Thursday, April 5, 2018

January Adventures

I missed this one earlier. Carterman spent the night with his friend Colby. The next morning they had "breakfast with Santa" at Metal's Bank. He looks awfully cute here!
The Googles and Carter both decided to play basketball this year. Ave really enjoyed it, although her team got stomped every time. If there were an award for "most running" in a game, I think she would win.
I didn't have any pictures of Carter unfortunately. My friend Josie took these of Avery. I was very proud of him for playing though. He was nervous because he didn't think he was good, and he hadn't played since first grade. He loved it though. He had a great coach (Rusty Olson, our engineer at Emerson), and he definitely improved by the end of the season.
Avers doing some of her Birthday art projects.
If there is a day we can actually walk, these two still love to go with me.
Nice looking over the shoulder poses. Very professional!
They were in an exploring mood that day.
I wish I had even a third of their energy!
That is a lot of snow outside the Petunia Factory! The sky looked so pretty that day.
This kid is the weirdest. I have no idea how his blue chair stayed on top of the Grandma Kate chair.
Avery decided to have a Bowling party this year for her Birthday! It turned out to be a lot of fun! None of us are great bowlers, so that probably helped. No pressure.
Some of her buddies that were at the party: Parker, Avery, Erin (in back), Korin, Autumn, and Mia. Lamar is there somewhere too. She had a great turnout from her friends.
These two (Braelyn and Brooklyn) are so cute. All the coaches' kids get along so well, that's why we love having game nights together. You can see Teague and Liam in the background too.
Ritter's girls made it to the party. They are adorable, and Madisyn is such a good big sister!
Lamar, Reese, and Austin made it in this picture. They seemed to all have a good time!
Our buddy Callie came over for the party! We love having her so close to us now.
I can't believe my girl is 9 already.
No boyfriends yet thank goodness. Some girls in her class (not Ave's friends) are already fighting about boys. Too much drama!
She got a ton of fun art stuff: scrapbook kits, markers, drawing pads, painting pads etc...People know her well!
I love this color on her. Becca knows how to pick out clothes for little girls. A huge thank you to everyone who attended or sent presents. She's very lucky and spoiled (hopefully not rotten!)
Next we have Abbey Jean's birthday! 22 already! That does not seem possible.
Avery reads her book from Auntie Kelsie every night before bed. She loves it! Something made her laugh that night, and she could not stop! It made me start to giggle also.
It's time to fix this monstrosity. That beard is honestly one of the worst things ever.
Success! Look how happy he looks to be kempt - ha ha ha!
Callie came over to have a tasty dinner with us after one of Carter's basketball games. A Mack Lovin for everyone to share always hits the spot!

Friday, March 23, 2018

Christmas and B-days!

Sorry everyone! I am months behind on the blog. It's my goal to catch up this weekend. Anyway, here is some more December/January stuff.
We made it to Sunburst! It was pretty chilly at the farm, but Ave and Teague put on their snowpants and went out with Lady to play.
They love to be outside!
Teague looks like he is 10 ft in the air in this picture. I must have been at the exact right angle to take it.
Chilling at Grandma Bonnie's with a tub of blueberries. This kid has the life!
I finally got to meet baby Rory. She is the cutest little thing! Auntie Callie absolutely loves her.
Speaking of Auntie Callie, she and I took these weirdos out for sledding with the help of the Ranger. They didn't last long, it was negative 5. We had fun while it lasted though.
There's Ave on the sled. I don't know if she could even see, but she enjoyed herself. They all kept screaming, "faster!"
Carter adores Lady. He wants another dog so badly. Hopefully in the spring. It would be tough to train a puppy in our negative degree weather right now.
All dressed up for Christmas. Ave's dress from Grandma Burgman was lovely. She reminded me of a flamenco dancer.
Cookies for Santa! Always a wide variety, and always delicious.
They actually slept until about 8:30! They were ready to check out their presents from Santa when they woke up. Ave had a really cool design kit that connects to the IPad. She colors the design, takes a picture, and then a model walks it down the runway.
Carterman and Teague got some Transformers they had really been wanting. They are pretty big changers, and they look really cool.
Teague even thought the card was cool. He really loves everything!
Have I mentioned Lady loves kids, and my kids love Lady? She is such a good dog.
Carterman was ready to build. Also, I love his haircut! I can't stop touching above his ears when it's like that.
Almost present time! There are just a few there...
Baby Rory is adorable and so sweet. She got a kick out of all the kids talking to her on the floor.
You can tell this is killing the boys... Somehow it always ends up with these three together across from Callie, Avery, and me.
Teague looks pretty happy already! He and Ave love the pizza Osmo game for the IPad.
I'm not sure why this picture is so blurry, but it shows Ave's cool Lego ski lodge. It also has her awesome Harry Potter nightgown.
Carter loves Arrow, The Flash, 30 Rock, Brooklyn 99 etc... He's a television connoisseur.
He was overwhelmed.
And so happy!
Googles is a very calm opener. She really loved all the clothes from Grandma and Grandpa Barsness.
Carolina Panthers hat and socks - excellent choice from Chris and Aly!
The Legos weren't really for Kyle, but he will play with them!
Me and my girl did a fun little Snapchat. Now the pictures skip way ahead to Butte. I have been terrible lately.
The big boys reunited! Any boys can get along over video games. The kids opened presents at Mom and Dad's house for their second Christmas, but my phone was dead. Hopefully Grandma Burgman got a few.
This kid is too silly! Hawkins keeps us all entertained. He had me take about twenty pictures of him like this.
Third Christmas at our house. These children are spoiled rotten.
Thor Ragnarok was maybe Teague's favorite movie ever! He was pretty happy to get a Lego set from it.
Carterman wanted this old Spiderman bridge set so bad! Can you tell he was excited when he opened it?
It was so nice to come back to Butte and see more family! We always love when Joe, Kels, and Link stay with us.
Apparently Lincoln didn't get the no shirt memo. Luckily he's all good playing Lego's with them though.
A yummy Montana Club breakfast with some more cousins. We love when Drea is in town. She is getting so grown up. She and Liam get along great when they are together.
The Googles made out like a bandit! You think people know she likes Lego's? The amusement park set Callie got her is hilarious. We put some wizards, superheroes, and villians on the roller coaster together.
Teague might love Lego's more than any kid I know. He plays with them every single day.
Avery got an unbored disguise kit from Grandma and Grandpa Barsness. It has a lot of fun stuff in it. Auntie Kelsie tried it out with some great results!
This one kills me!
Carterman with some of his fun stuff. They are awfully lucky kids.
We finally made it out sledding. Hawkins went down once and was done!
Link had a good time running down the hill I think!
These two went about a hundred times! The snow was really fluffy, so we weren't getting a lot a speed.
Oh Hawkins. He's such a little goofball. Look at that happy little face.
I can't even tell who that is! Erica or Kelsie? With Avery?
Abbey Jean came and found us!
She and Jordan always have to have a race. These inner tube slides are the best. They have had them since they were little!
Terri always has a good time sledding. She didn't get hurt either!
Sledding makes everyone hungry also! We had an after sledding meal at Arctic Circle. I think the kids liked the ice cream the best. Carter was at basketball practice and couldn't make it. He missed out!
Our two blondies!
It's our annual friends' Christmas time! We had ten pretty awesome kids at my house. I love that even though they don't see each other that often, they always get along great.
Our 3 big kids: Carter (10), Jada (11), Madisyn (11)
Our middles: Mason (9), Madelyn (9), and Avery (almost 9)
The babies (for two of us anyway, Dana now has little Bella!): Teague (6), Kolt (almost 6), and Myla (4)
Silly girls on the top bunk!
Ave and her buddy. She is absolutely wonderful with Hawkins and Lincoln. They adore her.
Time for some bowling before our Watford City buddies head back. They had a really good time!
The Googles was very excited to be 9! She was so ready to bust into her presents from Grandma and Grandpa Barsness.
This was from Kyle and I. We signed her up for a little traveler club. She loves geography and learning, so we thought she would like it. She gets a new passport from a different country every month for a year, along with activities, toys, and treats.
She loves this set of three stepping stones that she can paint from Grandma and Grandpa Barsness. She wanted to parcel them out, so she has only done the snail so far. It's very colorful!
I made her a two layer cake, and Kyle did an excellent job frosting it. He's a good baker.
A quick family birthday with a tasty Elf on the Shelf cake on top of a partially done Harry Potter puzzle! We wouldn't have it any other way!