa and Mrs. Claus came to Emerson to drop off school T-shirts for everyone. I snuck into Teague's class for a couple pictures.
He was very polite and in awe of them.
We went to the Emerson Christmas Party that night and had a blast! I'm lucky to work with great people.
Callie is totally awesome and kept the kiddos for us that night. She is the best! They had a great time swimming in the hotel pool.
We went to the Thor movie the next day. It was hilarious! I had to take a quick picture of the trees behind the mall. The frost on them looked so cool!
Cookie decorating. Kyle found a bunch of tips and bags at JoAnn's fabric, and Jordan found a bunch of awesome sprinkles. I think they looked pretty great this year!
I don't trust Teague to not lean up against the table in a white shirt.
Ave and Jord always stick it out until the very end.
Three goofy boys who absolutely can't look at me at the same time.
Carter is not in a gang, no matter what these pictures seem to show.
Christmas program time! Mr. Teagie Pie looked very dapper in his shirt and tie.
They got to wear sunglasses for the "Hip Hop Reindeer" song. They are very hip.
Miss Boo is in the second row from the top, second one in. She looked lovely as always.
There is my Carterman. He actually really enjoys music. His songs were stuck in his head.
She wore her Christmas dress from last year. That is our usual M.O.
The morning was too crazy to get a picture, so I took a quick one after school. Carter was at a friend's house. Here's Ave with the sweater on...
And sweater off.
There is my Carterman. He was looking good.
We let them open one present early before we made the trek to Sunburst. They all got some new books, which they dug right into. I'm very happy that they like to read!
The trip to Sunburst was pretty slow going. I think it took us 6 hours. Slow and steady is the way to go though.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Thanksgiving/Birthday Boys

A quick picture of some pretty girls on Thanksgiving. I love that yellow dress!Abb and Jord are so nice to play Clue constantly with the kids.
Linky Lou is just a funny kid. He was calling Papa, and they were laughing and laughing!
Three handsome big boys playing some video games (of course!)
Kyle joined them. 4 handsome big boys!
Papa surveying the masterpiece of Thanksgiving dinner! It was delicious!
One of the best family pictures we've had in awhile! Kyle is holding a light saber, but that's okay!
Six crazy cousins! I love when they are all together. It's my favorite time.
Haircuts for the boys. Hawkins was a little trooper. I think he kind of enjoyed it!
Cool kid alert. They were being secret agents here I believe.
Erica had a joint birthday party for Landon and Hawkins while they were here. Silver Bow remodeled, and it looks pretty cool in there! These two get along so well. I love it.
Teague William always does the strangest poses.
Link was probably a lot better at this game than I would have been!
Sean's brother Dustin and his wife, Crystal, have a new baby girl. She was a little cuddler the whole party. Link loves babies. He was pretty happy when Kels got a turn.
Hawkins was pretty happy about his cake. He was making quite the cheese face! Teague loves his little cousin...and cake!
Handsome brothers!
Time to sing! It's hard to believe Hawkins is 3 already, and it's even harder to believe that Lando is 11!
Abb and Jord reliving the bowling days of their youth.
The Mario Kart game would take pictures of you before it started. This picture of Jord was killing me!
Present opening time!
Hawkins got some really awesome Paw Patrol stuff. He wanted to open everything immediately!
He liked our bath stuff we gave him. I'll have to ask Erica if he enjoyed it at home.
Ave helped her little buddy open everything. He really loves "Avey" as he calls her!
A real Link smile! I love it.
Who doesn't like hitting their cousin with a balloon? No one. That's who.
Teague and Liam always have fun when they are together. Although I have no idea what is happening here.
Two cute little cousins. Not sure what Teague is doing with his chin here!
Kyle and I made a trip to Missoula to help Callie with her move. She got a job running a hotel from the ground up in Helena. We are super happy for her! While we were there, she received what she thought was some Duke stuff from Turns out she got a bonus Eli Manning stuffed doll. We laughed so hard we were crying! Then she gifted it to my Dad, who hates Eli!