Sunday, June 30, 2013

It's Hot! I love it!

Here we go. I didn't delete any pictures this week! Yay! Summer really wears this guy out. Also, he's kind of a beast right now. He's definitely hit the terrible two's. He just argues and screams - he's so cute though luckily.
A typical night at our house when Kyle isn't working. Teague really wanted Kyle to wear his old football helmet. Why? We don't know, but he did.
And he's naked and carrying Avery's Cinderella bucket. He has a lovely build doesn't he? The nice thing was he didn't pee on the bed!
The Heisman pose - I told him it would be like the cop and the donut picture. He had to do it.
This is probably Teague's favorite spot to nap. Papa just is very relaxing to the Teagie-Pie.
We went to the wading pool up at the hospital two days in a row! I never used to be able to take them because it's only open M-F, which makes no sense to me. They loved it.
Carter and Ave loved to go under the mushroom. Teague is still a bit wary.
She's such a goofball. She makes me laugh all the time.
Speaking of goofballs, check out this guy. This is how he ran through the sprinkler at Papa's house, and he had his garbage can shield. Even Papa told him he was weird, and that's really saying something.
The next day we packed a picnic for the wading pool, and Terri met us up there.
Teague kept squeezing Carter's cheeks and talking nonsense to him. It was making us laugh.
Then he squeezed them too hard. Poor Carter. Teague is lucky he's so nice. A hug made it all better.
He has been loving the Wild Kratts show on PBS. He watches it with Carter. He was pressing his belly button to activate his creature power suit and turn into a hippo.
Carl and Jenny were in for their summer visit. The spent 3 days in Glacier with Mom and Dad. Then when they got here, Dad introduced them to the Headframe Distillery. We all enjoyed sampling different drinks!
They are just happy kids. Last night we took turns picking activities. Teague's was "store". The carts are always the Tonka ride-on and the Princess ride-on.
This morning, it was just me and Teague. Everyone else was sleeping and he was being so funny and lovey.
We made it to the Splash Pad today. That's Carter and Teague behind the bucket. I cleaned my camera lens after this. Someone's grubby fingers were all over it.
This is that someone. He loves to take pictures with my camera!
Carter is in the middle there with his hands on his head. He's getting so brave! His friend Sebastian was there today too. They had fun!
Avery and her friend Ashlyn from dance class found eachother too. They were under the bucket getting soaked! Everytime she wanted to dry off she just laid on the sidewalk. Teague decided to join her!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

I've lost my mind!

I can't believe what I just did. I uploaded a few pictures on Wednesday...luckily. I just turned on my camera and deleted all the other pictures on it (thinking I had already uploaded them). Wow! I'm sad. There were only a few of them playing at Hillcrest playground and one from the movies today but still. The movie one was cute. It was outside the theatre by the Monsters University poster. We went today(Me, Kyle, Carter, Avery, Teague, Terri, Abbey, and Jordan). It was a cute show, and Teague slept through all but 15 minutes of it. Good thing I have a few from earlier in the week - enjoy all these pictures from 2 days!

They are so funny when they play with this beach ball sprinkler. Carter would have Landon flip it on it's side and then yell for Avery to get into "bottom formation". This apparently meant she had to cover the bottom sprinklers. Then he would "extricate some poison for his experiments". That doesn't sound good! Erica told him she thought only the Joker did that. Carter said his experiments were good though.
Landon taught Avery how to draw a star. We had many beautiful stars all over the sidewalk.
Teague always looks like he's really paying attention to what they are doing. He'll be a great student!
Pretty sure she was playing the guitar here. She just looks like she's having a really good time!
Muscle boy - this guy has gotten solid! He's losing teeth, and I can barely lift him...he's growing up! I don't think I like it...
Another muscle boy! This one is still very easy to swing around though. He's just hilarious. He told me the other day while he was scribbling all over some paper, "I got good jokes and bad jokes and I'm learning". He's my little clown.
I have pictures of me, Abb, and Jord in the front lawn doing this pose. It's a tradition! Teague refused to put down his "carousel fork" aka trident.
One more. Teague is there somewhere. He's not the most cooperative smiler.
This one is so cute. All the boys! Now we just need to get Lincoln in there. It makes me sad though too. I miss Lando.
They are all getting very good at sticking their faces in the water. I've got to get them back in swimming lessons for sure.
Erica brought her bed over. It now has a nice home in the purple room at Mom and Dad's house. Teague and Ave are especially loving it - these are some great smiles!
Teague wanted to lay just like Uncle Kyle. He kept looking over at him like, "Is this right?".
Lastly, we had to say goodbye that night. It was terrible, and I don't even like thinking about it. We are so happy for Erica, Landon, and Sean, but we are also selfish and wish they were here. We did some Facetime tonight. Their apartment looks great, but Carter just kept asking when we could visit. He kept saying, "Hey Cousin!" which always makes me laugh. They will all be thrilled to see eachother around the 4th of July. So...this was a weird little blog night. Hope everyone has more of a brain than me!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day!

Hopefully everyone is enjoying a lovely Father's Day! It was gorgeous here today! Sad to say, I have no pictures of Kyle and the kids on my camera. It died this afternoon. I did put one from my IPod on Facebook though, and the kids were very sweet to him today. Also, here is a picture from our Fairmont trip. Landon wanted to go one more time before he moves away. We had a blast!
This little thrill seeker was a maniac on the water slides. She went down with Kyle usually and made him lay down so they could go faster!
Teague also loved the water slide. He was a little nervous the first time, then he was crazy! He talked the whole time, "it's a waterfall, we going fast!".
Jordan met us out there in between driver's ed and dance. She just loves these kids, and they were excited to see her at the bottom of the slide.
It started to pour which was okay. We had already gone down the slide a good 15 times, so they were ready for a nap. Here they are waiting for Erica and Landon to come out.
He's been bringing his Iron Man masks everywhere with him lately. He wore this while he watched an Avengers cartoon on the way back from Fairmont.
Poor tired Teagie passed out on Grandma while she was reading to him. Check out his bruised and scraped leg - he tends to run and jump everywhere.
We went up to the library on Thursday for an ice cream social. They are starting their summer reading program again like they had when I was younger. I loved them. We had a lot of fun up there. Teague loves the little ship full of pillows.
We checked out 3 library books - one about animal babies, one about coral reefs, and one about whales. They are quite good.
On Saturday we made a little trek down to Bozeman for Josh's 7th birthday party. We lost the invitation so we were an embarrassing hour late...however they did all play together for the next 4 hours. It was beautiful too, and Kathi and Mike have a very fun backyard. I missed Lando here. I think he was playing catch with Mike.
Josh and Luke informed me they don't take pictures, so I had to steal one. They are such nice boys and were so good about sharing their toys for the afternoon.
Teague found a pile of sticks so he was set for toys. He made Gandalf staffs, Eowyn horses, and Hawkeye (or Legolas) bow and arrows. He even made some for Art.
Kathi had some party favors for the kids with blue crystals in them. Teague tried to see if it was edible...nope!
My kids loved their new kitty Champ. She was so nice too. She let them pet her and hold her and just purred the whole time.
Lastly, Ave took this picture last night. It's a better smile than I usually get! Hope everyone had a lovely day!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

June is wonderful!

These two are loving being at home. They can sleep in, we read books, we play games, and we usually go to a park. This next week the splash pad and wading pool at the hospital should be open. They will love that! We have a good time.
Avers helped me make a little vegetable garden on the side of our house this year. Hopefully it works okay! We have eggplant, squash, broccoli, cauliflower, peppers, lettuce, kale, and even a watermelon. We also did some dusty millers, petunias, and marigolds in the little border squares. She loves to help me!
Carter Robert Barsness heading out to his last day of kindergarten. That went way too fast! He and Lando had a great day - there were hotdogs and a jumpy castle at the school. He had a wonderful report card, and his teacher told me how much she'll miss him and his stories about animals and superheroes.
They had face painting too! We took them for a little Dairy Queen treat after school of course.
This hot weather wears a little 2 year old out. I love this falling asleep position.
We planted a million things at Papa and Grandma's house in Grandma Vivian's rock garden. Carter is a big fan of watering. We also did an herb garden and our usual petunia and pansy sections. Grandma and I love flowers!
Imaginext toys are always so much fun. The T-Rex is eating a Velociraptor (just like at the end of Jurassic Park)!
This is Teague riding his "Eowyn horse" - that is from Lord of the Rings. He's been very into that lately. He told me yesterday that Grandma was his best friend Sam (he was Frodo). He kills me! He's making Terri play with him right now. They are battling Balrogs and Orcs.
This makes me so happy. Last year all our lilacs froze, and it was sad. It smells delicious!
We went to McGruff Park on Friday. These little monkey bars were only about 4 feet off the ground, so she wasn't nervous. She went right across them!
They have a big wooden fort there. They were protecting it from me while I tried to sneak on. They look pretty intimidating right?
Carterman finally lost his first tooth! He was so excited. He planned on seeing the Tooth Fairy that night (because he's nocturnal), but he accidentally fell asleep!
We had so much fun today outside. Grandma bought a beach ball sprinkler, and it was a huge hit!
There is Ave and Lando running through it. Ave was a little maniac.
Landon got some cool Hulk hands from Grandma. Papa used them to model The Thinker.
Teague loved them - he is a huge fan of Hulk.
Carter had fun with his garbage can shield.
Summer is fantastic. I could sit out there all day and just watch these guys play.
Teague was pretty sure no one could see him under this chair!
Teague didn't really like the water hitting him right in the face, so I ran through with him. It felt marvelous, and he loved it!
Grandma got his happy dimple smile on camera after we "made it" though!
Finally, another wonderful part of summer - corn on the cob from the barbecue. Yum! Teague kept saying it was so silly, then he stole it from me and ate the whole thing.
His corn eating face is a little frightening! He really goes in for the kill. Ave of course is posing in the background.