Sunday, February 21, 2016

Teagie-Pie is 5!

Teague has always been the kid who got stuck in different places. For example, his legs and arms in his toddler bed, his fingers in the dishwasher vents, his head under a chair...etc. He really got his knee jammed in a kitchen chair last week. I thought we were going to have to saw off one of the slats. Luckily we got him out. His knee was so bruised on the both sides. Maybe this time he will learn. I doubt it though.
Ave had the weirdest rash last week. Nothing helped it either. It made her face swell up and turn very splotchy. I took a picture to show Kyle it was worse. She had to miss her first day of school ever at Emerson. It was just a virus, so we had to wait it out. It took a couple days, but then it just went away. I do love her beautiful eyes in this. 
Teague William turned 5 on Saturday the 13th. I can't believe it! His present from Grandma and Grandpa Barsness was the first one he opened. He loved everything, especially the Chewbacca slippers! We also had a wonderful visit from Kelsie, Joe, Lincoln, and Landon (Carter was thrilled when Landon and I picked him up from school Friday!) We were so happy they could be here for a birthday party.
This is apparently the cool way to put together a Lego set. 
Lincoln was very nice about sharing his Nutella snacks with Teague. It was the first time Teague ever tried it, and he loved it! They get along very well. 
 Jurassic World Party time!
Link is one of the few people I know who can pull off skinny jeans. He looked good! 
 I love this picture! How cute are these big boys?
Carterman sliding down slowly... 
Teague's action photo. 
Connor was so nice to Lincoln. He let him beat on him with a balloon while they both laughed and laughed! 
Some of the big guys playing some ski ball with a basketball. Landon, Nathan, Austin, and Carterman. 
The three girls who made it to the party. Ave always has fun with Reese and Brooklyn. They stayed in that obstacle almost the whole time. It was pretty tough to get a good picture obviously! 
Our little buddy Christopher from down the street broke his elbow at school. He couldn't jump, but he still had some fun building! 
Teague was pretty proud of some of his building stuff. 
 Liam and Teague always have fun together. Liam does anything Teague wants him to also. It looked like Teague was a Pharaoh telling him what to build.
King Teague and his serfs. 
His throne is complete! 
 Two cute boys!
Jurassic World cake 
 He really loved the T-Rex on the cake, and I love this smile!
Everyone getting ready to sing. 
 I can't believe he's 5. I really can't!
 Present time! Lego Dimension's Gimli from Auntie Terri, Abb, and Jord. He got spoiled as always. Thank you so much to everyone!
 His North Dakota family got him some Jurassic World Fatheads as part of his present. They are awesome!
 Carter was very helpful. He also had super cool hair that day as you can see.
 The T-Rex we got him and the Indominus Rex he got for Christmas from Grandma and Papa Burgman have had many battles already.
Mom had one of her work friend's daughters make this for him. It's a shark sleeping bag that says Teague on the fin. It's hilarious, and he loves it! 
 After everyone else left, Teague and Lincoln had some play time.
Grandma also found an Ant-man set that is too funny. Look at that giant Ant! 
 Time to get cuddly in the shark's mouth!
2 of my North Dakota nephews! I missed Hawkins, Erica, and Sean of course. Landon was making some really great smiles! 
Callie came over on Sunday and gave all the kids some Valentine's treats. She's the best! They loved the giant Hershey's kisses.  We were also finally able to surprise Mom and Terri. We've kept a secret for over a month! We (me, Kyle, Erica, Sean, Kelsie, Joe, Callie, Abbey, Jordan, and Dad) are sending them to a Bruce Springsteen concert in Phoenix on March 10th! I said that there are 3 things I know my Mom would love to do: go to Ireland, watch a US Open tennis match, and see Bruce Springsteen in concert. We have one off the list now. I know they are going to have the best time!
Time to throw balloons on Papa's head! Fun for everyone! 
Sorry about the nudity here, but this picture is funny. Lincoln is such a little goofball! I missed him from the moment he left. 
This is his ideal way to suntan I think. 
 We had a little mini party for Lincoln, who turns 3 on the 24th! He got some presents from us, Mom and Dad, and Terri and the girls. He also got to go down to Dairy Queen.
Grandma and Grandpa got him a cool John Deere truck. I think my husband was a little jealous. 
I think he liked the Baymax we got him. It did look pretty cool. 
 Baymax fit in the truck. Good times. Thanks for visiting guys! We hope Linky has a wonderful Birthday!
 We made it up to Tech for Hattie's last two home games of the year. They won both too. We always love to cheer for her! In other basketball news, a big Congratulations to Nate and the Sunburst boys' team! They won their District tournament in Overtime and are undefeated this season. Hopefully we can watch them at Divisionals this next weekend.
Teague got these awesome Darth Vader pajamas from Grandma and Grandpa Barsness. He looks so good in them! 
 I'm so proud of my Carterman. He was so worried about getting letter grades in 3rd grade, and he's doing awesome!
Teague and I took a nice walk to feed the ducks and geese the other day. He didn't even make me put him in a stroller! 
 Teague had my phone last night when we went to Casagranda's. I thought I would share his skills.
Carter enjoying some blue corn chips. 
Teague's selfie! 
 A great one of me.
Ave looks insane lately. It's that awkward tooth stage. She lost one in the front. I'm about to knock that other one out! 
 Carterman won an award from the Butte Kiwana's club for his good grades. The speaker saw Kyle out in the hall and made him come in. He was saying how you need good grades to be a principal, teacher, policeman, etc... Poor Kyle looked super embarrassed!
Carter getting his award. He's just a good kid!