Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Time!

We went up to Sunburst for Christmas this year. My kids were ready to go for about a month. This is right before we left. Carter was asking Laney if she was ready to go to the farm!
Ave wore this beautiful little jumper from Grandma Patsy to daycare the day we left. She kept singing about the candy canes on there. Everything's a song for Ave!
All the boys on Christmas Eve wore argyle. Grandma Diana bought her three grandsons (baby Kaden, Colten, and Carterman) sweaters, I think Nate was just lucky enough to wear one also!
There's three of the Barsness grandchildren: Breanne, Colten, and Kaden. They are great kids. Kaden kept us entertained just seeing what he would get in to! Breanne and Colten kept our kids busy all weekend which was wonderful and much appreciated!
If there ever were a picture to capture Avery's personality...I think this is it!
The Barsness girls in their Christmas Eve finery. They both had gorgeous dresses on!
My little nuts. I'm not sure what kind of face Carterman is making here. It's the three year old cheesy smile!
This one is pretty darn cute I must say! They were really good over the holiday. They're still running on tons of adrenaline from all their new toys. I can't get them to go to bed at night!
All five of the kiddos together. I think they kind of like eachother!
Avers looked beautiful, and she knew it. My mom found this fancy dress for her, and Diana found the cute sweater and tights. We will definitely have to get her in it again!
My boy's favorite thing about Grandma Bonnie's house is the stairs - this picture of him and Bre makes me laugh! Callie taught him to slide down on his butt. She of course had to go down too! They had some fun dinosaur egg hunting expeditions together.
Just another view of my little goof. Her smile is the funniest thing!
Christmas morning - yay! Santa brought Carter some Dinobot Transformers. Daddy helped him put all five of them together to form this Ultimate Cool Robot!
He was very good opening all his presents. We had to keep him going though because everything he opened he wanted assembled right away so he could play! He kept saying "I love it" about all his gifts.
Kaden had a very good time ripping paper and playing with the boxes. I think every 15 month old loves that!
Ave was very silly with her stuff. She kept saying "Oh my goodness!" and "Another box!". She had to stop and read her Princess and the Frog book. She looks so little in this picture!
Carter was so funny with Uncle Phil or Uncle Pheel as he calls him. He told Phil he had a problem, he could not see any cows with his new binoculars! Luckily Phil, Nate, and Kyle took him out for a little adventure. He grabbed a carrot for the horse.
He is one spoiled man. He got to sit on Lucky. I guess he told Phil that Lucky was a little big for him! He does look pretty tiny on that big horse. He loved it!
He was really excited about getting in the tractor too. Nate made sure he got in the green John Deere one. They have a new red tractor, and Nate's not a fan!
She had another spectacular look for Christmas Day. This little skirt was so cute. I wish I would have got a picture of her standing up in it. She's here with her new hippo pillow pet. Carter got a puppy one. They were big hits and quite handy for the trip home! Thanks everyone - we had a great time!
We had another Christmas when we came back to Butte on Monday. I should have taken more pictures, but I was tired and lazy! Anyway, this is the infamous Stinky the Garbage Truck that Carter asked Santa for. Luckily, Grandma and Grandpa Burgman found it for him. It is pretty cool, and Carter sure looks happy!
 When we got home we still had to put together a couple presents from Kyle and I. Carter helped Daddy put together Ave's writing desk with his new tools from Erica and Landon. His new pajamas from them were hilarious too! Daddy also put together Carter's Cars GeoTrax train set. It's awesome. Hope everyone had a great Christmas!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A couple before Christmas!

We had the daycare Christmas party last Thursday. My kids were both excited to see Santa. Ave kept cutting in line, yelling "It's Santa!". Of course when we were up there she got shy. She didn't cry or anything, she just wanted to sit on me and stare at him!
Carterman wasn't shy at all. He told Santa how he really wants Stinky the Garbage Truck!
Santa gave them some little presents to tide them over until Christmas. Carter got a cool Hot Wheels car, and Ave got a purple My Little Pony. Good stuff! It was a fun party!
On Saturday we ventured over to Bozeman for Luke's birthday party. He was super cute and loved all his presents (especially the firetruck from Grandma Diane and Grandpa Art). It's hard to believe he's 2 already!
Carter, Landon, and Ave thoroughly enjoyed the playroom at Kathi's house (and the cake of course!). Josh/Optimus Prime has a lot of fun stuff. It was a good time had by all!
We stopped at Old Chicago and Target before we left town. Avery was reading "But No Elephants" to her Daddy. They were laughing and laughing together!
They were being buddies in their Christmas jammies the other night. He was giving her a love for sharing her necklaces with him. The Blue necklace (his favorite color) was some kind of crystal that GI Joe had to find. He has the best imagination...too bad he looks kind of out of it!
Now it's Avery's turn to look kind of nuts!
We had a pasty making day on Sunday. When we were done, Ave got to make a giant mess. She looks pretty pleased with herself!
She likes to watch this video online of Landon running through mud puddles when he was younger. I told Erica, this is Ave's mud puddle! How often do you get to just be messy?
There's a happy pasty-eating face! You can't really tell, but he has lots of ketchup on him. He ate pastys for three days straight! He likes them with a little salt and some ketchup. My poor boy got kind of left out on the blog this week. Sorry Carterman!
Avery has been super lovey to Laney lately. All of sudden she realized that her dog loves her! She always says to her, "Hi Pup!".
Last but not least, one of the silliest faces you'll ever see! She's a happy, goofy baby! Hope everyone has a great Christmas!

Monday, December 13, 2010

A double-weeker (probably not a word!)

This is a nice shot of up my nose, but it still makes me laugh. I didn't know Kyle was taking it. It was pretty dark in Carterman's room...I guess my flash works well. My babies and I were cuddling.
I made spritz cookies! They actually turned out pretty well...probably not as good as Grandma Burgman's though. Something about this season or this pregnancy is making me bake. Kyle likes it!
This is the only shot I got of my monkeys at the Christmas stroll. We went up with Erica and Landon to check out Grandma's tree at the Festival of Trees. It was lovely. The kids favorite part was singing Jingle Bells to the two horses pulling a sleigh around Broadway Street!
You can't really tell, but she's hugging "Bumble" - the Abominable Snow Monster from Rudolph. She absolutely loves that thing. She carries him around, makes him sing to people, and wraps him up in her blanket!
Daddy was giving horsey-rides. The boys of course climbed on right away. They've got some cute little smiles!
Ave joined in on the fun too. I wish I could remember what Carter was pointing at. Knowing him, there were Decepticons or some other villians they had to go get!
Speaking of Decepticons, here's their sworn enemies! Carter has been so obsessed with Transformers lately. This new channel we got plays the old episodes, and they had a new miniseries. Optimus Prime and Bumblebee were ready to assemble!
This picture makes me laugh. Saturday morning cartoons, lounging on Dad, eating Froot Loops...what could be better?
Carter and Avery love Christmas decorations this year. Ave makes me say goodnight to our tree before bed every evening! This was "Carter's branch". He put four ornament balls, two ninja turtles, and a tractor all on one!
More baking! My girl helped me spoon out the dough for some oatmeal chocolate chip/peanut butter chip cookes. She actually was kind of helpful too!
Just another view. She's a cutie pie.
We went out to my friend Ritter's Wednesday night for Mason's 2nd birthday party. It was a good time had by all. Carter, Avery, and Landon were all quite charming out there. Here's Mason checking out some of his presents. He really loves cars and trucks!
Ave had a good time going through everything in his room. Auntie fixed her hair at daycare that day, and she looked smashing!
Landon/the Hulk really enjoyed the cake. He even ate more than just the frosting!
My two of course enjoyed their pieces also!
It was bath night when we got home (check out Ave's hair after those pigtails!). They quite enjoy bath time with the many Cars color change cars. I keep a bucket of cold water outside the tub for changing, and they play and play!
Our puppy got a lovely winter haircut. I think she's kind of enjoying it because everyone is petting her! Ave especially loves how soft she is now.
There used to be a band called the "Naked Brothers Band". Here is the "Naked Siblings Band". They were pretty great. Their rendition of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star was breathtaking!
More sledding! Yesterday was so nice. We had a ton of wet snow, 40 degree weather, and happy kids! We had a two hour adventure over at Clark's Park. This is a cute picture of Erica and Mr. Lando Commando.
This is kind of washed out, but still a cute family picture. It's hard to get one of us all together sometimes!
The boys will pile on whoever is next to go down the hill. Or they'll give someone a push and run down after them. They get their exercise!
My Boo Bear had lots of fun this time! Last time was a little chilly for her. She got tired towards the end, but it's hard work trudging around with those tiny legs!
Carter asked his Dad to make a Dinobot T-Rex (also from Transformers) for him. Daddy cannot say no!
He started out with a huge snowball! Seriously look at the size of that thing. He even needed a little help to get it to the top of the hill.
Erica made a lovely snowman with crazy hair to sit on top of the hill. The snow was perfect snowball sticky!
These two goofs were sitting on a sled together watching some poor girls try to ice skate through all the snow. Can you tell they were having a good time?
There's my tired goofy bean. She was flirting with Erica while she tried to get a good picture!
Lastly, here's Kyle making some teeth for Grimlock. It was hilarious to sit at the top of the hill and watch people stare from their cars at that giant mound of snow up on the hill!