Monday, August 22, 2016

Basketball, Kalispell, Volleyball

Laney gave us a scare a few weeks ago. She had a couple seizures. Luckily, she seems like her old self again lately. She has been wanting to play with her poor old duck every day!
Erica, Kelsie, and kids came back for the first annual Burgman/Boyle Classic. While they were here, we enjoyed some Chinese food together. Hawkins was definitely a fan!
Time for some bubbles in the pool. This is always a favorite!
I love all these action poses I got!
Those are some weird, happy little kids!
This is Link's new pose! I love it!
Avery, Lincoln, and Teague get along pretty well most of the time. This made me laugh. Tiny Lincoln can fit in the back of the Lightning McQueen tricycle, and he can hold a giant watering can in his mouth too!
The Bubble Queen!
She was twirling her bubble mustache here. She made me take this picture, and she approved it!
Nothing like barbequing in the rain! Dad is a trooper.
Our wonderful friend Nikki took some cousin pictures for us again this year. This time we went out to her land in Harrison. It was gorgeous, and the kids were really good. They all found the hay bales pretty fun. Here is Kyle helping Link up on one.
Time to run! Kels picked their shirts, and Callie actually bought Ave' her dress last time we were in Missoula. They looked great!
These are some of my favorites - Here is the first group photo.
 Time for some running again!
 I really like this one.
 My pretty girl
 My handsome baby man
 My handsome big boy
 All three together
 My buddy Linky Lou
 The Vetter boys - one light and one dark. I love it!
 A happy walking shot
 Not sure what Teague is doing here, but it's a nice smile. Nikki is the best!
Hawkins loves Big Kyle, or Uncle Yah-Yah. They have fun laughing at each other.
These two tend to fight over things as a 3 yr old and 1 yr old will. I like how Hawkins is slowly sneaking up to look at the IPad here.
We had the basketball game on the 10th, 1 year later. We had a Special Olympics game first, which was the cutest thing I've ever seen. Those kids were so happy to be there, and happy for each other. This was our Burgman team, made up of lots of Kyle's former teammates, friends, and family. Back row - Coach Burgman, Ryan Pollack, Matt Esquibel, Shane Clary, Mack Hawbaker, Todd Hildreth, Casey Briggs, Jake Allmendinger, Chad Jonart, Mitch Hawbaker, Tucker Thatcher, Big Kyle, Tony Trudnowski, and Coach Thatcher. Front row - Cole Sale, Savanna Clary, Kelsie, Erica, Hattie Thatcher, Callie Daly, Me, and Baylee Thatcher. Erica, Kelsie, and I were all number 34. Kels started out the game with two three-pointers! It was awesome. It was a lot of fun and very emotional. It was a big success too. I'd say we raised about $8-$10,000 for the scholarship fund (thank you Dick and Diana for your contribution. That was so nice of you). We also gave away $1700 to the 50/50 winner - congrats Aunt Margaret! We had so much family there - Carl and Jenny surprised us, Kathi and her boys were here, Aunt Diane and Uncle Art, all the Butte family. We are very lucky.
A group photo of all the players, refs, Ave, and Teague. Carter and Landon even played a little. Landon made a great shot with about 10 seconds left. There was a huge cheer! Carter got the last rebound. They were very cute.
Callie watched kids - the toughest job! Link loves her! Sean's sister brought a bounce house that entertained all the kids there. Jordan and Dynamic danced at halftime and were absolutely amazing. I wish I could thank every single person there!
We won! It started out a little shaky, but we did it. Not that it matters who won, but it was quite a battle!
My kids. I just love them.
For Uncle Kyle. It makes me sad, but happy too. He would be proud of how it turned out. Miss you brother, always.
Some of my wonderful friends and family. I don't know what we would do without these fabulous people!
Girl cousins! I wish we would have taken one of these when Kathi was still there.
Family pic - Link wanted to stay with his Mom. It turned out to be a great day and night. I'm really glad we were all together.
Carterman wanted a haircut the next day. Very short on the sides, longer on top like Filippo Lanza from the Italian Men's Volleyball team! We have watched a lot of Olympics. I'm really sad it's over!
I had volleyball tryouts starting on Friday the 12th, and Kyle and I were going to my long time friend Matt Evans's wedding Saturday. Mom, Terri, Jord, and Duke took the kids to Kalispell to visit Aunt Diane and Uncle Art. I wish I could have gone, but I'm glad they didn't miss out. Jord and Mom took some pictures for me. Duke cuddled with all the kids on the trip up.
They made it to the lazy river! Thanks Jord for supervising!
Carter and his peace signs!
I like these poses here!
They went to a really fun trampoline place that is new up there and had a blast. They also made it to a couple parks. Mom said it was super hot. They tried to stay in the shade with the fake squirrels!
Carterman on the zip line. They love this thing!
Teague having some fun.
This is appropriate. They are monkeys!
Avers having fun. You can tell she was with Grandma. Grandma fixes her hair cute!
A fun rock wall.
They have reached the summit!
Aunt Diane always has fun water stuff to entertain them in her yard. I will make it next year. Thanks though everyone for entertaining and watching my kiddos!
Two sleepy friends on the way home!
We went for a walk with Papa the other day on the trail. The creek is pretty low now. I let these guys wade in. They loved it!
 She has some excellent balance.
 Carterman couldn't believe I let him walk in the creek!
 Teague did a little "fishing for seaweed."
 We had a lot of fun down there. I'll probably let them do it again. Why not?
 They explored a bit to see if it got any deeper.
 We had our volleyball pictures last Thursday. We had them taken in the Anselmo mine yard. It was really neat. It's usually locked, but since Leena (our freshmen A coach now) works for the city, we got the keys. These two came with me and had a great time exploring everything.
 The headframe is so huge. It's kind of dizzying just to look up the ladder.
 They had some cool mine cars with different mines' names on them.
 That's a pretty old railroad car right there.
 Some of the stuff was in really good condition. I'm sure they were repainted at some point.
 Conductor Teague!
 This black railroad car was completely sealed off. It still looked like it was in perfect shape though.
 It was a really neat place. We had a nice afternoon up there.
 These hoists were crazy. I can't imagine riding up in one. Miners faced so much danger.
 Lastly we had a ridiculous amount of thunder, lightning, and rain the other day. On our way home, we noticed every sewer grate was backed up. Everything still looks nice and green though. Plus side! Hope everyone who has started school is doing well! Until next time, enjoy the end of summer!