Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Party/Spring/Mom's Birthday!

The big kids both got B.U.G. Awards this winter. They are for 3rd-6th graders who bring up grades or keep them at all A's. I didn't get great pictures, but I was very proud of my Googles (third one from the left)...
and my Carterman. I'm glad they enjoy school and learning.
We have discovered the deliciousness of Town Talk cakes. Terri bought one for Ave's birthday, and she got another one for the Teagie Pie. I think he likes people singing to him!
Our Burgman/Boyle cribbage tournament was a big success. Mom played for the first time this year and did pretty well. Butte has the best people, especially these two. My buddy Baylee is moving to Georgia! I'm going to miss her.
Teague might be a beast some days, but he's always good for a hug. This was his paper he brought home from school. Theresa, one of our preschool monitors, always get a hug from Teague at the end of the day.
Birthday party time! Teague and his buddies had a blast playing some laser tag. I love their poses here!
He's been very into Spiderman lately and requested a Spiderman cake. It turned out pretty cool! He had a good turnout from his classmates, along with cousins, and family.
He doesn't want to show his "janky teeth" anymore. That's what he told me anyway. The poor kid is definitely going to need some braces.
The obligatory cake picture for Mom's scrapbooking!
Callie came into town, and we had a fun little day of adventures with her. First we went to Fred's, which was delicious! Ave had some kabobs that we were all jealous of!
Then we went for a nice little hike to the Granite Mountain Memorial. There was snow all around, but it was a gorgeous day!
Can't beat that view.
Two nerds on a snow pile. I bet Teague's feet were soaked!
I don't recall telling Carter and Teague to slouch as much as humanly possible, but they did!
Ave and Callie always have a good time together, even when Callie is threatening her with a fall into a snowbank.
She's a weird little child, but I guess I'll keep her.
Carterman with a headframe behind him. Looks pretty cool.
This place always makes you sad, but it's part of our history. I think the memorial they've made is amazing.
Erica and Kelsie were able to come in for Mom's 60th Birthday! We were so happy to see them as always. Link was ready to try on some festive gear.
This picture kills me! That headress really suits Kyle! It fit his head perfectly.
Teague decorated Papa and was very proud of his work. He's just a weirdo, and Papa indulges the weirdness.
I love this picture! Grandma and Papa and six little Irish grandchildren. My Mom is wearing her Birthday crown! I hope I look that young at 60. I think she had a great birthday surrounded by friends and family.
We had a lot of fun! Nothing too crazy. We sat at the KC and just visited people as they came by. Any time spent with my sisters is a good time!
Link decided a really fun game would be to smear Papa with Grandma's birthday cake frosting!
Have you ever seen anyone look so happy and evil all at the same time?
Hawkins joined in on the fun, and Papa couldn't let them win of course.
Three handsome dudes. I love those smiles.
Mrs. Burke (my friend and Ave's teacher) often lets Ave and Lamar (Mr. Watson's son) have a little playdoh fun fest after school. They are very lucky to have her!
Terri gave a couple coffee cups to my kids that change with hot water. Teague absolutely loves them! They are Avengers cups. One says GOOD, one says EVIL. He was clearly EVIL on this morning.

Friday, May 4, 2018

Helena trip and Teague is 7!

We finally made it down to Helena to visit Callie and see what the city has to offer. They have a children's museum there, and we had a great time. Here I am seeing what I would look like as an astronaut.
Ave would be an even skinnier little thing on the moon.
Teague doing some robotics with a Mars Rover.
We love these tornado simulator things! Ave's hair always goes nuts!
Carter thought it was pretty funny!
Teague was enjoying trying to be dextrous in these cool space gloves.
They had a section of different helmets. Callie's was killing me!
They had a really neat Lego simulator where you could build your own rocket. It was so nice to see them all getting along!
This thing was so cool! We had a really good time with our lifesize molds. Here's Ave from the back...
And from the front!
Carterman's cool pose.
These vacuum tubes were a lot of fun. You could close them off and have the cloth come out different valves.
Teague played with these giant Lego's pretty much the whole time. They were really neat. They were soft, but still fit together just fine.
Avery and Callie trying a brain game against each other. The idea was to concentrate and move a magnet. We decided only one side worked after everyone on the right always lost! Callie looks very in to it!
Look at all that brain activity!
Time for everyone to get in the simulator!
Callie and her buddies. They really love her! Teague is something else. He's a goofball.
Teague got to dress as a 100 year old man on the 100th day of school. I absolutely loved this look!
From the side the mustache was really awesome. It was actually an eyebrow from Avery's disguise kit.
He loves to cuddle. He's still my baby, and I love it.
Happy Birthday to my Teager Pie! I can't believe he's 7! He was very happy to open some presents from Grandma and his Aunties in ND on his birthday.
We've played this game a lot Auntie Kelsie! He loves it.
We got him this Praetorian Guard Bionicle guy (from Star Wars.) He loves it and insisted on bringing it to dinner with him. It added a lot of flair to our table, especially with the speared bread that Papa added.
Cheers to these goofballs! Teague wanted a "really good" dinner and chose Casagranda's. Terri, Abb, Grandma, and Kyle were on the other side. It was delicious!
They even brought him a candle in his ice cream. He is a lucky guy!
One more present!
He's such a good reader. He made sure he read all the cards out loud. Thanks to our wonderful family. This guy is awfully lucky.
We ordered him some big Lego figures and a Mysterio Lego (that is his favorite Spiderman villian - at least it was that week!) It made him very happy and made a cool display on the coffee table.