Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The game/Kalispell

Burgman family picture 2017! I don't think this is the best one, but it was the one I had on my phone. We are always happy to see Carl and Jenny. I think they had a lot of fun with Mom and Dad, especially at Yellowstone. We had a great game night too! Hope your trip back went well, and that no tornadoes head your way! 
Baby Hawkins really loved the sandbox while he was here, although this face doesn't show it!
The second annual Burgman/Boyle game was a success...and our Butte High alumni team came back for the win. The highlight was watching Landon and Carter score! The Central players were super nice about giving them a chance. We are so grateful to so many people for making Aug. 10th a busy, bearable day for us. It's good to be distracted.
Lando is quite a player. The boys went to a two hour basketball camp earlier that day to benefit the Alex Thatcher Memorial Scholarship. A lot of terrible things have happened to good families. It sucks. At least there are some positive things happening.
My big boy! His baseball coach took this picture for Butte Sports. I love it!
This might be my favorite pic of the whole night. Kyle, Carter, and Landon, with Lando talking strategy.
Our two youngest players.
Teague really likes to give a toast. This is super cute. They really love each other.
My girl got her face painted at the game!
Burgmans/Boyles/Thatchers - these families are wonderful.
The game was Thursday. Friday we went up to Kalispell to visit Aunt Diane (who also came down for the basketball game.) For the first time in years, Erica and Kelsie got to go too! The little boys immediately dove into her pool at she and Art's new house. It has a beautiful back yard.
We decided to try Whitefish Lake that night. It was the best time to go! It was still hot, but the beach and dock were almost empty.
Kelsie was the first one in the water!
Me, Jord, and Teague chilling. Teague probably stayed in the water the most. He absolutely loved it. He even went out to the dock with me. I had to swim him on my back for about ten feet. He got up and danced proudly!
Landon is a good swimmer. He jumped off the dock with us a bunch!
Hawkins was quite fascinated with the seagulls.
Linky Lou walking the wall right when we got there. As usual, my pics are out of order.
Kelsie and some of her little buddies.
Good try Ave!
Hawkins has a habit of falling asleep before we do something fun! Luckily he wakes up in a great mood.
Kyle jumping off the dock! Ave got a great action shot from the beach!
The Boo on the beach.
Kyle and Teague being mermen! Kyle enjoyed the water but definitely needs some water shoes next year!
Hawkins having a little snack with Grandma and Diane before he tried out the water.
Random action photo.
Ave showing Hawkins his Mom out on the dock!
Link had been asking Kelsie to go to a beach for awhile. His happy face right here shows he liked it!
Hawkins and Lincoln started playing all of a sudden and didn't want to leave!
Swamp creatures! Aaaagh! Ha ha ha ha!
Six little cousins. I love summer.
The big boys went away from the beach to throw some rocks.
Good skipping form Carter.
Link showing me he's a mud monster! The sun looked so pretty going down in the smoky skies.
Two beautiful girls with their aunties.
I think I could sell this to a magazine.
Two happy little dudes.
Lincoln asked Kelsie to bury him. He loved it and made everyone do it twice.
She had some helpers.
Time to dance the dirt off. We had a great time at the beach!
Kyle, the kids, and I spent the first night at Dana's house. We got to meet her new baby Bella. Her big sisters and brother absolutely adore her (as you can tell by Maddie's face!) Their dog LaLa loved being pet by my kids.
They have a little apartment above their garage that we stayed in. Maddie made this sign for us. It made me laugh!
In the morning, the kids checked out the 11 chickens. They got to collect fresh eggs too. Jason said they get 8-10 eggs everyday!
They got to pet their nice pony, Peppermint. He's super gentle and like them petting him.
We went to the pool for the day. My kids always love the lazy river there. Jord got to hang out with baby Bella.
Hawkins helped himself to Jada's pretzel. Luckily she's super sweet and helped him.
Teague loved that they had dipping dots.
Mom and Teagie Pie in the river. His favorite people to go with in the lazy river are always Mom and Diane.
It made me laugh that Erica was holding Hawkins like this. Turns out, he had a bad diaper and needed a change!
Teague and his river friends!
Link dancing from towel to towel because the ground was lava!
Bella's 10 minute frog nap!
Dana and I with our big girls! I just realized I have no pictures of Kyle, Jason, Kolt, or Carter. They were there too I swear!
Every once in awhile, I catch a genuine Linky smile. I love it!
Hawkins bringing Erica some pretend food from the kiddie pool fountain.
Erica and her little blondie.
A very silly little boy.
Erica making Bella smile big. She is adorable!
Lincoln loved this baby.
He was fascinated by her little toes.
Maddie doing an impressive dive.
Jada doing a straddle jump.
Lando with the cannonball.
Jord's impressive form.
Our four girlies. So cute! They get along great too. Avery loves seeing them.
Boy picture! There's Kolt and Carter!
All together! We had such a great time! Erica and Kelsie headed to Havre after this to cut their trip home in half. Love you sisters! Miss you already.
Art cuddling their new puppy Lily. She is absolutely adorable, an Australian Shepherd/Cocker Spaniel mix. She and Jordan were good pals.
Teague and Kolt got along swimmingly. They were talking about Pokémon together here.
We will have to get another puppy eventually. We all loved little Lily, especially Carterman. Thanks to Diane and Art for spoiling us as usual. We are always happy when it's Kalispell trip time.